WCOOP 2014: D_owning_D takes down Event #32, earns nearly $133K ($700 NLHE Progressive Super-KO)

Event #32 presented WCOOP players with another of the popular "Progressive Super-Knockout" events in which half the prize pool is reserved for the top finishers while the other half goes for bounties, with the prizes for knockouts increasing as the tourney gets further along. After two days and hundreds upon hundreds of bounties collected, it was D_owning_D of Slovenia emerging as the champion, beating out Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen heads-up after the latter led for much of the final table.

D_owning_D earned a first prize of $103,315.65 for the victory, adding another $29,400.94 in bounties including some big ones collected at tourney's end. Here's the story of D_owning_D's triumph.

Day 1: From 1,942 to 34

A total of 1,942 players turned out for the $700 buy-in no-limit hold'em event, building a total prize pool of $1,291,430 that more than doubled the tournament's $500K guarantee. The top 252 finishers split the $645,715 regular prize pool, with a matching amount comprising the bounty prize pool.

By the time the cash bubble burst late on Wednesday just one red spade remained in the counts, the one sitting next to the name of Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. It wouldn't remain long, however, as Grospellier soon exited in 250th place for a $581.14 cash, although he'd already accumulated $1,745.61 worth of bounties before he did.

When the dust settled on Day 1 just 34 players remained with chips, with Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen the overnight leader. Here's how the top 10 looked at the conclusion of Day 1:

1. Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen (Costa Rica) -- 1,243,944
2. elvig1988 (Russia) -- 1,019,038
3. Hunter "HEMIpowerSWT" Frey (Costa Rica) -- 949,998
4. Alonnnnnn (Israel) -- 847,395
5. Roman 47911 (Russia) -- 812,186
6. Päffchen (Austria) -- 767,029
7. Secret_M0d3 (Slovenia) -- 709,847
8. Roma-Tilt (Russia) -- 641,506
9. Christopher "CSWAMI" Swaminathan (Canada) -- 543,870
10. floptheguts (Portugal) -- 482,365


Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen

Day 2: From 34 to 1

After an hour of play on Thursday the 34 returners had been whittled down to 18, with Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen having extended his lead over those who remained by building up over 3.4 million -- a full 2 million clear of nearest challenger elvig1988.

It would take about an hour and 15 minutes more for nine more to fall. frakta1 (18th), masensio (17th), and StrungOut1 (16th) each earned $2,841.14 for their finishes, with masensio earning the most of those three in bounties to earn $2,374.23 more. thomasszd (15th), Secret_M0d3 (14th), and deep_blue88 (13th) were next to go, each picking up $3,938.86 while Secret_M0d3 added a cool $4,696.53 worth of bounties. And Christopher "CSWAMI" Swaminathan (12th), teruliro (11th), and Alonnnnnn (10th) followed to earn $5,036.57 apiece, with Alonnnnnn adding more than twice that with $11,376.32 for knockouts.

With Hunichen still out in front, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Päffchen (Austria) -- 1,752,900
Seat 2: floptheguts (Portugal) -- 534,302
Seat 3: D_owning_D (Slovenia) -- 1,026,931
Seat 4: elvig1988 (Russia) -- 943,891
Seat 5: Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen (Costa Rica) -- 4,388,184
Seat 6: Roman 47911 (Russia) -- 3,006,710
Seat 7: nuts.exe (Romania) -- 1,234,276
Seat 8: Roma-Tilt (Russia) -- 764,946
Seat 9: Hunter "HEMIpowerSWT" Frey (Costa Rica) -- 912,860

HEMIpowerSWT powers down in ninth

They'd play on for about 45 minutes more -- just crossing the day's three-hour mark -- when the first final table elimination finally came.

The blinds were 25,000/50,000, and after Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen (still the leader) raised to 100,000 from early position, it folded around to Hunter "HEMIpowerSWT" Frey who reraised all in from the cutoff for 642,860. The blinds stepped aside, Hunichen called, and the players' hands were revealed.

Big Huni: T♥T♣
HEMIpowerSWT: A♠J♦

Frey was looking to pair one of his overcards, but the 7♠Q♥3♠7♥K♣ board didn't cooperate and his tournament run ended in ninth.

Roman 47911 conquered in eighth

About five minutes later they were in the same level when Hunichen was at it again, this time raising to 112,220 from middle position. Having slipped to short-stacked status, Roman 47911 then reraised all in for 245,319 from a seat over, and after it folded to the small blind Päffchen called the three-bet.

It folded back to Hunichen who let his hand go as well, and Roman 47911 turned over A♠J♦. Ace-jack would prove unlucky again as Päffchen tabled A♥A♦, and five cards later -- 3♣K♠K♣6♥5♠ -- Roman 47911 was out in eighth.

elvig1988 eliminated in seventh

About 20 minutes later the blinds were 30,000/60,000 when D_owning_D opened with a 2x raise to 120,000 from the button, then elvig1988 reraise-shoved for 784,130 from the small blind. It folded back to D_owning_D who called, turning over A♦T♥ to elvig1988's 8♣8♠.

