WCOOP 2014: Argentina's allucan3at gobbles PLO field and wins Event #54 ($2,100 PLO 6-Max, Re-Entry)

The final table for Event #54 featured two SCOOP champions and Neptune04, who binked a WCOOP Event #46 just the other day. Stroynowski and RandALLin were both former SCOOP champions taking a shot at their first WCOOP title. Stroynowski faded a formidable field of PLO enthusiasts to get heads-up against allucan3at, who held the lead for the majority of the final table. When the dust settled Argentina's allucan3at was the sole player left standing after preventing Stroynowski from winning a second career COOP title.

WCOOP Event #54 $2,100 PLO (6-Max, Re-Entry) attracted 599 total entrants, which was comprised of 414 original runners plus 185 re-entries. They boosted a prize pool to over $1,198,000.00, which doubled the initial $500K guarantee. A first-place prize worth $227,620.00 was originally set aside to the eventual champion, addition to a WCOOP bracelet.

PokerStars Team Pros in the hunt for a coveted WCOOP bracelet included Vanessa Selbst, Jason Mercier, Johnny Lodden, Theo Jorgensen, and George Danzer. Meanwhile, members of Team Online taking a shot at a WCOOP title included nkeyno and Ike Haxton.

PokerStars Team Pro Vanessa Selbst bubbled off the money in 79th place. She whiffed on a flush draw and lost to Pokerl)eviL's flush. Meanwhile, Jason Mercier and Team Online nkeyno both cashed. Mercier was short-stacked on the bubble but managed to min-cash in 77th place. Japan's nkeyno was knocked out in 44th place when he ran his A♥K♣8♥3♠ into P0CK€TF@CE$'s [Ks Kd]8♦2♣.

DonkPredator bubbled off the final table in seventh place after losing boat over boat to Stroynowski. DonkPredator's Q♠Q♣5♦3♦ was outflopped by Stroynowski's A♦9♠9♦8♠. The board finished up A♥A♣8♣4♣Q♥ and DonkPredator headed to the virtual rail in seventh. With six remaining,the final table was set.


WCOOP-54 Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Neptune04 (275,077)
Seat 2: allucan3at (2,172,576)
Seat 3: vegaspolotsk (775,352)
Seat 4: Stroynowski (1,834,968)
Seat 5: RandALLin (713,127)
Seat 6: HC_68 (218,900)

The final table commenced during Level 32 with blinds at 15K/30K. Neptune04 and HC_68 were the short stacks with 275K and 218K respectively. Argentina's allucan3at was the big stack with 2.1M. Neptune04 won Event #46 the other day and was seeking a second PLO bracelet. RandALLin won a SCOOP crown in 2013, but he was seeking his first WCOOP. Meanwhile, Stroynowski won a SCOOP earlier this year after shipping a Badugi tournament.

Neptune04 eliminated in 6th place

It only took six hands before we saw the first exit at the final table. Neptune04 opened to 90,000, allucan3at raised to 270,000, Neptune04 called all-in for 50,077.

Neptune04: A♣Q♦J♥6♦
allucan3at: Q♣T♦9♦3♥

The board finished up T♣3♣2♦3♠4♣ and allucan3at dragged the pot with a full house -- treys full of tens. Neptune04 became the first player to bust at the final table. Sixth place paid out $37,257.80. Neptune04 had won a WCOOP event only a couple of days ago, but missed a shot at two bracelets this week.

HC_68 eliminated in 5th place

RandALLin opened to 90,000 and HC_68 called. The flop was J♥6♣4♠. RandALLin bet 180,000 and HC_68 called all-in for 128,900.

RandALLin: A♠T♥T♦4♣
HC_68: K♦7♣6♥5♦

The turn was the K♠ and the river was the A♥. HC_68 whiffed on an open-ended straight draw. RandALLin's two pair (Aces and fours) bested HC_68's two pair (Kings and sixes). Austria's HC_68 was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $59,900.00.

With four to go, allucan3at was out in front with 2.1M, followed by Stroynowski with 1.8M, vegaspolotsk's 1M, and RandALLin was the shorty by default with 932K.


After playing four-handed for an orbit, action was paused to discuss a deal. At that juncture, allucan3at was the leader with 2.3M, followed by Stroynowski (2M), vegaspolotsk (933K), and RandALLin (738K).

The ICM numbers were floated with $10,000 left on the table to the champion: allucan3at ($170,303.26), Stroynowski ($164,686.55), vegaspolotsk ($132,971.67), and RandALLin ($124,033.52).

Both short stacks quickly agreed. Big-stacked allucan3at could only respond with "meh", while Stroynowski requested chip chop numbers. However, RandALLin insta-shot down any talk of a chip chop.

"Will do ICM though," said RandALLin. "Seems very fair. 4 cards anything can happen. ICM or gamble for tons of money with 4 cards."

