WCOOP 2014: Two-time SCOOP champ aDrENalin710 speeds past field to win Event #38 ($530 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo)

A familiar name assured himself some Player of the Series points, but more likely he was eyeing a fifth WCOOP title during tonight's Event #38 $530 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament. Only one person could be up for such accolades as Dan "djk123" Kelly looked tonight to distance himself from Anders "Donald" Berg and Ryan "g0lfa" D'Angelo who both hold three WCOOP titles.

Cash? Check.

Make final table? Check.

Win? Not quite.

Kelly would not collect his fifth bracelet tonight as aDrENalin710 went on a massive rush at the end to claim $30,151.71 after a three-way chop and the Event #38 bracelet. This was aDrENalin710's third -COOP title after claiming not one but two SCOOP titles in 2013 and now on the short list of those going after the Triple COOP.

Several popular names stood out as the tournament eclipsed its seventh hour heading towards hand-for-hand play. Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck was getting a little restless out on Table 25 trying to remind the other players that tanking in this spot would not get them any closer to the money. The lively Brazilian would run into a couple of bad spots shortly after the 54 player bubble burst but kept positive with the temporary chip leader aramesko to her direct right.

Mayrinck would bow out gracefully in 41st place ($1,808.75) as aramesko, who captured most of her stack earlier, would grab the rest of her chips sending "Maridu" out of contention. This is not the first time aramesko has gone deep at a major tournament here at PokerStars as the Russian final tabled Event #29-H during this year's SCOOP series placing sixth for $12K. EPT Berlin champ Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee (51st place, $982.50) and Mike "SirWatts" Watson (48th place, $982.50) would join Mayrinck on the rail as the player population dwindled to under three dozen approaching the eighth hour of play.

aramesko retained the chip lead for the better part of the hour as only two tables of nine remained. If WCOOP champ Richard "CHUFTY" Ashby was watching he might enjoy the fact "sonofchufty" was closing in on tonight's final table with a chance to win the $37,708.35 sitting up top. Kelly would end the eighth hour of play with yet another all-in win to stay alive as 14 players took a five minute break before the last push towards the final table.

After starting up the ninth hour of play, SCOOP 2014 Event #38-M champ korjae would roar into the chiplead after the break as scrubbyz's stack moved in the opposite direction collecting $2,161.50 in 14th place. WCOOP 2013 Event #42 champ buzzard1881 tried to fly away with another bracelet, instead took $2,161.50 back to the bankroll nest in 13th place.

A few minutes later after jutrack took out wasylekk in 11th place; hand-for-hand play would begin as the stakes moved up to 16K/32K and an average chip stack of nearly 300K. Still in the 16K/32K stakes level roi kin23 with just 47,482 chips to start the hand would raise as sonofchufty called from the cutoff. A small flop holding two treys 3♠3♣6♣ got roi kin23 to put in the remaining chips as sonofchufty called holding a nut low and flush draw A♥ 2♣ T♣ 4♣. roi kin23's queens 9♠Q♠A♣Q♦ lost half the pot on the turn 2♦ and the other half on the river 2♠ as the spotlights came on for the final table below:


Seat 1: Dan "djk123" Kelly (279592 in chips)
Seat 2: aDrENalin710 (232518 in chips)
Seat 3: NeverHoldz (433399 in chips)
Seat 4: jutrack (364598 in chips)
Seat 5: Gigaloff (437547 in chips)
Seat 6: aramesko (148946 in chips)
Seat 7: sonofchufty (279010 in chips)
Seat 8: aless_84 (270790 in chips)
Seat 9: korjae (501100 in chips)

Not following in the "father's" footsteps

With the stakes moving up to 20K/40K sonofchufty needed plenty of help to get back into the battle for the bracelet holding just 109,010 chips. Preflop sonofchufty would cap the betting with aDrENalin710 and shoved all-in after the T♦ Q♠ 5♣ flop. aDrENalin710 turned up aces A♠ 4♣ T♣ A♣ as sonofchufty held an inside straight draw 4♠ K♥ A♥ 6♣. Despite catching a few more outs on the turn K♠, after the 9♦ hit the river, sonofchufty collected $3,261.90 in ninth place.

Adrenaline rush

Just six minutes later with the stakes moving up to 25K/50K, shortstacked aramesko would raise from middle position as aDrENalin710 three-bet from the big blind. Holding only 8,419 more chips, aramesko made the call with T♥Q♥J♦9♦ facing the modest 7♦4♥5♥K♣ held by aDrENalin710. It is hard to be unpretentious while turning up a wheel and a six-high straight A♣ 3♦ 6♥ 2♥ 3♠ as aDrENalin710 knocked out aramesko in eighth place ($4,421.25).

