WCOOP 2014: Creatiff111 claims first Russian victory in Event #4 ($320 PLO 6-Max)

A few days ago, we wondered if Russian players would thrive in this year's WCOOP.

While one victory in four isn't a definitive answer, it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Creatiff111 has scored Russia its first victory in Event #4 ($320 PLO 6-Max). Creatiff111 toppled a field of 1,554 players and earned $76,923.00 in the process, it was the largest single chunk of the $466,200 prize pool.

It was a quick victory at the short-handed table with Creatiff111 dealing four out of the five eliminations on his way to victory.

That's despited the fact that Creatiff111 started the final table second-to-last in chips.


Seat 1: EEE27 -- 524,332
Seat 2: Marcelosrf -- 1,446,565
Seat 3: Creatiff111 -- 859,418
Seat 4: Big Huni -- 2,921,370
Seat 5: YRWTHMELTHR -- 931,273
Seat 6: LuvHoochies -- 1,087,042

It didn't take long for the short stack to get it all-in at the final table. Aces tend to do it.

With 15,000/30,000 blinds, YRWTHMELTHR raised to 75,000 from under-the-gun and EEE27 re-raised to 270,000 from the cutoff.

YRWTHMELTHR called and the flop came 7♥K♠J♣. EEE27 moved all-in with A♣A♦J♠4♥ and, unfortunately for the Finnish player, YRWTHMELTHR had a set of jacks with J♦J♥9♦9♠.

A 5♥ came on the turn and an 8♠ completed the board. YRWTHMELTHR chipped up to 1.59 million while EE27 was eliminated in 6th. For that finish, the Finnish player earned $11,655.00.

Role reversal

Busting to a player you recently doubled up is a cold way to bust a tournament. Just a few hands ago the roles were reversed and you still had dreams of taking home the title.

Now you're just left spectating from the rail, watching what could've been. It's even worse if your flush draw loses to your opponent's runner-runner flush.

That was the case with Marcelosrf and Creatiff111.

Marcelosrf raised to 77,450 from the small blind and Creatiff111 made it 232,350 from the big blind.

The flop came 8♦J♦5♥ after the call and Marcelosrf bet 464,700. Creatiff111 moved all-in for 714,068 and Marcelosrf called with A♣J♣[10s]9♠ to Creatiff111's K♦K♥J♥9♣. A 2♠ followed the flop and a 5♣ came on the river.

Marcelosrf was down to 328,147 while Creatiff111 doubled to 1.89 million.

A few hands later, Creatiff111 finished Marcelosrf off.

Creatiff111 raised to 90,000 from under-the-gun and Marcelosrf called from the big blind.

There was a 2♣A♦5♣ flop and Marcelosrf potted for 195,000. Creatiff111 re-potted and Marcelosrf called all-in.

Marcelosrf had a flush draw with J♣8♣[10h]9♠, but it was Creatiff111 who hit the flush with K♦9♦A♥6♥ when a J♦ and a 6♦ completed the board.

Marcelosrf won $18,548.00 for finishing 5th while Creatiff111's stack rose to 2.31 million.

Creatiff cracks another

The pace picked up and the chips flowed to Creatiff111.

Creatiff111 raised to 90,000 from under-the-gun and LuvHoochies called. The flop fell [10s]2♠7♥ and Creatiff111 potted for 195,000. LuvHoochies re-raised all-in for 274,042 and Creatiff111 called.

LuvHoochies was in the lead with [10c]Q♦J♠3♠ to Creatiff111's K♦Q♠9♠8♣, but a K♦ and a J♦ completed the board to give our future champion a nine-to-king straight.

Another one-two

Creatiff111 temporarily lost the lead to YRWTHMELTHR but then came back with a vengeance.

YRWTHMELTHR raised to 75,000 from button and Cartiff111 called from the small blind. There was a 7♥3♥Q♠ flop and YRWTHMELTHR bet 118,800 when checked to. Creatiff111 raised to 536,400 and a 9♠ came on the turn when YRWTHMELTHR called.

Creatiff111 potted for 1.25 million and YRWTHMELTHR re-potted for 2.51 million. Creatiff111 called all-in with 7♦7♣5♦6♠ and was ahead of YRWTHMELTHR's A♠3♠Q♥[10d].

YRWTHMELTHR was hoping for a third spade but the river brought a 2♣ instead.

Creatiff111 doubled up to 5.52 million while YRWTHMELTHR dropped to 701,911.

YRWTHMELTHR scored a double up but then got chipped down to about 260,000.

Blinds went up to 20,000/40,000 and YRWTHMELTHR raised to 120,000 from the small blind. Creatiff111 re-raised to 360,000 and YRWTHMELTHR called all-in.

Creatiff111: K♠K♦[10d]8♦

YRWTHMELTHR hit a set on the 6♠4♦7♥ flop but then Creatiff111 hit a set of kings when the K♣ came on the turn. The river was an inconsequential 3♦ and YRWTHMELTHR won $41,958.00 for finishing 3rd.

Heads up

Big Huni -- 2,102,496
Creatiff111 -- 5,667,504

Creatiff111 had a large lead to start the match and then won a big pot early on:

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Then the tournament ended.

Blinds were up to 25,000/50,000 and Creatiff111 raised to 150,000. Big Huni made it 450,000 and Creatiff111 threw in a four-bet to 1.35 million. Big Huni called all-in and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

Creatiff111: A♥3♥J♣6♠
Big Huni: Q♦[10d]4♦J♥

The final board read 7♣7♠5♦K♦4♣ and Creatiff111 took down the tournament with a three-to-seven straight.

Big Huni won $57,575.70 for finishing 2nd while Creatiff111 took the title and $76,923.00.

WCOOP 2014: Event #4 ($320 PLO 6-Max)
Entrants: 1,554
Prize pool: $466,200.00
Place paid: 204

1. Creatiff111 (Russia) $76,923.00
2. Big Huni (Costa Rica) -- $57,575.70
3. YRWTHMELTHR (Canada) -- $41,958.00
4. LuvHoochies (Mexico) -- $27,972.00
5. Marcelosrf (Brazil) -- $18,648.00
6. EEE26 (Finland) -- $11,655.00

We've seen another round of WCOOP champions rise today, but there's still plenty of WCOOP action to go. Check out the WCOOP homepage for a full schedule of the remaining events and satellites to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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