The chip chop numbers were floated (along with $10,000 for the winner): allucan3at ($182,629.52), Stroynowski ($170,033.70), vegaspolotsk ($123,827.41), RandALLin ($115,504.37).

Yet, RandALLin was stern in his opinion. "That's not happening," he said.

"I'm too tired to discuss," replied allucan3at. "Let's just do ICM and go to sleep."

Stroynowski wanted to negotiate something between ICM and chip chop numbers, but RandALLin replied "Nothing. ICM or we play."

"Don't be greedy," taunted allucan3at, "Or I will ask 1K from you."

At that point, allucan3at wanted to set aside 20K to the winner instead of 10K.

"ICM is not greedy," said RandALLin. "Either we ICM chop with 10K to the winner or we play. Stop wasting time."

At that point, the negotiations had reached 20 minutes. "I'm done negotiating," said RandALLin. "Let's play."

Stroynowski finally came around, as did allucan3at. Everyone agreed to an ICM deal. And action resumed.

RandALLin eliminated in 4th place

RandALLin lost half his stack against allucan3at's full boat. Four hands later, allucan3at would finish him off. allucan3at opened to 80,000 and RandALLin called. The flop was A♠Q♠7♣. RandALLin fired out 180,000, allucan3at min-raised to 360,000, and RandALLin called all-in for 54,601.

RandALLin: J♠5♠4♦2♠
allucan3at: K♣T♥9♠7♥

RandALLin had a flush draw and allucan3at flopped a Broadway straight draw. The turn was the T♦ and the river was the 8♦. allucan3at faded a flush and won the pot after turning two pair. RandALLin could only muster up Ace-high. For a fourth-place finish, RandALLin earned $124,033.52.

With three to go, Stroynowski and allucan3at were almost even in chips with 2.4M, while vegaspolotsk was last with 1.1M.

vegaspolotsk eliminated in 3rd place

vegaspolotsk opened to 100,000, Stroynowski made it 340,000 to go, and vegaspolotsk called. The flop was 7♥7♣4♥. Stroynowski bet 720,000 and vegaspolotsk called all-in for 511,504.

Stroynowski: K♦Q♠Q♣J♥
vegaspolotsk: A♠7♦4♣3♠

vegaspolotsk flopped a boat, which would get sunk. The turn was the Q♦ and Stroynowski took the lead with a bigger boat. The river was the 9♥. Stroynowski won the pot with a bigger boat -- Queens full of sevens vs. sevens full of fours. Belarus' vegaspolotsk was knocked out in third place, which paid out $132,971.67.

HEADS-UP: allucan3at (Argentina) vs. Stroynowski (Poland)
Seat 2: allucan3at (1,966,455)
Seat 4: Stroynowski (4,023,545)

With two remaining, Stroynowski held a 2-1 edge.

Stroynowski eliminated in 2nd place; allucan3at wins WCOOP title!

Stroynowski led for the majority of heads-up until allucan3at methodically chipped away at the lead. allucan3at seized the lead after winning a pot worth approximately 2.3M. allucan3at rivered an Ace-high flush with K♣T♣7♥4♥ against Stroynowski's A♣6♣5♦5♠ and a pair of Aces. That hand propelled allucan3at into the lead -- 3.8M to 2.1M.

On the final hand... Stroynowski min-raised to 120,000, allucan3at bumped it up to 360,000, and Stroynowski called. The flop was K♣3♣2♥. allucan3at fired out 360,000 and Stroynowski called. The turn was the Q♦ and fireworks ensued. allucan3at bet 1,440,000 and Stroynowski called all-in for 1,383,520.

allucan3at: A♠A♣J♦4♣
Stroynowski: Q♣T♣9♦8♥

allucan3at was ahead with Aces but also picked up a Wheel gutshot and an Ace-high clubs flush draw. Stroynowski held an inferior clubs flush draw, but also picked up a better straight draw. The K♠ fell on the river. The card did not help either player fill in a draw. Stroynowski rivered two pair (Kings and Queens), but it was not good enough to beat allucan3at's better two pair (Aces and Kings)

Stroynowski narrowly missed a shot at a second COOP. For a stellar runner-up performance, Stroynowski collected $164,686.55.

Congrats to Argentina's allucan3at, who won $180,303.26 for first place, plus a WCOOP bracelet.

WCOOP-54: $2,100 PL Omaha (6-Max, Re-Entry)
Entrants: 599 (413 entries, 185 re-entries)
Prize Pool: $1,198,000.00
Places Paid: 78

1. allucan3at (Argentina) $180,303.26 **
2. Stroynowski (Poland) $164,686.55 **
3. vegaspolotsk (Belarus) $132,971.67 **
4. RandALLin (ico) $124,033.52 **
5. HC_68 (Austria) $59,900.00
6. Neptune04 (United Kingdom) $37,257.80

** Denotes a deal among the final four players

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