WCOOP 2014: Adam "Roothlus" Levy earns second COOP title in Event #49, $320 Mixed NLHE/PLO

Most no-limit hold'em players like to have a backup game they can rely on, and in many cases it's pot-limit Omaha. It comes in handy in mixed-game events, where the two big-bet games are matched with a slew of limit games. But it also serves them well in the occasional NLHE/PLO mixed tournament, too, like Event #49 of this year's WCOOP, a $320 tourney featuring both big-bet varieties.

The mix proved to be just right for long-time pro Adam "Roothlus" Levy, who earned his first WCOOP title - and second COOP title overall - after coming out on top following a three-way deal.

This hybrid big-bet tourney drew 967 entrants, good for a $290,100 prize pool to be split among the top 126 finishers. The games alternated every 20 minutes for 10 and a half hours, with the blinds and antes at 8K/16K/2K for a round of no-limit hold'em as these nine players sat down to play for the $52,218 scheduled top prize:

Seat 1: Adam "Roothlus" Levy (912,161 in chips)
Seat 2: GaggleoKings (577,050 in chips)
Seat 3: Ansgar2000 (333,647 in chips)
Seat 4: psyhoagromor (748,540 in chips)
Seat 5: joaoMathias (263,327 in chips)
Seat 6: zapacanov (869,085 in chips)
Seat 7: Bill@TheCool (367,510 in chips)
Seat 8: BriDge2PaiN (265,480 in chips)
Seat 9: 1802BG (498,200 in chips)

WCOOP-49 2014 ft.jpg

Past SCOOP and Sunday Warm-Up champ Ansgar2000 of Germany wasn't at the bottom of the leaderboard as the final table started. But after making a 63K three-bet a few hands in, then calling a fourth bet to 105K by Russia's zapcanov, the German check-folded the 7♠ 6♥ 2♥ flop and was in last with 230K. Six hands later Ansgar2000 made a move, jamming for 188K in the small blind with J♦ 9♥ after the action folded around. But psyhoagromor held A♣ T♦ in the big blind and called, winning the 394K-chip pot after the board fell K♣ Q♣ 7♠ 3♥ 7♣ to knock Ansgar2000 out in 9th place ($3,481.20).

10K/20K PLO

A three-way pot developed two hands after the game switched back to PLO. Greece's Bill@TheCool opened for 40K in the cutoff and got two calls from the blinds, by 1802BG and Adam "Roothlus" Levy. All three players checked the 5♣ 3♥ 2♥ flop, bringing the A♠ on the turn. 1802BG led out for 106K into 120K, Levy folded, and Bill@TheCool called, building the pot to 333K. The 3♦ came on the river and this time 1802BG checked, calling after Bill@TheCool moved all-in and showing down A♣ Q♠ 8♠ 4♣ for the wheel straight. But Bill@TheCool turned over 5♥ 4♠ 3♣ 2♦ for treys full of fives, good for the 666K-chip pot, and 1802BG left the tournament in 8th place ($5,802).

A few orbits later came the first big non-knockout pot, which Roothlus opened for 45K in middle position. psyhoagromor was the only caller in the cutoff, bringing a 4♠ 9♣ K♦ flop. psyhoagromor called Roothlus' 51K bet there, and another 100K on the 3♦ turn, before betting 220K when Roothlus checked the 9♠ on the river. After dipping into the time bank Roothlus called, but he mucked as psyhoagromor showed down K♣ Q♥ 9♥ 5♣ for kings full of nines. That was good for the 862K-chip pot, giving psyhoagromor 1.53M and the chip lead.

BriDge2PaiN got in on the action just before the end of the level, three-betting to 140K and then calling all-in for 235K total from the small blind after original raiser zapacanov made it four bets for 440K. Both players - zapacanov with T♥ 9♠ 8♥ 8♣ and BriDge2PaiN with A♠ Q♣ J♣ 9♦ - had a pair and a bevy of outs after the 2♦ T♦ J♥ flop. But the 5♣ turn and 3♣ river changed nothing, and BriDge2PaiN stayed alive with a pair of jacks for the 490K-chip pot.

12.5K/25K/3.125K NLHE

The action continued as the game shifted to NLHE. Just two hands in, joaoMathias jammed for 239K under the gun with 7♠ 7♣, and Roothlus raised on the button to isolate. That worked and he showed T♣ T♥, which held up on the A♠ 8♣ 4♥ J♣ 9♦ board to bust joaoMathias in 7th place ($8,703).

