WCOOP 2014: gregor7878 wins second WCOOP in Event #43 ($215 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up)

gregor7878 has joined the very small group of players with at least one WCOOP bracelet per wrist.

Back in 2011, gregor7878 won WCOOP-21 --a $215 NLHE event-- for $158,627.33. Today, gregor7868 took down a similar, but larger, event.

A total of 8,074 players signed up for the $215 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up but only 1,080 got a return on their investment.

gregor7878 took the biggest share of the $1,614,800 prize pool but had to battle for multiple days and overcome a final table riddled with bad beats and coolers to earn it.

The final table


Seat 1: Sajmon152 -- 8,668,541
Seat 2: GadMO -- 12,321,387
Seat 3: oOwL -- 5,802,239
Seat 4: Fabaz -- 14,265,193
Seat 5: Min-raiseFTW -- 4,409,546
Seat 6: Chipfreak_85 -- 6,271,112
Seat 7: RazzMan90 -- 4,129,000
Seat 8: gregor7878 -- 15,546,277
Seat 9: BramHa -- 9,326,705

Min-raiseFTW was very active at the start of the final table and chipped up to 7.22 million before getting coolered and eliminated.

With 150K/300K blinds and a 37.5K ante, Fabaz raised to 630,000 from under-the-gun and Min-raiseFTW called from Fabaz's left.

Chipfreak_85 re-raised to 1.56 million from middle position and action folded to Fabaz, whom moved all-in for 14.61 million.

Min-raiseFTW called all-in for 7.22 million and Chipfreak_85 folded.

Min-raiseFTW had K♥K♠ while Fabaz tabled A♥A♦.

The board ran 2♥J♦3♣4♥4♣ and Fabaz took the chip lead with 24.17 million.

Min-raiseFTW on the other hand became the first final table elimination and won $12,514.70 for finishing 9th.

Ace-queen, no good

RazzMan90 was the next player to go after losing two all-ins with ace-queen.

Preflop, RazzMan90 was ahead both times.

In the first, Chipfreak_85 open-shoved for 3.45 million from the button and RazzMan90 called.

The blinds folded and RazzMan90 showed A♥Q♥ to Chipfreak_85's K♦9♦.

The [10c]3♣K♣3♠8♦ board paired Chipfreak_85's king and RazzMan90 was left with 2.65 million while Chipfreak_85 doubled to 7.50 million.

A few hands later, RazzMan90 moved all-in for 2.42 million from middle position and GadMO called from the button.

RazzMan90 had a dominating A♦Q♣ against GadMO's A♥[10d].

RazzMan90 was an even bigger favorite this hand but the board paired GadMO's ten on the flop.

GadMO's stack grew to 5.84 million while RazzMan90 won $19,377.60 for finishing 8th.

Three-way action

sajmon152 doubled RazzMan90 up early on at the final table and then slowly chipped down to just a few big blinds.

When blinds reached 200K/400K with a 50K ante, Sajmon152 raised to 800,000 from under-the-gun.

oOwL re-raised all-in for 1.83 million from the hijack and BramHa re-shoved from the big blind.

Sajmon152 just had 58,291 behind and called.

oOwL: A♠J♥
Sajmon152: Q♦[10c]
BramHa: A♦3♣

The board ran Q♣A♥K♦7♥[10d] and oOwL hit a broadway straight to take down the pot. BramHa dipped to 5.01 million, oOwL nearly tripled to 5.06 million and Sajmon152 got $34,718.20 for finishing 7th.

Button sincerity

Sometimes a raise from the button really is strong.

BramHa raised to 800,000 from the button and GadMO moved all-in for 18.71 from the small blind. The big blind folded and BramHa snap-called with A♥K♥.

GadMO was left showing [10h]7♦ and BramHa doubled to 13.52 million when the board ran Q♦K♦6♣9♠[10d].

Then BramHa got an elimination.

Chipfreak_85 was down to 2.82 million and shoved from under-the-gun. BramHa called from the cutoff and we had another showdown.

