WCOOP 2014: Assad91 adds third COOP title in Event #28 ($320 Mixed Hold'em)

Event #28 of the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker presented players with an interesting challenge, prove their skill at both Limit and No Limit Hold'em. The two games generally attract a different set of players and their combination tests their ability to adjust strategies throughout.

The tournament drew 490 players to clearly rip past the $100,000 guarantee after three hours of late registration. The $147,000 prize pool would be split up between the last 63 players with the $27,930 top money reserved for the WCOOP champion.

Even with the small field, they played over seven hours before hitting the money bubble. The slow structure and deep stacks gave them plenty of room to make moves and it all came down to one hand to make the money when 4outs2full, ChiphunterTH, and g.karolis all dropped at the same time.

While no members of Team PokerStars made the money, there were still several top players shooting for the WCOOP title including Kory "s00tedj0kers" Kilpatrick, Rob "batoelrob" Hollink, Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi, and David "Gunslinger3" Bach looking to add to his five major online titles.

The usual speedy process of post-bubble eliminations didn't happen in this event and they slowly made their way towards the final table as players continued to drop at a leisurely pace. It was an unkind portion of the tournament as WSOP/EPT/WCOOP champion Rob "batoelrob" Hollink dropped out short of winning another title with Bach, Nardi, Kilpatrick, and 2013 WCOOP victor Antoly "NL_Profit" Filatov joining him on the rail.

Hand-for-hand bubble action dragged on for more than 15 minutes until former Sunday Million final tablist lookoutdudes went out in 10th place to form the final table. It was a great lineup which included 2009 WCOOP champ Saul "iCeVeNoM" Khalili, 2012 Sunday Million winner FairLaw, plus Assad91 who added a WCOOP to his previous TCOOP title last week in Event #9.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Phil "bergeroo" Huxley (674,114 in chips)
Seat 2: Assad91 (212,130 in chips)
Seat 3: AceSpades11 (346,776 in chips)
Seat 4: Ben "Chong94" Lefew (109,427 in chips)
Seat 5: pastika (213,646 in chips)
Seat 6: FairLaw (150,299 in chips)
Seat 7: Saul "iCeVeNoM" Khalili (435,130 in chips)
Seat 8: eisenhower1 (166,609 in chips)
Seat 9: a Bull 67 (141,869 in chips)

No Limit Blinds: 3k/6k with 750 ante
Limits: 12k/24k

a Bull 67 gets flushed, eliminated in 9th

The mixed Hold'em structure meant players didn't have to get frisky in any one variation, the No Limit blinds were adjusted to allow more options. a Bull 67 used the Limit portion for an interesting play.

He opened from early position before bergeroo put in a third bet, a Bull 67 called to see the Q♠7♦6♦ and light the fuse. a Bull 67 checked/raised and the betting didn't stop until it was capped at four bets. The Q♦ hit the turn and a Bull 67 was soon all-in for all his chips with trip Queens Q♣9♥.

a Bull 67 would need to boat (or quad) up on the river after bergeroo tabled A♦8♦ for the nut flush. The 5♥ river was not a magic card and a Bull 67 was the first gone from the final table, out in 9th place for $2,440.

iCeVeNoM freezes two, eisenhower1 and Chong94 eliminated

They were coming to the end of the Limit level and it wasn't a good one for Chong94. He didn't begin the final table with a lot of chips then lost two pots to drop under one big blind.

Chong94 put his chips in the middle from under the gun before Saul "iCeVeNoM" Khalili raised the action. Not to be left out of the fun, eisenhower1 put in a third bet and Khalili capped the action, enough to put eisenhower1 all-in. It was three-ways to the flop with two at risk and behind.

iCeVeNoM: T♥T♠
eisenhower1: 8♥8♦
Chong94: K♣T♣

Khalili had the statisical edge to knock out both players and the J♠7♦5♣ flop changed little. eisenhower1 had a great chance for a big comeback when the 6♦ turn gave him an open-ended straight draw. No miracle appeared on the river to give Khalili the rare WCOOP final table double knockout, sending eisenhower1 out in 7th and Chong94 in 8th place.

FairLaw enforced, eliminated in 6th

FairLaw's past experience with his 2012 Sunday Million title translated to another major final table but he was wrong on his last hand of this event. Assad91 opened for a min-raise from the cutoff and FairLaw called in the big blind to the J♥J♠6♠ flop.

