WCOOP 2014: Colisea notches second COOP title by winning Triple Draw Event #36 ($320 2-7 Lowball)

One grueling hour of heads-up. That's what the victor in WCOOP Event #36 had to endure as one final test before emerging from the battlefield as the newest WCOOP champion. With two to go, Colisea squared off against speedyhanh. The lead swung back and forth so many times you almost expected these two to play for another few hours. However, Colisea got hot at the right time and pulled away from speedyhanh en route to a win in Event #36. This is Colisea's first WCOOP crown, but second overall COOP after binking a SCOOP 8-Game event earlier this year.

WCOOP Event #36 $320 Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball attracted 372 runners. These hardcore Lowball enthusiasts created a prize pool worth $111,600.00, which more than doubled the original 50K guarantee. Only the top 48 places paid out with $22,878.00 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Pros in the hunt for a WCOOP title included Eugene Katchalov, George Danzer, Marcin Gorecki and Elky. Team Online grinding their way to a potential WCOOP bracelet included Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome, Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner, Roy 'GodlikeRoy' Bhasin, and Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara.

As the money bubble approached with fewer than 10 tables (six-handed format for Triple Draw), both Team Online talonchick and Mati312 were trying to secure themselves a cash. When the money bubble burst, talonchick was comfortable in the Top 20 in chips, while Mati312 was fighting with a short stack.

With five tables to go, talonchick found herself as one of the short stacks. She eventually was knocked out in 2th place. On the second draw, both talonchick and speedyhanh drew two cards and both stood pat after that. talonchick and made a final stand with 8-7-5-4-2but she lost to speedyhanh's 7-5-4-3-2 low. For 26th place, Team Online's Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome collected $781.20.

Team Online Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner embarked on a deep run and lasted the longest out of his PokerStars Team Pro and Team Online colleagues. Despite being short near the money bubble, Mati312 rallied back and built up stack. He went from one the shorties to the Top 10 in chips. With 23 to go, Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner seized the lead with approximately 150K. Once the field was trimmed to 14 players, the pack caught up to Mati312. With nine to go, Mati312 bottomed out and was 9th in chips before doubling up.

The next level was filled with peaks and valleys, and Mati312 surged toward the top of the leader board before slipping to the middle of the pack.

With seven souls still on a quest for WCOOP bracelet, action went hand-for-hand with one table three-handed and the other four-handed. On the table of four, tweeprise bubbled off the final table in seventh place when he lost with J-7-6-5-2 against Colisea's 9-8-6-4-3 low. With six remaining, Team Online Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner successfully advanced to the final table.


WCOOP Event #36 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Team Online Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner (263,357)
Seat 2: speedyhanh (671,275)
Seat 3: J Thirteen (313,562)
Seat 4: Colisea (262,390)
Seat 5: carryhero (121,792)
Seat 6: SoldMyS0ul (227,624)

The final table for Event #36 commenced during Level 25 with stakes at 7K/14K. Austria's speedyhanh was out in front with 671K. Meanwhile, Team Online Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner sat third overall in chips. This final table included a couple of SCOOP Champions: Colisea won an 8-Game event in 2014 and calvin7v shipped a SCOOP earlier this spring as well.

carryhero eliminated in 6th place

Action didn't progress long before we saw our first bustout at the final table. carryhero was crippled in a multi-way pot against SoldMyS0ul and Mati312, in which Mati312 dragged the 105K pot with a 10-8-6-3-2 low. On the very next hand, carryhero met his fate.

Gaunt-stacked carryhero called all-in for 2,792, SoldMyS0ul raised to 14,000, and speedyhanh called. On the first draw, speedyhanh discarded three, carryhero discarded three, and SoldMyS0ul only discarded one. speedyhanh checked, SoldMyS0ul fired out 7,000, and speedyhanh folded. Heads-up. On the second draw, carryhero discarded two and SoldMyS0ul stood pat. On the third and final draw, carryhero discarded two and SoldMyS0ul stood pat again. At showdown...

SoldMyS0ul: 4♦5♦3♠6♦8♦
carryhero: 2♠7♥6♣J♠9♣

SoldMyS0ul won the main pot and the side pot with an 8-6-5-4-3 low against carryhero's J-9-7-6-2. Canada's carryhero became the first player to exit the final table. For a sixth-place performance, carryhero earned $4,185.00.

With five to go, speedyhanh retained the lead with 685K, meanwhile SoldMyS0ul was the short stack with 206K.