Run for number five ends in seventh

He clawed his way here and did not let up once the final table was seated. Dan "djk123" Kelly fought hard for an unprecedented fifth WCOOP title but came up short. With stakes holding at 25K/50K Kelly would raise from the button as NeverHoldz called out of the big blind to see the 8♥3♥T♣ flop. NeverHoldz would lead as Kelly put in his remaining 49,688 chips holding a pair of eights with a low draw 8♦ A♦ 5♥ K♠. NeverHoldz called and hoped the flopped two pair T♥ 6♦ Q♦ 8♣ would make it to the river.

And it did.

J♠ on the turn and T♠ river scooped the 211,876 chip pot for NeverHoldz sending Kelly $6,386.25 in seventh place.


Dan "djk123" Kelly - seventh place ($6,386.25)

SCOOP champ can't scoop

Still in the 25K/50K stakes level SCOOP champ korjae would open for a raise as it folded to Gigaloff and aless_84 who both called out of the blinds. The high Q♠J♦A♥ flop caught the attention of both aless_84 and korjae as they capped the betting leaving korjae all-in holding top two Q♥ 6♣ A♦ 3♠. aless_84 did not have the straight but did hold a set J♠ K♦ J♣ 5♣ which was good after the K♥ turn and 7♣ river sent korjae away in sixth place ($8,351.25).

Holdz again

Shortening the field again only took three minutes as NeverHoldz had jutrack's shortstack in sight. With the stakes remaining at 25K/50K NeverHoldz and jutrack would cap preflop leaving jutrack just 496 chips to sprinkle in after the Q♦6♥4♥ flop. After tossing in the scraps jutrack showed T♠J♣A♣4♠ facing off against NeverHoldz's pair of fours 9♣5♥4♦7♠. Despite gaining the lead on the turned T♦, jutrack was asked to leave in fifth place ($11,004.00) after the 8♣ river gave NeverHoldz a straight.

Gaining a-Holdz of the tournament

The stakes would move up to 30K/60K but one player would not move on. NeverHoldz would open from the cutoff as aless_84 three-bet from the small blind. NeverHoldz made the call to see the A♠9♣9♥ flop. Both got excited and capped the flop and did the same on the 3♠ turn. The betting would finally end after the 5♠ river as aless_84 bet and called all-in with 1.06 million in the middle holding the nearly unbreakable aces full of nines A♥6♣A♦T♥. Nearly, because that was the third best possible hand, and no NeverHoldz did not go perfect-perfect for the steel wheel. Instead, NeverHoldz held the flopped quads 9♦9♠K♥K♠ giving aless_84 an epic cooler in fourth place ($15,720.00).

At this point the players decided to divvy up the remaining prize pool setting aside $2K and the WCOOP champion's bracelet with the deal below:

Gigaloff (Russia) $28,261.04
aDrENalin710 (Russia) $28,151.71
NeverHoldz (Brazil) $27,929.35

Survival mode

aDrENalin710 got pumped after the deal was brokered, racking up a stack of 2.5 million compared to NeverHoldz's 185K and Gigaloff's 232K. With the stakes at 30K/60K the small stacks decided to fight each other for the right to face off against aDrENalin710. Gigaloff would raise from the button as NeverHoldz called in the big blind. The 4♦T♦9♥ flop saw NeverHoldz lead out as Gigaloff made the call. On the turned 8♠ Gigaloff would raise NeverHoldz's bet as NeverHoldz called all-in for 35,748 holding a pair of queens T♠3♣Q♣Q♥. The ladies would lead Gigaloff's J♦K♠A♣T♥ until a not so welcomed third queen Q♦ came to the party and gave Gigaloff a straight ending NeverHoldz's run in third place ($27,929.35).

Bracelet rush

Heads-up play would take less than a minute as aDrENalin710 took down a 660K pot, took the blinds, then with Gigaloff only holding 87,926 chips left, aDrENalin710 would take down the bracelet as well. All-in preflop, Gigaloff's 9♥ Q♦ 2♦ 6♦ would need to defeat aDrENalin710's A♥J♥6♣6♠. The last six in the deck would hit the flop 2♠ 5♦ 6♥ 4♣ K♣ giving aDrENalin710 a set and a low to scoop the small pot and a third major title as two-time SCOOP champion aDrENalin710 claimed tonight's WCOOP Event #38 title and $30,151.71!

WCOOP-38 $530 FL Omama Hi-Lo

Entrants: 393
Places paid: 54
Prize pool: $196,500.00

(* denotes part of three-way deal)

1. aDrENalin710 (Russia) *$30,151.71
2. Gigaloff (Russia) *$28,261.04
3. NeverHoldz (Brazil) *$27,929.35
4. aless_84 (Uruguay) $15,720.00
5. jutrack (Germany) $11,004.00
6. korjae (Canada) $8,351.25
7. Dan "djk123" Kelly (Australia) $6.386.25
8. aramesko (Russia) $4,421.25
9. sonofchufty (United Kingdom) $3,261.90

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David Aydt is a freelance contributor

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