FairLaw check/called on every street until he was all-in with the entire board reading J♥J♠6♠2♣K♦. FairLaw might have thought hitting the flop with K♥6♣ before improving on the river was good enough but he saw how wrong he was when Assad91 tabled trip Jacks Q♥J♣. FairLaw ran well to get this deep but was gone in 6th place for $6,247.

pastika odd man out, eliminated in 5th

Things settled down after three fast eliminations and they played an amazing 30 minutes of five-handed action before another player was all-in and at risk. Most of the chips were getting pushed to four of the players leaving pastika out in the cold and short stacked.

His downfall came at the hands of the leader in a Limit hand. Phil "bergeroo" Huxley opened for a raise with Assad91 and pastika calling to the T♠7♦2♣ flop. pasitka took a chance by putting a lot of his stack in the middle with a bet then shoved after Assad91 raised.

It was a quick call for Assad91 with top pair Q♦T♥ and pastika was in trouble with two overs K♣J♠. The 3♦ left him with just six outs to stay alive and the 6♥ river was not one of them. pastika was unable to add a WCOOP title to his 2011 Sunday Warm-up victory, dropping out in 5th place for $8,085.

AceSpades11 motored out, eliminated in 4th place

AceSpades11 was one of the top two players over the latter parts of the tournament and was leading as the tournament played down to the final table. He has some nice results to his credit including a runner-up finish in the 2009 SCOOP Event #1H (the first in history) when he chopped for a $175,000 payday, but was unable to add a WCOOP crown.

In Limit Hold'em, AceSpades11 called in the big blind after Phil "bergeroo" Huxley raised from the button. He check/raised after the K♠T♥3♥ flop then just called when Huxley tossed out a third bet.

The 5♠ turn was enough to convice AceSpades11 to get his chips in the middle when Husley put him all-in. AceSpades11 second pair T♦7♥ was behind Huxley's top pair K♦J♦ and he was eliminated in 4th place when the river dropped 8♣.

iCeVeNoM cracks, eliminated in 3rd

Three very strong players remained in the tournament, all very worthy of adding a WCOOP title to their list of accomplishments. Assad91 was the leader until losing a big pot without a showdown to give the lead to Huxley.

Saul "iCeVeNoM" Khalili was looking for another WCOOP title to along with his previous 2009 WCOOP Triple Shootout championship, he put his chips in with the best hand.

Khalili was losing traction to his opponents and called after Huxley put him all-in following a button limp in a No Limit Hold'em hand. Khalili quickly called with A♦Q♥ and was well ahead of Q♠J♥. The first signs of a problem showed up when Huxley flopped an open-ended straight draw T♠9♦5♠.

Khalili didn't have to wait long to see his fate when the virtual dealer put the 8♣ on the turn leaving him with just three outs to chop the pot. Khalili was unable to match Huxley's straight on the 9♣ river and he was gone in 3rd place for $15,067.

Assad91 adds another COOP title in Event #28

Seat 1: bergeroo (1,658,431 in chips)
Seat 2: Assad91 (791,569 in chips)

Assad91 was the dominant player at the final table but lost the lead as he was heading into heads up action with Huxley. The two of them battled for more than 30 minutes and Assad91 pulled most of the major pots to move ahead at the next break.

They never talked about chopping but they did return from the break early and the tournament lasted only four more hands. Assad91 won a 500,000 chip pot when HUxley check/called every street against Assad91's A♦Q♦ runner-runner nut flush. Huxley mucked his hand and was at risk on the next.

They capped the betting preflop and Huxley was all-in after the board ran out J♠9♠6♣. Assad91 called with second pair 9♥7♠ ahead of Huxley's gutshot, over-card Q♣8♥. The turn/river ran out Ducks 2♥2♦ for a sudden end to the tournament.

Despite $2.5 million in career earnings, the runner-up finish was yet another in a string of major final tables for Phil "bergeroo" Huxley without a top spot result.

Assad91 picks up his second WCOOP title of the series after a win in Event #9, a feat which went nicely with his previous TCOOP victory. He earned $27,930 and his second win to put him atop the WCOOP Player of the Series leaderboard for now.

WCOOP 2014: Event #28 $320 Mixed Hold'em
Entrants: 490
Prize pool: $147,000
Places paid: 63

1. Assad91 (Norway) $27,930.00
2. Phil "bergeroo" Huxley (United Kingdom) $20,580.00
3. Saul "iCeVeNoM" Khalili (Canada) $15,067.50
4. AceSpades11 (Canada) $11,466.00
5. pastika (Czech Republic) $8,085,00
6. FairLaw (Russia) $6,247.50
7. eisenhower1 (Sweden) $4,777.50
8. Ben "Chong94" Lefew (Mexico) $3,307.50
9. a Bull 67 (Denmark) $2,440.20

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