WCOOP 2014: dfunks brings the funk to win Event #26 ($320 Stud)

Not every tournament during the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker can be your standard No Limit Hold'em shove party, sometimes you have to throw in an old time Stud game in the mix. Keep people on their toes.

Event #26 was a $320 buy-in Seven-Card Stud tournament with big bets and bigger prizes. The tournament drew 325 players and 200 of them were still around when registration closed three hours after the start. They combined to create a $97,500 prize pool, nearly double the guarantee, and the winner was set to take home more than $18,000.

2013 SCOOP Event #16L runner-up "wconanw" was gone on the bubble, dropping out in 49th place after six hours of play. David "Gunslinger3" Bach made it into the money but was unable to add to his impressive total of one WCOOP, one Sunday Million, and three SCOOP titles.

Team PokerStars member Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara has another impressive WCOOP run but one of those falling short of the final table. That list also included defending champion "veeea" who won the 2013 WCOOP Stud title over Joe Serock.

Hand-for-hand did not last long with a couple short stacks in the game and it was done when julian herold went out at the hands of dfunks. The final table gathered together and immediately went on their top of the hour break after eight long hours of play. dfunks began the final table with a huge lead, more than 40% of the chips in play eight-handed, but it was anyone's game with the huge late limits.

One of those trying to knock dfunks down was Miltos14, looking to add a WCOOP title to his SCOOP victory this year in the $1,050 NL/PLO tournament. Play resumed after a five minute pause when Austrian XIAZHAO was disconnected.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: XIAZHAO (137,300 in chips)
Seat 2: IDUR LETNIZ (192,936 in chips)
Seat 3: Sharkomaha (154,398 in chips)
Seat 4: dfunks (659,253 in chips)
Seat 5: Leon_Javur (152,184 in chips)
Seat 6: Miltos14 (186,749 in chips)
Seat 7: Multifox (109,570 in chips)
Seat 8: mistere3 (32,610 in chips)

Blinds: 6k/12k with 62.5k ante

Miltos14 can't add WCOOP title, eliminated in 8th

Miltos14 might have had a chance to duplicate is SCOOP title but he needed a double-up first. dfunks' big lead meant the other seven competitors would be in danger if they pushed the action to the big bet rounds of a hand.

Miltos14 picked an inopportune time to put his stack at risk and it all started when he completed with (X-X)7♠ and Multifox called with (X-X)A♥. Multifox check/called when they both hit a five on 4th street then check/raised Miltos14 all-in with his board reading (X-X)A♥5♥8♥. Miltos14 called with (X-X)7♠5♠3♠ and quickly found out he was in deep trouble.

Miltos14: (9♥8♠)7♠5♠3♠
Multifox: (3♥Q♥)A♥5♥8♥

Miltos14 may have been happy with his flush and straight draws when the chips went in but found out he needed to run exact perfect cards for a straight flush to stay alive. He pulled the 7♥ on 6th street to guarantee the hand for Multifox, who was dealt 6♠ meaning Miltos14 was dead in 8th place regardless.

Multifox fires away, eliminated in 7th

Multifix wasn't slowing down after sending Miltos14 and tried for more chips when he fired every street until he was empty. Multifox completed showing (X-X)K♣ after IDU LETNIZ was the bring-in and XIAZHAO came along for the ride with (X-X)8♥.

Multifox was first to act the entire time and bet out every street to put his last chips in on 7th street with (5♠J♣)K♣2♠2♦8♣(J♦). XIAZHAO was unfazed by the constant firing of Multifox and finished better in the end with runner-runner Kings up (3♣8♦)8♥4♦2♣K♦(K♠) to send Multifox out in 7th place for $2,681.

Leon_Javur caught late, eliminated in 6th

No one seemed willing to tangle with the leader and dfunks was able to pick up some pots with little opposition. It took one with dfunks only acting in a spectator role to get the field one man shorter.

Sharkomaha and Leon_Javur were both very short and someone needed to get going. They both jumped into the same pot when Sharkomaha completed with (X-X)J♥ and Leon_Javur called with (X-X)4♠. Sharkomaha led out on the next two streets with (X-X)J♥5♣4♥ until Leon_Javur was all-in with (X-X)4♠2♠8♠.