J Thirteen eliminated in 5th place

J Thirteen lost the bulk of his stack in a 176K pot against Mati312. On the next hand, Mat312 finished off J Thirteen. Mati312 opened to 16,000, J Thirteen called all-in for 3,562, and SoldMyS0ul called. Three-way. On the first draw, SoldMyS0ul discarded three, while Mati312 and J Thirteen discarded two each. During the round of betting, both SoldMyS0ul and Mati312 checked. On the second draw, SoldMyS0ul and Matti312 both discarded two, but J Thirteen only discarded one. SoldMyS0ul bet 16,000, Mati312 bumped it up to 32,000, and SoldMyS0ul called. On the third and final draw, SoldMyS0ul discarded one, Mati312 stood pat, and J Thirteen discarded one. SoldMyS0ul checked, Mati312 bet 16,000, and SoldMyS0ul folded. At showdown, Mati312 won the main pot and side pot with 7-6-5-4-2 low versus J Thirteen's 10-5-4-3-2 low. For fifth place, J Thirteen took home $6,417.00.

With four to go, speedyhanh was in first place with 689K, but Colisea was not far behind with 626K. Mati312 was third with 337K, and SoldMyS0ul brought up the rear with 207K.

Team Online Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner eliminated in 4th place

Mati312's stack started to wear thin and he eventually made a final stand. Mati312 opened to 24,000 and SoldMyS0ul called 12,000. On the opening draw, SoldMyS0ul discarded three and Mati312 only discarded one. SoldMyS0ul checked, Mati312 bet 12,000, SoldMyS0ul check-raised to 24,000, and Mati312 called. On the second draw, both players discarded one. SoldMyS0ul bet 24,000 and Mati312 called all-in for 4,919. On the final and third draw, SoldMyS0ul stood pat, and Mati312 drew one. At showdown, Mati312 lost with an A-8-7-5-3 low against SoldMyS0ul's 8-6-5-3-2. For fourth place, Team Online Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner earned $8,649.00.

With three remaining... speedyhanh was over 1M, Colisea was second with 656K, and SoldMyS0ul was last with 154K.

SoldMyS0ul eliminated in 3rd place

SoldMyS0ul was on life support. Colisea opened to 28,000, and short-stacked SoldMyS0ul called all-in for 2,751. On the first draw, both players discarded one. On the second draw, both players stood pat. On the third draw, Colisea decided to draw one, which SoldMyS0ul stood pat. At showdown, SoldMyS0ul lost with a 9-7-6-4-3 low against Colisea's 8-6-5-4-2 low. SoldMyS0ul went busto in third place, which paid out $12,555.00.

HEADS-UP: speedyhanh (Austria) vs. Colisea (Poland)
Seat 2: speedyhanh (1,079,275)
Seat 4: Colisea (780,725)

With two to go, speedyhanh was ahead with over 1M.


After just two hands of heads-up, action was paused to discuss a deal. They had to leave $1,100 on the table for the champion, but they agreed to chop up the money: speedyhanh ($19,806.17) and Colisea ($18,711.29).

speedyhanh eliminated in 2nd place; Colisea wins WCOOP bracelet!

Heads-up battle lasted 58 minutes and the lead switched hands too many times to count.

Colisea won four out of the final five hands including the decisive one that sent speedyhanh to the virtual rail.

Colisea opened to 40,000, speedyhanh bumped it up to 60,000, and Colisea called. On the first draw, speedyhanh discarded one and Colisea discarded two. speedyhanh bet 20,000, Colisea raised to 40,000, speedyhanh re-raised to 60,000, and Colisea called. On the second draw, speedyhanh stood pat and Colisea drew one. speedyhanh bet 40,000, Colisea raised to 80,000, speedyhanh made it 120,000 to go, Colisea capped it at 160,000, and speedyhanh called all-in for 39,275. On the third and final draw, both players stood pat. At showdown...

speedyhanh: 6♦3♥5♥2♠7♣
Colisea: 7♥3♣2♣4♦5♠

Colisea won the pot with a 7-5-4-3-2 low against speedyhanh's 7-6-5-3-2 low. For a runner-up finish, speedyhanh earned $19,806.71 for second place.

Congrats to Colisea for winning Event #36. First place paid out $19,811.29. Colisea won a SCOOP earlier this year, so this is the second COOP title that Colisea has won since this Spring.

WCOOP-36: $320 Triple Draw 2-7
Entrants: 372
Prize Pool: $111,600.00
Places Paid: 48

1. Colisea (Poland) $19,811.29 **
2. speedyhanh (Austria) $19,806.17 **
3. SoldMyS0ul (Finland)$12,555.00
4. Team Online Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner (Austria) $8,649.00
5. J Thirteen (Netherlands) $6,417.00
6. carryhero (Canada) $4,185.00

** Denotes a deal between the final two players

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