WCOOP 2014: AJacejackAJ adds a WCOOP to a SCOOP, wins Event #37 ($215+R NLHE)

Including the WCOOP title up for grabs, the final four players in Event #37 collectively had a Stars Slam.

easylimp won a NLHE+R Turbo title in the TCOOP earlier this year while Jose Carlos "TryToExploit" Garcia took down a Sunday Million in January. It'd been a while for our champion though, AJacejackAJ won a $215 NLHE SCOOP-M back in 2012 and was craving another title.

doit4love was the only player in the final four without a major PokerStars title.

There was only one WCOOP title available in Event #37 though, and it went to AJacejackAJ, who bested a field of 1,437 players and took home a prize of $101,854.64.

It was a tough, multi-endeavour with several skilled opponents with extensive live and online experience.

On top of his online accomplishments, Jose Carlos "TryToExploit" Garcia final tabled the €2,200 Estrellas High Roller in Barcelona last month for €40,000.

Garcia finished 7th in that event and won slightly less than that today after finishing 4th.

jose carlos garcia.jpg

Jose Carlos Garcia

Garcia was eliminated after AJacejackAJ got a few jacks.

TryToExploit raised to 240,000 from the button and AJacejackAJ re-raised to 786,000. TryToExploit moved all-in for 3.46 million and AJacejackAJ called.

It was a pair vs. pair situation when AJacejackAJ turned over J♣J♥ to TryToExploit's 7♦7♣.

The 9♠9♥8♠2♠2♥ board brought another pair of pairs and TryToExploit was eliminated in 4th place.

Jose Carlos "TryToExploit" Garcia scored a $50,360.80 payday (or €39,249) and failed to a COOP to his Stars Slam resume.

The other fallen

Garcia's departure was preceded by that of a Supernova Elite, one of only 371 players who achieved the status for 2014.

While nailuj90 earned more than 1,000,000 VPPS in 2013, the German player was without a Star Slam title and remained so after this event.

nailuj90 got it all-in with pocket nines against easylimp's [10d][10h] and couldn't improve on the 2♦7♦J♥2♠Q♥ board. nailuj90 finished 5th and earned $36,389.40.

A few minutes before nailuj90's nines failed to survive, AJacejackAJ eliminated another player with them.

benjimurry moved all-in on a 7♣J♦9♥ flop with J♥Q♣ but got called by AJacejackAJ's 9♣9♠.

The set held and benjimurry won $28,883.40 for busting out in 6th.

The bottom third of the final table payouts was occupied by miami1984, 7th for $21,477.40; JJ@mess, 8th for $14,071.40; and Vitobrasil, 9th for $7,702.24.

It was more profitable at the top.

Each player on the top third of the payout sheet earned more than the bottom three combined. This was partly due to a three-way deal players made after Jose Carlos "TryToExploit" Garcia's elimination.



When play got three-handed, players paused to discuss a deal. At the time, the counts were:

easylimp -- 10,788.106
AJacejackAJ -- 6,899,402
doit4love -- 3,542,492

Players requested both ICM and chip chop numbers but they weren't satisfied with either.

easylimp: chop numbers are ok
easylimp: and lets play for 10k

AJacejackAJ: thinking icm or no deal

doit4love: i prefer icm but i dont go to discuss 4 2k..... so up to you guys
doit4love: there is small difference easy... be cool

The chop guaranteed easylimp a six-figure payday while the ICM deal put everyone in the five-digit mark:

Chip chop

easylimp: $102,588.05
AJacejackAJ: $90,169.10
doit4love: $79,448.48


easylimp: $98,994.70
AJacejackAJ: $91,864.64
doit4love: $81,356.29

AJacejackAJ was sticking with the ICM numbers and easylimp finally relented and gave AJacejackAJ the difference. When players finally agreed, the final numbers were

easylimp: $100,902.51
AJacejackAJ: $91,854.64
doit4love: $79,448.48

It was an ICM/Chop hybrid that left everyone happy.

Then the last player without a major PokerStars victory bowed out.

doit4love was got chipped down to 2.96 million and moved all-in from the big blind after AJacejackAJ raised to 380,000 from the button.

AJacejackAJ called with A♠9♥ and had doit4love's A♦5♥ dominated. AJacejackAJ was in the lead and then hit a pair of nines on the J♣Q♠A♣9♦7♦ board.

doit4love came close to a victory but got a $79,448.48 consolation prize for finishing 3rd.

Heads up

AJacejackAJ -- 13,014,028
easylimp -- 8,215,972

easylimp held on for a bit, but then lost a flip in one hand and ran into aces the next.

AJacejackAJ raised to 320,000 and easylimp three-bet to 899,000. AJacejackAJ called and the flop came 7♦5♣4♣. easylimp bet 800,000 and AJacejackAJ called.

Both players checked the 8♥ on the turn and the 9♥ on the river.

AJacejackAJ showed 3♥3♣ and took the pot when easylimp tabled A♥K♠.

Then AJacejackAJ got another pocket pair the following hand.

easylimp raised to 320,000, AJacejackAJ re-raised to 828,000 and easylimp called. There was a 6♣[10c]Q♥ flop and a 1.03 million bet from AJacejackAJ.

easylimp called again and a 6♦ fell on the turn.

AJacejackAJ bet 3.2 million and easylimp moved all-in for 4.07 million. AJacejackAJ called and showed [A♦A♠ to easylimp's K♥[10h].

easylimp finished 2nd and won the agreed upon $100,902.51.

AJacejackAJ on the other hand won the WCOOP title and the extra $10,000, which boosted the payday up to $101,854.64.

AJacejackAJ now is now a TCOOP victory away from becoming the third Triple COOP title holder.

WCOOP-37: $215+R NLHE

Entrants: 1,437 entries, 1,180 rebuys, 1086 add-ons
Prize pool: $$740,600.00
Places paid: 180

1. AJacejackAJ (Canada) -- $101,854.64*
2. easylimp (United Kingdom) -- $100,902.51*
3. doit4love (Dominican Republic) -- $79,448.48*
4. TryToExploit (Poland) -- $50,360.80
5. nailuj90 (Germany) -- $36,289.40
6. benjimurry (India) -- $28.883.40
7. miami1984 (Germany) -- $21,477.40
8. JJ@mess (Czech Republic) -- $14,071.40
9. Vitobrasil (Brazil) $7,702.24

*Denotes a three-way deal.

Rebuys and payouts are done for Event #37 but the 2014 WCOOP still has plenty. Check out the WCOOP homepage for a list of the remaining events, leader boards and all the WCOOP information you'll ever need.

Well, except for how to win one, you'll have to figure that out on your own.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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