WCOOP 2014: Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira champ in Event #53 ($215 NLHE Re-Entry, Big Antes)

Event #53 of this year's World Championship of Online Poker presented players with a $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with a couple of twists -- the ability to re-enter up to three times should they bust early, and the popular "big antes" format that features larger-than-usual antes starting with the very first level.

After two days of play ending with a hard-fought final table, Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira of Brazil came away with the victory and $79,808 first prize after outlasting Chile's Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro heads-up to earn the title. Here's the story of Nogueira's win.

Day 1

Ultimately 1,922 players took part in the event, and with 572 re-entries being taken that meant an overall total of 2,494 entries. The total prize pool thus added up to $498,800 (well above the event's $300K guarantee), with the top 324 finishers splitting the winnings.

The first day of play saw the field work through 30 levels of 20 minutes each, at the conclusion of which just 25 players remained.

NHalabardzie finished the night on top of the counts just a fraction of one of those big antes shy of 1 million chips, with Tom "Jabracada" Hall not far behind as the nearest challenger.

Meanwhile among the cashers Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody had lasted fairly deeply into the night on Wednesday to finish 110th for a $723.26 score.

Here's a look at the top 10 overnight:

1. NHalabardzie (Poland) -- 999,600
2. Tom "Jabracada" Hall (United Kingdom) -- 968,143
3. cedrick89 (Canada) -- 888,334
4. NCSU2012 (Costa Rica) -- 879,265
5. SinCara Azul (Netherlands) -- 613,020
6. jay83666 (Netherlands) -- 610,348
7. Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira (Brazil) -- 609,509
8. deuces85 (Canada) -- 556,599
9. z2345 (Germany) -- 540,339
10. Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro (Chile) -- 510,088

Others still in the hunt and able to return for Thursday's final day of play included Bryan "theczar19" Piccioli (in 14th position), Steve "HR_Dub" Williams (in 17th), Heinz "zhivago2" Kamutzki (in 21st), and Mikhail "Mikleler" Semin (in 22nd).

Day 2

After one hour of play on Thursday they were down to 20, with Mikhail "Mikleler" Semin (24th) and Heinz "zhivago2" Kamutzki (22nd) among the early Day 2 knockouts, each earning $1,586.16. Soon a couple more had fallen and with 18 left deuces85 had climbed into first position, having built a stack up over 1.7 million.

It would take almost an hour more for nine more players to hit the rail. z2345 (18th), Bryan "theczar19" Piccioli (17th), and Gaby rojo (16th) were the next to go, each taking away $1,895.44 from the prize pool. They were followed by sslazio904 (15th), I_M_ICM (14th), and Steve "HR_Dub" Williams (13th), who picked up $2,643.64 apiece. Then jay83666 (12th), MOCA CHOCA89 (11th), and cedrick89 (10th) were successively eliminated, each finding $3,391.84 more in their accounts afterwards.

With SinCara Azul having just nudged past deuces85 to take the chip lead with nearly 2 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Tom "Jabracada" Hall (United Kingdom) -- 483,224
Seat 2: SinCara Azul (Netherlands) -- 1,968,163
Seat 3: deuces85 (Canada) -- 1,930,619
Seat 4: Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira (Brazil) -- 1,797,319
Seat 5: NCSU2012 (Costa Rica) -- 1,600,822
Seat 6: NHalabardzie (Poland) -- 1,119,469
Seat 7: only4joke (Malta) -- 1,268,395
Seat 8: Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro (Chile) -- 1,807,193
Seat 9: tarkort (Sweden) -- 494,796

tarkort taken out in ninth

It would take almost an hour more for the next elimination to come, during which time the blinds rose to 25,000/50,000 with those big antes increasing to 10,000.

That's when a short-stacked tarkort open-pushed all in for 417,307 from late position, then watched Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira call from the big blind. It was A♥J♦ for tarkort and Q♠Q♦ for Nogueira, and after the 2♥J♣4♠3♣T♥ runout tarkort was left with second-best pair and a ninth-place finish.

Jabracada vanishes in eighth

Soon the stakes rose to 30,000/60,000/12,000, and after growing super short Tom "Jabracada" Hall open-pushed for 72,137 from middle position and was called by both SinCara Azul and deuces85. Then Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira reraised to 240,000 from the small blind, scattering everyone else to leave just Hall and Nogueira.

Hall showed 5♠5♦ while Nogueira had K♣J♣. The flop came 6♣T♥A♠, then the Q♠ turn completed a Broadway straight for cichonogue. The 5♣ cruelly -- and meaninglessly -- fell on the river to give Hall a set, not enough to prevent him from finishing eighth.


Tom "Jabracada" Hall

NCSU2012 knocked out in seventh

Less than an orbit later, it was Nogueira getting involved again with a raise to 126,000 from under the gun, then NCSU2012 reraised all in for 77,497 from a seat over. It folded to Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro on the button who reraised to 315,757, forcing folds from the blinds and Nogueira.

