WCOOP 2014: Aggro Santos is the Zoom Master with win in Event #18 [$320 NL Turbo, Zoom]

With two players remaining, Aggro Santos held a slight lead over gomir. Their heads-up battle only lasted 15 hands, but in that short time, Aggro Santos coughed up the lead but gomir failed to deliver a fatal knockout blow. Aggro Santos rallied back and mounted a devastating come-from-behind victory to win a bracelet in WCOOP Event #18.

WCOOP Event #18 $320 NL Zoom Turbo attracted 2,227 runners. They created a prize pool worth $668,100.00. The top 288 places paid out with $106,896.51 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Pros taking a shot at a WCOOP bracelet included Liv Boeree, Eugene Katchalov, Johnny Lodden, Theo Jorgenson, Jonathan Duhamel, Matthias De Meulder, George Danzer, and Christophe De Meulder. Team Online grinding their way in this WCOOP event included nanonoko, Pessagno, nkeyno, Mati312, frosty012, and FrenchDawg.

A trio of familiar faces advanced to the money. Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov went on a deep run and cashed in 75th place, good for $1,202.58. Mwanwhile, Team Online Tyler 'frosty012' Frost and Caio 'Pessagno' Pessagno both cashed. Pessagno finished in 224th place, and frosty012 barely snuck into the money with a min-cash and 274th place.


WCOOP Event #18 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: micide (1,617,028)
Seat 2: JustNoPain (734,114)
Seat 3: capitanu_bv (577,794)
Seat 4: Aggro Santos (2,008,362)
Seat 5: Viking8844 (1,322,269)
Seat 6: feedmemore2 (924,478)
Seat 7: Kroko-dill (696,838)
Seat 8: gomir (2,297,227)
Seat 9: QueenTen216 (956,890)

The final table commenced during Level 42 with blinds at 50K and 100K and a 12.5K ante. Sitting in the top spot was gomir with 2.3M and capitanu_bv was the shorty with 577K. The legendary Kroko-dill made a cameo at the final table. Kroko-dill is seeking the Stars Slam and only needs a TCOOP to fill in that elusive distinction. Kroko-dill has won a previous WCOOP, SCOOP, and Sunday Million.

capitanu_bv eliminated in 9th place

Short-stacked capitanu_bv was all-in from the blinds. Aggro Santos had K♦6♠ in the big blind versus capitanu_bv's 7♥2♠. The board finished up A♥K♠2♦6♣3♣. capitanu_bv caught a piece of the flop but did not improve beyond a pair of decues. Aggro Santos won the pot after he flopped a pair of Kings and turned two pair. Romania's capitanu_bv became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $6,346.95.

Kroko-dill eliminated in 8th place

Aggro Santos min-raised to 240,000, shorty Kroko-dill bombed it all-in for 599,338 with J♥J♠, and Aggro Santos called with 7♦7♥. Kroko-dill led all the way until the 7♠ spiked on the river. The board ran out T♠4♣3♠3♦7♠ and Aggro Santos won the pot with a full house -- sevens full of treys. Kroko-dill's Jacks were snapped off and Kroko-dill hit the rail in eighth place, which paid out $11,357.70.

With seven remaining, Aggro Santos held the lead with 3.4M.

feedmemore2 eliminated in 7th place

JustNoPain open-shoved for 1,133,956 and feedmemore2 called all-in from the big blind from approximately 200K. JustNoPain led with Q♠T♠ against feedmemore2's 7♥6♣. The board finished up K♠Q♥4♠9♦8♦. JustNoPain won the pot with a pair of Queens. For seventh place, feedmemore2 collected $16,702.50.

QueenTen216 was the new chipleader with 5.4M, while Aggro Santos slipped to the short stack with 725K.

micide eliminated in 6th place

Super shorty micide was all-in from the ante. gomir min-raised to 320,000 and JustNoPain called. The flop was J♥8♥6♠. JustNoPain checked, gomir bet 240,000, and JustNoPain folded. Heads-up.

gomir: 9♥8♠
micide: 9♣3♠

The turn was the J♣ and the river was the 3♣. gomir won the main pot and side pot with two pair -- Jacks and eights. micide's two pair -- Jacks and treys -- were not good enough to win. For sixth place, micide earned $23,383.50.

With five to go, QueenTen216 chipped up to over 5.1M.