BramHa showed A♠J♦ and Chipfreak_85 was hoping to improve with K♦[10d]. Improvements never came for Chipfreak_85 and the final table shrank.

BramHa's stack grew to 18.90 million while Chipfreak_85 became our 6th place finisher, a finish worth $50,058.80.

Then BramHa took out another player the next hand. BramHa raised to 800,000 from under-the-gun and oOwL re-raised all-in for 2.46 million from the button.

BramHa called with A♦6♥ and the at-risk oOwL was in the lead with A♥9♣.

Well, that's until the board ran Q♥8♥6♣3♦J♠ to give BramHa the pot. oOwL got a $66,206.80 payday for finishing 5th while the final four players cut a deal.


The final four were guaranteed $85,584.40 with a shot at $242,224.92. Two of them were nearly even in chips but the final table had been plagued by bad beats. They decided it was best to cut a deal sooner rather than later.

At the time of the deal, the counts were:

gregor7878 -- 25,940,077
Fabaz -- 24,371,734
BramHa -- 19,033,925
GadMO -- 11,394,264

And the numbers came:

gregor7878 -- $166,963.64
Fabaz -- $164,212.51
BramHa -- $153,178.62
GadMO -- $130,864.02

It didn't take too long until we had another flip and another elimination.

With 250K/500K blinds a 62.5K ante, GadMO raised to 1 million from the button and gregor7878 three-bet to 2.68 million from the big blind.

GadMO re-raised all-in for 13.02 million and gregor7878 called.

GadMO showed K♥Q♣ and was flipping against gregor7878's 9♣9♦. The board brought low cards on the flop and turn and an ace on the river.

GadMO won the agreed-upon $130,864.02 for finishing 4th while gregor7878 took a large lead with 40.33 million.

Evening out

BramHa was down to about 15 million after GadMO's elimination but then the Dutch player brought the tournament heads-up and got nearly even with gregor7878.

First, BramHa won a big pot off gregor7878. BramHa raised to 1 million from the button and gregor7878 called.

Both players checked the 4♥5♦2♣ flop and a Q♣ came on the turn. BramHa bet 1.22 million and gregor7878 raised to 3.18 million. BramHa called and a 9♦ fell on the river.

There was another round of checks and BramHa took the pot with Q♦J♥ when gregor7878 showed A♣2♦.

BramHa was up to 20 million and chipped up to 29 million before eliminating Fabaz.

BramHa raised to 1 million from the button and Fabaz moved all-in for 10.57 million from the small blind. BramHa called with A♦3♦ and was dominated by Fabaz's A♠7♠.

But the streak of dominated hands overcoming and succeeding continued.

The board ran 3♥2♥6♠6♥2♠ and BramHa took the pot.

Fabaz won $164,212.51 for finishing 3rd while the tournament went...

Heads up

gregor7878 -- 40,466,590
BramHa -- 40,273,410

Players were nearly even in chips but gregor7878 quickly took a large lead.

BramHa tried to hold on and even managed to score a double up. It wasn't in the cards for BramHa though.

BramHa was down to 7.33 million and moved all-in with 7♥7♦. gregor7878 called with K♥4♥ and paired the king on the K♦3♦J♦5♣9♠ board.

BramHa won $153,178.62 for the 2nd place finish while gregor7878 won his second WCOOP title and $186,963.64.

WCOOP-43: $215 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up
Entrants: 8,074
Prize pool: $1,614,800.00
Places paid: 1,080

1. gregor7878 (Poland) $186,963.64*
2. BramHa (Netherlands) $153,178.62*
3. Fabaz (United Kingdom) $164,212.51*
4. GadMO (Israel) $130,864.02*
5. oOwL (Germany) $66,205.80
6. Chipfreak_85 (Norway) $50,068.80
7. Sajmon152 (Poland) $34,718.20
8. RazzMan90 (Canada) $19,377.60
9. Min-raiseFTW (United Kingdom) $12,514.70

It's Monday and the Sunday Warm-Up has finally cooled down. There's still lots of WCOOP action left to go though, so check out the WCOOP homepage for a list of the remaining events and satellites to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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