PKaiser: A♥9♠
NCSU2012: A♠6♦

The community cards came 8♣T♥7♣K♥5♣, missing both players and thus with the better kicker Fierro had sent NCSU2012 railward in seventh.

deuces85 done in sixth

The limits moved up again to 40,000/80,000/16,000, then a hand arose that saw deuces85 open-raise all in from the button for 377,777, Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira reraise all in over the top from the small blind, and NHalabardzie fold from the big blind.

chiconogue had A♦2♠ while deuces85 needed help with T♣7♣. The flop came Q♣2♥8♠ then the turn brought the A♣, giving Nogueira two pair while providing deuces85 some hope with a club flush draw. The river then brought the 4♥, leaving deuces85 unimproved and out in sixth.

only4joke ousted in fifth

About 10 minutes later, Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro made an opening min-raise to 160,000 from UTG, Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira reraised to 360,000 from the button, then only4joke reraised all in for 1,884,940 total from the big blind. Fierro then came back with an all-in shove of his own over the top, and Nogueira folded.

only4joke had J♠J♥ and hopes the pair would hold versus Fierro's A♦K♥. But the A♣4♠7♠ flop swiftly gave Fierro the lead, with the K♣ turn adding a second pair for the Chilean. The river was the 8♣, and only4joke was done in fifth.

SinCara Azul sunk in fourth

Not long after only4joke's knockout, the remaining four players halted the tourney to discuss a possible deal. At that point, Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira held the chip lead with just over 4.33 million, Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro was next with about 4.07 million, NHalabardzie was third with a little more than 2.37 million, and SinCara Azul was fourth with about 1.69 million.

Both "ICM" and "chip chop" figures were presented (leaving $6,000 for which to play), but the players couldn't all agree to either set of proposed payouts and play was soon resumed.

A short while later the blinds were 50,000/100,000 with a 20,000 ante when Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira opened for 210,000 from UTG, then SinCara Azul three-bet to 511,327 from the big blind. Nogueira responded with an all-in shove and SinCara Azul called with the 2,497,991 behind.

SinCara Azul held A♠Q♣ but was in tough shape versus chiconogue's A♣K♠. The community cards came 2♠3♣2♦, then A♥, then T♦, and SinCara Azul had finished in fourth.

NHalabardzie bounced in third

Not long after that hand, NHalabardzie open-pushed for 1,149,760 from the small blind and got called by Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro in the big blind. NHalabardzie had but 9♣6♣ but both cards were live versus Fierro's A♥4♦. The board came 8♥7♥K♦8♦2♣, though, and NHalabardzie's tourney run had ended in third.

chiconogue comes back to KO PKaiser

Scoring the knockout of NHalabardzie meant Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro enjoyed a big chip lead to start heads-up play with 7,568,375 to Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira's 4,901,625.


Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro

Both players had already enjoyed significant success in this year's WCOOP, with Nogueira having several cashes and a runner-up finish in Event #30 ($1,050 NLHE) and Fierro having just a couple of days ago won Event #48 ($215 NLHE Turbo KO).

After a few hands Fierro continued to maintain a similar lead, then Nogueira went on a tear, winning nine straight hands after which the pair's stacks were essentially reversed. Fierro won a small pot to stop the streak, but after picking up two more 2 million-plus chip pots Nogueira was up over 10.1 million to Fierro's 2.36 million when the final hand took place.

With the blinds at 60,000/120,000 with a 24,000 ante, chiconogue raised to 252,000 from the button, then PKaiser shoved all in for 2,336,049 and chiconogue called.

Fierro had Q♦T♠ and was racing against Nogueira's 9♠9♦. The board then rolled out 6♣K♥6♠J♦7♠, giving Fierro a straight draw but nothing more, and Nogueira had won.

Congratulations to Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira for topping a big field and a talented final table to earn the latest WCOOP title and close to $80K for first. And kudos also to Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro for another strong WCOOP showing as both he and Nogueira continue to make runs at the WCOOP Player of the Series.

WCOOP 2014: Event #53 ($215 No-Limit Hold'em, Re-Entry, Big Antes)
Entries: 2,494 (1,922 entries, 572 re-entries)
Prize pool: $498,800.00
Places paid: 324

1. Francisco "chiconogue" Nogueira (Brazil) -- $79,808.00
2. Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro (Chile) -- $59,731.30
3. NHalabardzie (Poland) -- $42,398.00
4. SinCara Azul (Netherlands) -- $29,928.00
5. only4joke (Malta) -- $22,446.00
6. deuces85 (Canada) -- $17,208.60
7. NCSU2012 (Costa Rica) -- $12,220.60
8. Tom "Jabracada" Hall (United Kingdom) -- $7,232.60
9. tarkort (Sweden) -- $4,489.20

There are still a few days left in this year's World Championship of Online Poker. Check the WCOOP homepage for all of the details of the remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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