With five left in the hunt for a WCOOP title, action was paused to discuss a deal. QueenTen216 held more than half the chips in play with 5.5M. Sitting in second was Aggro Santos (1.7M), followed by gomir (1.5M), Viking8844 (1.2M), and JustNoPain (1.1M).

ICM numbers were floated with $8,000 on the table to the champion: QueenTen216 ($83,807.87), Aggro Santos ($60,916.05), gomir ($58,113.04), Viking8844 ($54,771.44), and JustNoPain ($53,075.81).

The players could not agree on those terms, so the negotiations quickly fell apart. Without a deal in place, action resumed.

Viking8844 eliminated in 5th place

Aggro Santos open-shoved for 1,841,710 with 4♦4♠, and Viking8844 called all-in for 750,788 with K♥3♦. The board ran out T♥7♦2♠7♣7♠. Aggro Santos won the pot with a full boat. Viking8844 was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $30,064.50.

With four to go, QueenTen216 led with 5.6M, followed by Aggro Santos with approximately 3M, then gomir was third with 1.8M, and JustNoPain brought up the rear with 617K.

JustNoPain eliminated in 4th place

QueenTen216 open-shoved for 5,820,060 with 4♠4♣ and JustNoPain called all-in for 304,684 with K♠9♣. The board ran out 5♠3♥2♥A♦K♥. QueenTen216 turned a Wheel, which held up. JustNoPain's pair of Kings were no good. The Russian went busto in fourth place and took home $41,422.20.


A second deal was shot down. QueenTen216 was well out in front with a 6M stack, followed by Aggro Santos (3.4M) and gomir (1.7M). ICM numbers were floated with $8,000 left on the table: QueenTen216 ($87,862.99), Aggro Santos ($80,329.51), and gomir ($71,005.01). The pesky short-stack gomir wanted 74K or 73.5K. However, neither wanted to give up any money, so play resumed.

QueenTen216 eliminated in 3rd place

QueenTen216 bombed it all-in for 2,233,524 with 8♠6♠, Aggro Santos re-shoved for 3,361,460 with 8♦8♥, and gomir bailed. QueenTen216 was way behind but flopped a gutshot. The board finished up T♦5♠4♣3♣T♣. Aggro Santos dragged the pot with two pair. Belgium's QueenTen216 went busto in third place, which paid out $60,129.00.

HEADS-UP: Aggro Santos (United Kingdom) vs. gomir (Czech Republic)
Seat 4: Aggro Santos (6,144,984)
Seat 8: gomir (4,990,016)

With two left in the mix, Aggro Santos began the heads-up battle with a slight edge. However, gomir went to work immediately. He jumped out to over 8M in chips and opened up a sizable lead . It looked as though gomir was going to run away with it, but Aggro Santos launched a successful counterattack to regain the lead.

On the penultimate hand, gomir got it all-in preflop with K♥8♣ versus Aggro Santos' A♠3♠. However, the board ran out Q♠6♠5♦2♠Q♥ and Aggro Santos turned an Ace-high nut flush flush to stave off elimination and double up in a 7.3M pot. It would all be over the next hand.

gomir eliminated in 2nd place; Aggro Santos wins WCOOP bracelet!

Going into the final hand, Aggro Santos was ahead 7.3M to 3.7M. Aggro Santos shoved for 7,302,468 and gomir called 3,207,532.

gomir: A♣5♣
Aggro Santos: 5♥4♥

The board ran out 9♥8♠3♥T♠6♥ and Aggro Santos rivered a nine-hgh flush to win the pot and the tournament.

The Czech Republic's gomir took second place, which paid out $80,172.00.

Congrats to the newest WCOOP champion! Aggro Santos earned a first-place prize worth $106,896.51 plus a cool WCOOP bracelet.

WCOOP-18: $320 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Zoom]
Entrants: 2,227
Prize Pool: $668,100.00
Places Paid: 288

1. Aggro Santos (United Kingdom) $106,896.51
2. gomir (Czech Republic) $80,172.00
3. QueenTen216 (Belgium) $60,129.00
4. JustNoPain (Russia) $41,422.00
5. Viking8844 (Israel) $30,064.50
6. micide (Germany) $23,383.50
7. feedmemore2 (United Kingdom) $16,702.50
8. Kroko-dill (Russia) $11,357.70
9. capitanu_bv (Romania) $6,346.95

For more information and a schedule of remaining events, visit the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) homepage.

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