Roothlus scored the next knockout just a few orbits later. Sitting in the small blind with the action having folded around, he raised to 350K. That was enough to put Thomas "GaggleoKings" Ambler all-in if he chose to call, as he did, showing A♠ 4♠. Roothlus' A♥ 9♥ was already ahead but improved when the flop came down J♥ K♠ 5♥. The A♣ on the turn improved GaggleoKings' chances for a chop, but the Q♥ on the river made Roothlus the nut flush for 679K and GaggleoKings was out in 6th place ($11,604).

Just three hands later came the largest pot of the final table up to that point, a blind-versus-blind confrontation between Bill@TheCool in the small and BriDge2PaiN in the big. Bill@TheCool limped in, then saw BriDge2PaiN raise to 75K. The Greek player, holding A♠ 4♠, then re-raised all-in for 657K, enough to put BriDge2PaiN all-in in the event of a call. The German held A♦ 9♠ and did in fact call all-in for 606K, leaving Bill@TheCool 50K behind. Neither player improved as the board fell 2♣ J♠ 8♣ Q♠ J♥ and BriDge2PaiN moved into second place with the double to 1.22M.

Bill@TheCool was on the button on the next hand and moved all-in for 47K with J♠ 9♦, only to see BriDge2PaiN raise to isolate with A♠ A♦. The 3♣ Q♣ 3♥ 6♠ 7♠ board never came near providing any help, and Bill@TheCool was gone in 5th place ($14,621.04).

15K/30K PLO

With four players left, three of them were over 1.2M chips as the game switched back to PLO:

Seat 1: Roothlus (1,230,225 in chips)
Seat 4: psyhoagromor (1,901,809 in chips)
Seat 6: zapacanov (398,040 in chips)
Seat 8: BriDge2PaiN (1,304,926 in chips)

WCOOP-49 2014 ft four-handed.jpg

The first big showdown between those big stacks only took a few hands to come about. BriDge2PaiN opened for 60K and Roothlus called on the button, bringing a 5♠ 5♥ 6♣ flop. BriDge2PaiN check-called 75K there and both players checked on the 6♦ turn, bringing the Q♠ on the river. BriDge2PaiN led out for 165K into the 315K-chip pot. After thinking it over, Roothlus then raised to 455K; BriDge2PaiN thought it over too and also chose to call, but mucked when Roothlus turned over Q♣ Q♦ 7♥ 3♦ for queens full of sixes. That gave Roothlus the 1.22M-chip pot and second place with 1.77M overall.

BriDge2PaiN's slide continued on the next hand. The German player called in the big blind after zapacanov raised to 90K in the small blind, bringing a 7♠ 2♦ 8♥ flop, then raised all-in after zapacanov led with a pot-sized bet of 180K. zapacanov called and showed A♦ Q♥ J♠ 8♣ for a pair of eights, while BriDge2PaiN's J♥ 9♣ 6♥ 3♦ was painless but drawing. The 7♣ turn and K♦ river filled none of those draws, though, and zapacanov doubled to 736K.

That left BriDge2PaiN with 376K, which went in the middle three hands later after raising and calling all-in with A♥ J♣ 6♥ 4♣ after Roothlus raised with K♥ Q♦ Q♣ 8♠. The 2♥ 2♦ J♦ J♥ A♣ made jacks full of aces, and BriDge2PaiN was still alive with 768K.

The rest of the level played out with no more big showdowns, but a stretch of nine pots that were taken down without a fight without going past the turn. That left psyhoagromor ahead with 1.95M, Roothlus in second with 1.62M, and zapacanov (665K) and BriDge2PaiN (593K) looking for a foothold.

20K/40K/5K NLHE

The very first hand of NLHE gave BriDge2PaiN that foothold. The German player jammed for 603K with A♣ J♦ after psyhoagromor opened for 82K, and psyhoagromor called with K♣ Q♦ in the hole and 1.3M left behind. The 9♦ 2♥ T♣ 2♦ 6♣ changed nothing, and BriDge2PaiN doubled to 1.26M.

psyhoagromor took 330K of those chips back a few hands later after catching second pair on the turn and calling down BriDge2PaiN's position bluff. But BriDge2PaiN was able to make up the difference, and then some, after picking up Q♣ Q♦ in the small blind. BriDge2PaiN re-raised to 172K, then called after original raiser zapacanov jammed for 660K with A♣ K♥. The 9♠ T♦ 3♥ T♥ 8♦ board changed nothing, the queens won the 1.38M-chip pot, and zapacanov departed in 4th place ($21,032.25).

The game was extremely close among the remaining three players:

Seat 1: Roothlus (1,525,309 in chips)
Seat 4: psyhoagromor (1,792,517 in chips)
Seat 8: BriDge2PaiN (1,517,174 in chips)

WCOOP-49 2014 ft three-handed.jpg

They quickly agreed to look at numbers for a deal, then just as quickly agreed to an ICM split. That left $4,000 and the bracelet on the table for whoever outlasted the other two, and the game got back underway.