The 6♠6♥4♥ flop was fine for elvig1988, but the A♣ fell on fourth street to give D_owning_D the better pair, and after the T♠ river elvig1988 was knocked out in seventh.

Päffchen punched out in sixth

Four hands later, Päffchen was open-raising all in from the button for 931,322 -- a little over 15 big blinds -- and got a caller in D_owning_D from the big blind. Päffchen was hoping 7♠7♣ would hold versus D_owning_D's A♣8♠, but the flop came 9♥Q♠8♣, swiftly swinging the edge to D_owning_D. The turn was the 4♦ and river the A♥, and Päffchen was out in sixth.

As with each knockout half of Päffchen's bounty was pocketed by D_owning_D, with the other half being added to D_owning_D's own bounty.

floptheguts finishes fifth

Not long after that hand it was Roma-Tilt opening for 120,000 from early position, floptheguts shoving for 764,708 from a seat over, then Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen pushing all in over the top from the big blind with his leading stack of better than 4.3 million, earning a fold from Roma-Tilt.

Hunichen showed A♦J♠ and floptheguts 4♠4♠. The all-in player enjoyed a safe flop -- 9♥3♣5♥ -- but the J♣ on the turn gave Big Huni the edge, and after the 9♣ river they were down to four.

Roma-Tilt crashes in fourth

Minutes later Roma-Tilt open-pushed from under the gun a stack of 1,114,225 (a little under 14 big blinds), D_owning_D called from the next seat, and the others folded. Roma-Tilt showed 3♠3♥ and was in dire straits versus D_owning_D's J♦J♥ and after the community cards came 2♠A♥5♥Q♦2♣, Roma-Tilt was gone in fourth.

nuts.exe files out in third

The final trio marched onward for a while with D_owning_D starting to inch toward Hunichen and the chip lead. Then with the blinds at 40,000/80,000 a hand arose that saw nuts.exe open for 216,000 from the small blind, D_owning_D make it 498,899 from the big blind, nuts.exe reraise all in for 2,580,467, and D_owning_D call.

nuts.exe: 8♠8♦
D_owning_D: A♠Q♦

nuts.exe appeared ready to double back into contention after the 4♣J♣3♦ flop and J♠ turn kept those eights in the lead. But the A♦ on the river snatched the pot away to send nuts.exe railward in third.

A swift heads-up battle sees D_owning_D beat out Big Huni for title

With just over four hours' worth of poker having been played on Day 2, heads-up play began with D_owning_D suddenly enjoying the chip lead with 8,561,136 to Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen's 6,003,864.

Hunichen won the first hand after D_owning_D open-folded from the small blind, then the next saw Hunichen opening with a min-raise to 160,000 as the pair exchanged "good luck" wishes to one another in the chatbox.

D_owning_D responded to Hunichen's raise with a three-bet to 444,444, then Big Huni made it 1,174,222 to go. D_owning_D hesitated a beat, then pushed all in and Hunichen called to commit his entire stack of just over 6 million.

D_owning_D: 8♠8♥
Big Huni: A♠Q♥

It was a race for almost all the chips, and after the 4♥3♥4♣ flop and 7♥ turn D_owning_D's eights were still ahead while Hunichen still had two live cards plus an added heart flush draw. Then came the river... the K♦! It was over, with D_owning_D having won the last of the bounties and the WCOOP title.

Congratulations to D_owning_D for topping more than 1,900 opponents to win the title and more than $130K altogether with those considerable bounties. Kudos as well to Hunichen who with his many knockouts managed to earn a six-figure payday as well for his runner-up finish.

WCOOP 2014: Event #32 ($700 NLHE, Progressive Super-Knockout)
Entries: 1,942

Total prize pool: $1,291,430.00
Regular prize pool: $645,715.00
Bounty prize pool: $645,715.00
Places paid: 252

1. D_owning_D (Slovenia) -- $103,315.65 (+ $29,400.94 in bounties)
2. Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen (Costa Rica) -- $77,485.80 (+ $23,576.07 in bounties)
3. nuts.exe (Romania) -- $58,114.35 (+ $3,080.79 in bounties)
4. Roma-Tilt (Russia) -- $42,455.76 (+ $4,444.55 in bounties)
5. floptheguts (Portugal) -- $30,671.46 (+ $10,541.18 in bounties)
6. Päffchen (Austria) -- $23,891.45 (+ $17,974.95 in bounties)
7. elvig1988 (Russia) -- $17,434.30 (+ $6,566.82 in bounties)
8. Roman 47911 (Russia) -- $11,300.01 (+ $8,925.46 in bounties)
9. Hunter "HEMIpowerSWT" Frey (Costa Rica) -- $6,457.15 (+ $6,483.69 in bounties)

There's still a week-and-a-half worth of WCOOP events to go, including the big $5,200 Main Event with a $10 million guarantee. Click over to the WCOOP homepage for all of the details regarding the remaining schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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