Sharkomaha: (T♣A♥)J♥5♣4♥
Leon_Javur: (6♣6♦)4♠2♠8♠

Leon_Javur was ahead and it helped when he hit two pair with the 6th street 8♥ but Sharkomaha also paired with A♠ giving him a ton of outs for the KO. The 5♥ river was one of them and gave Sharkomaha the better two pair when Leon_Javur blanked with K♥ to go out in 6th place for $3,656.

mistere3 ducks out on the river, eliminated in 5th

mistere3 was the next short stack with his tournament on the line just three hands later and was holding less than 60,000 with limits at 8,000/16,000. His final hand, with a big hidden pair, came against a leader who could take as many chances as he wanted.

mistere3 completed with (X-X)4♣ and dfunks came along with (X-X)2♥. dfunks took over the betting lead on 5th street showing (X-X)2♥7♦K♦ against (X-X)4♣9♠Q♥ and mistere3 called all the way down until he was all-in on the river.

dfunks: (2♣4♦)2♥7♦K♦9♥(2♦)
mistere3: (J♦J♥)4♣9♠Q♥6♦(6♥)

When the cards were tabled, mistere3 saw that he was ahead the entire way until dfunks hit trip Ducks on the river. mistere3 was in a great position to double up but was gone in 5th place for $5,118.

IDUR LETNIZ can't capitalize, eliminated in 4th

IDUR LETNIZ had enough chips to get frisky at the four-handed table but lost two close six-digit pots to drop to 30k, three big bets. His first attempt to get back in the game fell short with an interesting move.

IDUR LETNIZ was the bring-in with (X-X)2♥ and then raised after XIAZHAO completed with (X-X)A♦. IDUR LETNIZ was sitting with just 8,336 and XIAZHAO put him all-in with (X-X)A♦J♦ against (X-X)2♥9♣.

IDUR LETNIZ called to show (4♥K♣)2♥9♣ which was alive but needed help against (7♦8♥)A♦J♦. He needed a lot more help when XIAZHAO paired the 7♣ on 5th street but was only able to hit 2♠ on 6th street for a pair of deuces. Not good enough and IDUR LETNIZ was gone in 4th place for $7,556.

XIAZHAO: (7♦8♥)A♦J♦7♣4♣(T♥)
IDUR LETNIZ: (4♥K♣)2♥9♣6♦2♠(8♦)

Sharkomaha attacked, eliminated in 3rd

The last three players settled in for a nice long battle with the stacks finally getting even instead of dfunks looking down at everyone else. They went at each other for nearly 40 minutes without anyone at risk until dfunks hit another ducky river.

Sharkomaha was in position for a possible title but lost two big pots in a row to get short. He tried to push dfunks off a hand early but his move was unsuccessful. dfunks limp/raised when he was the bring-in with (X-X)2♥ and Sharkomaha stuck around for one small bet with (X-X)5♥.

Sharkomaha raised all-in for the rest of his chips with (X-X)5♥4♦ and dfunks called with (X-X)2♣J♣.

Sharkomaha: (9♠A♣)5♥4♦
dfunks: (2♣T♥)2♣J♣

dfunks was ahead with his tiny pair before Sharkomaha caught up on 6th street when he paired 5♠ leaving dfunks as a 3-to-1 dog for the knockout. His come-from-behind card 2♦ hit for his second rivered trip Deuces of the final table to send Sharkomaha out in 3rd place for $10,481.

Sharkomaha: (9♠A♣)5♥4♦K♣5♠(J♠)
dfunks: (2♣T♥)2♥J♣9♣4♥(2♦)

dfunks cruises to WCOOP title in Event #26

Seat 1: XIAZHAO (895,135 in chips)
Seat 4: dfunks (729,865 in chips)

Even with his early dominance, dfunks began heads up action with a small chip deficit but the close stacks meant a long battle. They went at each other for over 45 hands and 20 minutes until dfunks pulled out to a big lead when all the major pots went his way.

XIAZHAO was down nearly 10-to-1 but still with plenty of chips to move things along. The final hand had him ahead until the river and it all started with a call after dfunks completed with (X-X)7♠ against (X-X)2♥.

dfunks fired every street and XIAZHAO called until he paired 3♣ on 6th street and was put all-in. It was a quick call with two pair against an over pair and one card to come.

XIAZHAO: (2♦6♣)2♥4♦3♣3♦
dfunks: (7♦Q♥)7♠4♠K♦8♠

It was a great spot for XIAZHAO right up until the dealer dropped the river 8♥ and he was unable to make a bigger hand with A♥. The hand was another big 7th street win for dfunks to send XIAZHAO in runner-up spot for $13,893 while dfunks is the latest WCOOP champion.

The win is just another great run for dfunks after he final tabled the WCOOP Stud Hi/Lo Event #16 just a few days ago and this $18,768 prize earned was just his 5th biggest cash.

WCOOP 2014: Event #26 $320 Stud
Entrants: 325
Prize pool: $97,500
Places paid: 48

1. dfunks (Mexico) $18,768.91
2. XIAZHAO (Austria) $13,893.75
3. Sharkomaha (Russia) $10,481.25
4. IDUR LETNIZ (Germany) $7,556.25
5. mistere3 (Canada) $5,118.75
6. Leon_Javur (Estonia) $3,656.25
7. Multifox (Austria) $2,681.25
8. Miltos14 (Cyprus) $2,193.75

Al Rash
@PokerStars in WCOOP