WCOOP 2014: Assad91 wins second COOP title with victory in Event #9 Super Tuesday Special Edition

Assad91 added a second COOP title to his resume after winning WCOOP Event #9. The Norwegian had previously won a TCOOP event in January 2013. Victory was no easy feat. Assad91 had a worthy heads-up adversary in Str8$$$Homey, who was seeking a second-career WCOOP title and a third overall COOP championship. Str8$$$Homey won a WCOOP in 2009 and a SCOOP event last spring. When it got down to the final two in Event #9, Assad91 went to work immediately and managed to liquidate the rest of Str8$$$Homey's stack in just 32 hands. Assad91 stepped into the spotlight as the newest WCOOP champion and added a second COOP title to his resume.

WCOOP Event #9 $1,050 NL was also the Super Tuesday Special Edition. This two-day event attracted 1,848 runners and they boosted the prize pool to $1,848,000, which smashed the original $1M guarantee. The top 216 places paid out with $303,164.40 set aside to the champion.

Several notables took a shot at a WCOOP crown including Team PokerStars Pros Chris Moneymaker, Eugene Katchalov, and Jake Cody. Representing Team Online in this special edition of the Super Tuesday included Ike Haxton, Marc-André "FrenchDawg" Ladouceur, and Randy "nanonoko" Lew.

Event #9 Day 1 concluded at the end of Level 25. Only 132 players were remaining. Maathematixx (Canada) ended Day 1 as the chipleader with a formidable stack worth 423,104. Plenty of notables were still in the hunt for a WCOOP crown including Team Online Ike Haxton and FrenchDawg.

FrenchDawg was in 83rd place overall and advanced to Day 2 with 66,159. Although Ike Haxton also made the cut, he was among the short stacks in 119th place with just 34,117.

WCOOP-09 [Super Tuesday] End Day 1 - Top 5 Chip Counts:
Maathematixx (Canada) 423,104
RolldUpTrips (Mexico) 383,032
roi kin23 (Russia) 358,156
BabyGrand (Canada) 340,971
MickCallOK (Austria) 315,309

At the start of Day 2, FrenchDawg was listed among first bustouts. He hit the virtual rail in 122nd place. Meanwhile, Ike Haxton doubled up early to keep his head above water, but he'd eventually bust out in 85th place after he lost a coinflip with A♥Q♣ versus TEENageTuRtL's J♦J♣.

When action dwindled down to ten-handed, Crazy Elior bubbled off the final table in tenth place when he was ambushed by EENageTuRtL's quad sevens. TEENageTuRtL flopped top set and rivered the case seven.


WCOOP Event #9 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Assad91 (2,300,250)
Seat 2: TEENageTuRtL (1,235,650)
Seat 3: ch0ppy (634,413)
Seat 4: ToTheMazinho (1,803,312)
Seat 5: Str8$$$Homey (2,679,811)
Seat 6: ShaiStar (770,806)
Seat 7: Mr.Kingball (1,570,280)
Seat 8: dustin1980 (1,679,551)
Seat 9: huiiiiiiiiii (1,185,927)

The final table commenced during Level 40 with blinds at 10K/20K and 2.5K ante. Str8$$$Homey held the lead with 2.6M, while ch0ppy was the short stack with 634K. Str8$$$Homey is no stranger to COOP final tables... the Canadian grinder won a WCOOP title in 2009 and shipped a SCOOP crown last year. Other notables at the final table included ch0ppy (Sunday Million winner), TEENageTuRtL (won a SCOOP event earlier this spring), and Assad91 (binked a TCOOP in 2013).

ShaiStar eliminated in 9th place

After three full levels of play, we finally say the first elimination. huiiiiiiiiii min-raised to 70,000, Str8$$$Homey went over the top all-in for 3,172,854, ShaiStar called all-in for 621,106, and huiiiiiiiiii bailed. ShaiStar was racing with A♠Q♥ against Str8$$$Homey's 6♣6♥. The board ran out J♣3♠2♠9♠3♦. Str8$$$Homey's pocket sixes held up and ShaiStar lost a flip. For a ninth-place finish, Israel's ShaiStar earned $18,480.00.

huiiiiiiiiii eliminated in 8th place

dustin1980 kicked off the fracas with a min-raise to 70,000, huiiiiiiiiii bombed it all-in for 593,347, TEENageTuRtL re-shoved for 1,806,906, and dustin1980 folded. Heads-up. huiiiiiiiiii made a final stand with A♠Q♥ against TEENageTuRtL's J♠J♦. The board finished up T♣7♥3♦2♥4♦. TEENageTuRtL's pocket Jacks held up and he chipped up to third overall with 2.5M. Austria's huiiiiiiiiii lost a flip and busted out in eighth place, which paid out $32,340.00.

With seven remaining, Str8$$$Homey retained the lead with approximately 4M and ch0ppy brought up the rear with 518K.

Mr.Kingball eliminated in 7th place

Mr.Kingball opened to 83,200, Assad91 raised to 203,285, Mr.Kingball re-raised all-in for 1,398,485 with 7♠7♥, and Assad91 called with T♣T♦. The board ran out K♣9♠5♠J♣A♠. Assad91 dragged the pot when pocket tens held up against pocket sevens. Mr.Kingball went busto in seventh place, which paid $50,820.00.

With six to go, Assad91 moved into second overall. The stacks looked like: Str8$$$Homey (5,109,247), Assad91 (3,838,685), ToTheMazinho (1,688,394), TEENageTuRtL (1,660,445), dustin1980 (1,031,016), and ch0ppy (532,213).

ch0ppy eliminated in 6th place

Str8$$$Homey opened to 100,000, ch0ppy made a final stand with J♦J♠ and shoved for 387,213, and big-stacked Str8$$$Homey called with A♦3♦. The board ran out Q♥T♠6♠A♠T♣. ch0ppy's two pair -- Jacks and tens -- failed to compete with Str8$$$Homey's Aces up and two pair with Aces and tens. The A♠ on the turn sunk ch0ppy's hopes on winning a WCOOP title. For a sixth-place performance, ch0ppy collected $69,300.00.