Three-handed play lasted 23 hands, most of it without showdowns. Then came a series of two pots in three hands that would leave the match heads-up. psyhoagromor opened the first for 82K on the button, then called BriDge2PaiN's 192K three-bet to see a 6♣ T♥ K♠ flop. BriDge2PaiN bet 145K there and just 40K on the T♣ turn, and psyhoagromor called both bets; BriDge2PaiN checked and then folded after the K♥ came on the river and psyhoagromor bet enough to put the German player all-in.

Two hands later psyhoagromor opened for 100K with A♦ 9♣ in the small blind and BriDge2PaiN jammed for 643K with K♣ J♠ in the big blind. The 8♥ 4♣ Q♠ 6♥ 2♣ brought no help and BriDge2PaiN led the tournament in 3rd place ($37,988.80).

25K/50K PLO and onward

psyhoagromor held 3.22M chips to Roothlus' 1.6M as heads-up play began, but the first hand of PLO gave Roothlus an opening. He opened for 112K on the button, then called a re-raise to 337K to see an 8♠ 4♥ 7♥ flop. psyhoagromor led for 225K but quickly folded when Roothlus jammed for 1.1M, giving Roothlus the 1.12M-chip pot and 2M overall.

Thirteen hands later he would seize the lead after calling a raise to 102K out of position. That brought a 7♠ A♦ 4♣ flop, and Roothlus check-called another 100K there to bring the Q♦ on the turn. Both players checked and Roothlus led out for 232K on the Q♣ river. psyhoagromor thought it over for a bit before raising to 565K, but Roothlus' re-raise all-in was good for the 1.53M-chip pot and a 3.05M-1.77M lead.

Roothlus kept that lead for the next 17 hands, winning nearly all of them. But then psyhoagromor won an all-in with Q♠ Q♣ 3♦ 2♣ against A♥ J♣ 6♦ 3♥, doubling to 1.85M, and another 1.22M without showdown on the turn of a T♠ Q♥ 5♣ K♥ board. Suddenly the Ukrainian player was back in the lead, 2.57M-2.26M.

WCOOP-49 2014 ft hu.jpg

They continued to tangle with each other for the better part of 100 hands, through the entire 30K/60K/7.5K NLHE level and through to 40K/80K PLO. That left psyhoagromor ahead 2.81M-2.09M going into what proved to be the key hand of the match. Roothlus raised to 180K on the button, then called after psyhoagromor three-bet for 540K. Roothlus then called 520K on the 2♠ Q♠ T♥ flop, and all-in for 1.03M after psyhoagromor jammed on the 8♦ turn. psyhoagromor had J♦ T♦ 8♠ 6♠ for two pair, tens and eights, with a straight redraw, while Roothlus' J♠ 9♣ 8♥ 3♣ had already made a queen-high straight. The 4♣ on the river was a blank, giving Roothlus the 4.19M chips in the middle and leaving psyhoagromor with 644K.

Two hands later psyhoagromor moved all those chips in as the third bet from the big blind, backing J♥ 9♠ 7♦ 5♠, and Roothlus called with Q♣ J♦ 8♦ 5♦. The board ran out Q♥ 2♥ A♣ 6♠ J♣, queens and jacks won the pot for Roothlus, and the tournament came to a close.

psyhoagromor's share from the deal was $38,509.67. Meanwhile Adam "Roothlus" Levy walked with the extra $4,000 for the win, for a total score of $41,572.23. That's in addition to the WCOOP champion's bracelet, which Levy will add to his hardware case alongside his 2013 SCOOP champion's watch. He's now just a TCOOP victory away from earning the Triple COOP, which should make the next iteration of that series a more interesting sweat. Congratulations to him for outlasting a tough field for his first WCOOP championship!

WCOOP 2014: Event #49, $320 Mixed No-Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha
967 entrants
$290,100 prize pool
126 places paid

1st place: Adam "Roothlus" Levy (Canada) $41,572.23*
2nd place: psyhoagromor (Ukraine) $38,509.67*
3rd place: BriDge2PaiN (Germany) $37,988.80*
4th place: zapacanov (Russia) $21,032.25
5th place: Bill@TheCool (Greece) $14,621.04
6th place: Thomas "GaggleofKings" Ambler (United Kingdom) $11,604
7th place: joaoMathias (Brazil) $8,703
8th place: 1802BG (Netherlands) $5,802
9th place: Ansgar2000 (Germany) $3,481.20
* - denotes results of a three-way deal

Jason Kirk is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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