WCOOP 2014: After first ten days Aggro Santos leads Player of the Year race

We're ten days into WCOOP 2014, almost far enough to start worrying that one day it might all be over.

So perhaps now is a good time to pause and take a moment, and start digging around what we know so far to get a broader picture of what has already happened, and also, to take a first good look at the current Player of the Year standings.

There's a clear leader at the top right now in Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson, and he's there for a very good reason.

Yesterday Margereson won a second WCOOP bracelet in the space of three days in Event #22. After two very different finals, he now finds himself with 215 points and top spot, ahead of second placed Era_Koira, winner of Event #27 (his second career COOP title), with 190.

aggro_santos_final_table_sept14.jpg"Aggro Santos" begins what will be a second successful WCOOP final table

Finishing top of the leader board is always a monumental task. It is only ever contested by the very best players for one thing. Then there' what's at stake. Aside from the prestige, and a few bragging rights, there are tickets to the PCA Main Event, the EPT Grand Final Main Event and the 2015 TCOOP Main Event. And did I mention the Champions Trophy?

But even two wins are unlikely to prove enough to hold off the pack, which as of today look like this:

1. Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson (United Kingdom), two titles, five cashes -- 215 points
2. Era_Koira (Finland), one win, six cashes -- 190
3. Mr Negreanu (UK), one runner-up finish, nine cashes -- 180
3. Plattsburgh (Mexico), one win six cashes -- 180
3. SilentPurple (Canada), one runner-up finish, two final tables, four cashes -- 180
6. Raidalot (UK), one runner-up finish, two final tables, five cashes -- 175
7. WhatIfGod (Sweden), one win, five cashes -- 165
8. PartyTownUSA (Canada), two final tables, four cashes -- 160
9. Dfunks (Mexico), one win, two final tables, three cashes -- 155
9. Mikal12345 (Norway), one win, six cashes -- 155

Margereson leads a growing list of WCOOP winners with only PartyTownUSA without a win from those in the top ten, although two final tables would hardly be considered slacking.

But, after the next 13 days of action, you might expect much of what we see above to change. Although you never know whether those listed here are only just getting started.

Looking outside the top ten, Vicenfish has earned the most prize money so far with $640,137. In second place is Ankush "Pistons87" Mandavia with $592,441.

Mustapha "lasagnaaamm" Kanit is in third place with 393012. Those good on details will have noticed that those three finished in that order in the $10,300 NL Hold'em High Roller event. For his part Margereson is fifth in this category with $310,807.


Mr Negreanu (no not that Mr Negreanu) has the most cashes of any player with nine, ahead of as1025 and namaz66 with eight. Ten players have seven cashes, including former EPT winner Kevin "ImaLucSac" MacPhee.

Players from Canada lead the country category. Canadians have amassed more prize money than any other, with more than $4 million (from 997 cashes) in the books so far. That's almost exactly $2 million more than next best placed country Russia (1,055 cashes).The United Kingdom (870 cashes) is next with more than $1.9 million earned, with Germany (936 cashes) in fourth place with $959,000.

It all adds up to some pretty big numbers. Such as $23,502,975. That's another big number, and the total amount of prize money awarded so far in WCOOP 2014.

Then there's $3,650,000. That's how big the prize pool was for Event #23, the $10,300 NL Hold'em High Roller, which made it the largest prize pool of WCOOP 2014 so far.

Smaller perhaps, but no less significant is the number 79,101. That's the total number of player entries for the first 27 events

And it won't stop there. You can still add our name to all of the above with more than 40 events left to play in WCOOP 2014. For all the details you'll ever need, of tournaments, satellites, statistics and leader board details, go to the WCOOP website.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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