With five remaining, Str8$$$Homey was out in front with 5.5M and Assad91 was second with 4M, whereas everyone else was roughly holding stacks worth an average of 1.5M.

dustin1980 eliminated in 5th place

ToTheMazinho min-raised to 90,000, dustin1980 shoved for 929,766, and ToTheMazinho called. ToTheMazinho was ahead with J♣J♥ against dustin1980's A♦9♦. The board ran out 8♠8♦3♣2♣8♣ and ToTheMazinho's Jacks held up to win the pot with a full house -- eights over Jacks. Costa Rica's dustin1980 failed to improve and was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $87,780.00.

With four left in the hunt... Str8$$$Homey was in first with 5.8M, followed by Assad91 (4M), ToTheMazinho (2.2M), and TEENageTuRtL (1.8M).


With four to go, action was paused to discuss a deal. Str8$$$Homey was way out in front with 6.6M, followed by Assad91 with 3.4M, and ToTheMazinho and TEENageTuRtL both held 1.9M each.

They had to leave $20,000 on the table to the eventual champion, but the various numbers were floated...

ICM: Str8$$$Homey ($236,834.66), Assad91 ($205,115.57), ToTheMazinho ($176,763.09), and TEENageTuRtL ($176,347.08).

Chip Chop: Str8$$$Homey ($266,504.49), Assad91 ($198,540.90), ToTheMazinho ($165,198.28), and TEENageTuRtL ($164,816.73).

Big-stacked Str8$$$Homey demanded at least $255,000, but Assad91 did not want to budge and suggested they keep playing. The others also shot down Str8$$$Homey's counter offer, so play resumed without a deal.

ToTheMazinho eliminated in 4th place

After a couple of levels of four-handed play, someone finally bowed out in fourth. Assad91 opened to 160K, ToTheMazinho shoved for 1,223,225 and Assad91 called. ToTheMazinho made a valiant final stand with A♠9♠ but unfortunately ran into Assad91's K♠K♣. The board finished up Q♦6♠6♣7♠9♥. ToTheMazinho turned a flush draw but whiffed on the river. Assad91 faded a flush and Kings held up. ToTheMazinho was knocked out in fourth place and took home $123,816.00.

With three remaining, Str8$$$Homey chipped up to 7.1M, Assad91 was second with 4.3M, and TEENageTuRtL was third with 2.4M.

TEENageTuRtL eliminated in 3rd place

Assad91 min-raised to 200,000, TEENageTuRtL bumped it to 525,800, and Assad91 called. The flop was A♦K♣5♣. TEENageTuRtL bet 398,500 and Assad91 called. The 6♥ fell on the turn. TEENageTuRtL fired out 656,000 and Assad91 called. The river was the T♣. TEENageTuRtL shoved for 1,481,190, and Assad91 called.

TEENageTuRtL: A♠Q♠
Assad91: A♥T♥

TEENageTuRtL was ahead pre-flop, and both players flopped top pair, but Assad91 rivered two pair to win the pot with two pair. For third place, TEENageTuRtL earned $166,320.00.

HEADS-UP: Str8$$$Homey (Canada) vs. Assad91 (Norway)
Seat 1: Assad91 (7,855,140)
Seat 5: Str8$$$Homey (6,004,860)

With two to go, Assad91 held the slight lead. Heads-up lasted 32 hands. Assad91 slowly pulled away and chipped up to close to 10M. Str8$$$Homey attempted a counterattack, but fell short when Assad91 delivered a surgical knockout blow.

Str8$$$Homey eliminated in 2nd place; Assad91 wins WCOOP title in Event #9!

Str8$$$Homey was seeking a second WCOOP title, but that pursuit was thwarted by Assad91.

On the final hand... Assad91 min-raised to 240,000, Str8$$$Homey bumped it up to 720,000, and Assad91 called. The flop was 7♥4♣3♠. Str8$$$Homey bet 600,000 and Assad91 called. The 8♣ fell on the turn. Str8$$$Homey check-called a 1.2M bet from Assad91. The river was the 7♠ and fireworks ensued. Str8$$$Homey checked, Assad91 shoved for 6,067,740, and Str8$$$Homey called all-in for 2,722,260. Assad91 woke up with A♣A♦, which held up against Str8$$$Homey 6♣3♥. Str8$$$Homey flopped bottom pair and a gutshot, but failed to improve beyond two pair -- sevens and treys -- which was not good enough to beat Assad91's Aces up. Str8$$$Homey was knocked out in second place and Assad91 shipped the pot and the tournament.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Str8$$$Homey collected $221,760.00.

Congrats to Norway's Assad91 for winning WCOOP Event #9. First place paid out $303,164.40. This is the second COOP title for Assad91, who won a TCOOP in 2013.

WCOOP-09 [Super Tuesday SE]: $1,050 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 1,848
Prize Pool: $1,848,000.00
Places Paid: 216

1. Assad91 (Norway) $303,164.40
2. Str8$$$Homey (Canada) $221,760.00
3. TEENageTuRtL (Argentina) $166,320.00
4. ToTheMazinho (United Kingdom) $123,816.00
5. dustin1980 (Costa Rica) $87,780.00
6. ch0ppy (Canada) $69,300.00
7. Mr.Kingball (Ireland) $50,820.00
8. huiiiiiiiiii (Austria) $32,340.00
9. ShaiStar (Israel) $18,480.00

For more information and a schedule of remaining events, visit the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) homepage.

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