WCOOP 2014: akuza84 annihilates hi and low in Event #21 ($320 PLO H/L 6-Max)

Heads-up matches are often long ordeals that test all kinds of poker skills.

Other times they just last a single hand.

That was the case in WCOOP #21. akuza84 brought the tournament down from three players to one in just two hands. If you blinked for an unusually long time, chances are you would've missed it.

akuza84's $42,788.01 payday was the largest out of the $242,700.00 prize pool. Only 102 players got a share of that pool that took 809 entrants to create. The big money started flowing at the end though, when the tournament got down to its final six players.

akuza84 started the final table with the chip lead and was the only player to survive it.

The final table


Seat 1: caio_pimenta -- 839,068
Seat 2: PartyTownUSA -- 305,964
Seat 3: akuza84 -- 1,629,347
Seat 4: Vai_q_bate -- 566,404
Seat 5: dafnuni -- 143,392
Seat 6: SilentPurple -- 560,825

This was PartyTownUSA's second final table in three days. Just this past thursday, PartyTownUSA was in the final table of WCOOP-11: $320 NLHE Ante Up.

PartyTownUSA finished third in that event but didn't fare so well in this one.

PartyTownUSA had two consecutive all-ins, in the first one, PartyTownUSA chopped the pot with caio_pimenta; in the second one, PartyTownUSA's tournament ended.

With 10,000/20,000 blinds, PartyTownUSA called from the small blind and akuza84 raised to 60,000. PartyTownUSA re-raised to 180,000 and akuza84 four-bet to 540,000.

PartyTownUSA called all-in for 315,964 and showed A♥3♥J♦5♦ to akuza84's A♠7♠[10d]2♥.

akuza84 hit a full house on the J♠2♦[10c]2♠K♥ board and there was no low hand. akuza84's lead grew to 2.26 million while PartyTownUSA won $7,281.00 for finishing 6th.

Follow up

Three hands after PartyTownUSA's elimination, akuza84 quartered the short stack.

akuza84 raised to 70,000 from under-the-gun and dafnuni re-raised all-in for 136,784 from the button.

The blinds folded, akuza84 called and there was another showdown.

akuza84: K♦K♠4♠2♦
dafnuni: K♥K♣[10h]3♣

All four kings were out but the board ran J♥2♣7♥5♥]6♦ to give akuza84 the low. Both players split the high and dafnuni was left with just 75,892.

Then dafnuni lost it all the following hand.

dafnuni raised to 70,000 and caio_pimenta called.

The flop came 6♥[10s]Q♦, caio_pimenta bet 20,000 and dafnuni called all-in for 5,892. dafnuni showed A♣9♠9♣5♥ while caio_pimenta tabled A♦[10c]4♣2♦.

caio_pimenta's pair of tens were in the lead and then an 8♠ and a 5♠ completed the board to give caio_pimenta the low with 8-6-5-2-A.

dafnuni won $12,135.00 for finishing 5th while caio_pimenta chipped up to 773,960.

Rise and fall

caio_pimenta went on a heater after eliminating dafnuni and even took the chip lead with 1.4 million.

Then the downfall began.

caio_pimenta lost a series of small pots followed by a big one:

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Then caio_pimenta lost the rest of it four hands later.

With 12,500/25,000 blinds, Vai_q_bate raised to 50,000 from the button and caio_pimenta three-bet to 162,500 from the big blind. Vai_q_bate made it 500,000 and caio_pimenta moved all-in for 791,482.

Vai_q_bate called and showed A♠A♥[10c]2♦ to caio_pimenta's A♦J♥5♣2♣. The board ran K♣3♣9♥3♥6♦ and Vai_q_bate took the 1.6 million pot with aces.

caio_pimenta on the other hand finished 4th and took home $16,989.00.

akuza84's revenge

akuza84 started three-handed play as the short stack but slowly grinded back to a lead.

Then akuza84 took them both out in back-to-back hands.

Vai_q_bate raised to 60,000 from the button and akuza84 re-raised to 165,000 from the big blind. Vai_q_bate four-bet to 510,000 and akuza84 called.

There was a 4♠K♥9♥ flop and akuza84 bet 1.04 million. Vai_q_bate called all-in for 1.01 million and we had another elimination.

Vai_q_bate showed A♣A♦J♠7♠ for aces but akuza84 had a set of nines with 9♣9♠Q♣Q♠.

The turn was a J♠ and an 8♣ completed the board.

akuza84 was up to 3.06 million while Vai_q_bate earned $24,270.00 for finishing 3rd.

SilentPurple raised to 60,000 the next hand and akuza84 re-raised to 180,000. SilentPurple four-bet to 540,000 and akuza84 made it 900,000.

SilentPurple called all-in and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

SilentPurple: A♥8♥4♥Q♣
akuza84: A♠K♠6♠[10c]

The final board came 2♠2♥K♥3♣K♣ and akuza84 hit trip kings to take down the tournament.

SIlentPurple won $31,551.00 for the runner-up finish while akuza84 took the title and $42,788.01

WCOOP-21: $320 PLO H/L 6-Max

Entrants: 809
Prize pool: $242,700.00
Places paid: 102

1. akuza84 (Russia) -- $42,788.01
2. SilentPurple (Canada) -- $31,551.00
3. Vai_q_bate (Brazil) -- $24,270.00
4. cai_pimenta (Brazil) -- $16,989.00
5. dafnuni (Chile) -- $12,135.00
6. PartyTownUSA (Canada) -- $7,281.00

Event 21 is in the PokerStars Blog archive but the rest of the 2014 WCOOP champions have yet to be determined. Check out the WCOOP homepage for a list of the remaining events and satellites to every one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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