WCOOP 2014: G's zee mounts dazzling comeback win in Event #52 ($215 NL, 1R1A)

When the final table for WCOOP Event #52 was seated, short-stacked G's zee was sitting eighth overall. Heck, only 1K separated him and last place in chips. But the thin stack did not deter G's zee, who managed to heroically stave off elimination for the earliest stages of the final table, which would last nearly 3.5 hours. Once there were four players remaining, G's zee was ready to make an assault on the bigger stacks. When it got heads-up, G's zee held an overwhelming lead and only needed nine hands to deliver the final knockout blow.

WCOOP Event #52 $215 NL (1R,1A) attracted 1,306 runners. They contributed 790 re-buys and 785 add-ons, which boosted the prize pool to $576,200.00. The top 171 places paid out with $97,954.00 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Pros seeking a WCOOP bracelet in Event #52 included Marcin Horecki, Eugene Katchalov, Liv Boeree, Fatima DeMelo, Jason Mercier and George Danzer. Team Online at their grind stations for potential WCOOP crown included familiar faces like nkeyno, FrenchDawg, and mement_mori.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin 'Goral' Horecki posted another deep run when he finished in 112th place, which secured himself a cash.


WCOOP-52 Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Dhr. Awesome (3,425,955)
Seat 2: TiltMeBig (611,065)
Seat 3: TimTainer (882,615)
Seat 4: CONCRETE1990 (746,345)
Seat 5: G's zee (612,403)
Seat 6: Maroonlime (1,787,673)
Seat 7: OMGitsH.O.H (2,267,229)
Seat 8: Leanod (1,710,191)
Seat 9: jays94 (2,361,524)

The final table commenced during Level 32 with blinds at 12.5K/25K and a 3,125 ante. The Netherlands' Dhr. Awesome was the chipleader with 3.4M, while TiltMeBig undertook short stack duties with 611K, but G's zee was also short with 612K.

CONCRETE1990 eliminated in 9th place

We saw our first bustout on the 15th hand of the final table. jays94 opened to 66,000, Dhr. Awesome called, CONCRETE1990 re-raised all-in for 623,220, jays94 folded, and Dhr. Awesome called. CONCRETE1990 was way ahead with A♠A♥ versus Dhr. Awesome's 9♦9♠. However, Dhr. Awesome snapped off pocket Aces when the board ran out 8♦5♦2♥6♦9♣ and Dhr. Awesome won the pot after spiking a set of nines. Brutal result. Alas, CONCRETE1990 became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $6,222.96.

OMGitsH.O.H eliminated in 8th place

After several levels of inaction, we finally saw a second knockout at the final table when the tiniest stack bid adieu. Super-short-stacked OMGitsH.O.H open-shoved for 95,649, Leanod re-raised to 180,000 to isolate and everyone else folded. OMGitsH.O.H made a final stand with A♥9♥ against Leanod's 8♣8♦. It was a race that OMGitsH.O.H would lose. Despite turning a pair of nines, OMGitsH.O.H lost the pot after Leanod flopped a set of eights. For an eighth-place performance, Romania's OMGitsH.O.H earned $11,235.90.

TiltMeBig eliminated in 7th place

On the very next hand we saw another bustout. TiltMeBig bombed it all-in for 828,599 with A♥K♣ and Leanod called from the big blind with A♣J♠. TiltMeBig was ahead pre-flop, yet Leanod flopped top two pair, which would end up winning the pot when the board finished out A♠J♣7♣9♥3♣. For a seventh place finish, TiltMeBig collected $16,997.90.

With six players remaining, Leanod seized the lead with 3.2M. Meanwhile, jays94 was in the basement with 455K.

TimTainer eliminated in 6th place

Six-handed lasted a full level before we saw another elimination.TimTainer open-shoved for 1,170,137 and Big-stacked Dhr. Awesome called from the big blind. TimTainer was racing with 6♠6♣ versus Dhr. Awesome's A♥K♣. Alas, TimRainer lost the flip with a King on the flop. The board ran out K♥Q♥5♠Q♦3♥. Dhr. Awesome won the pot with a stronger two pair -- Kings and Queens vs. Queens and sevens. Russia's TimTainer was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $22,759.90.

Sitting on a 4.4M stack, Dhr. Awesome was in first place with five to go followed by jays94 in fourth place with a shade under 4M. Maroonlime was fifth with 1.3M. But that thin stack did not deter jays94 who would eventually go on a heater.

Maroonlime eliminated in 5th place

jays94 opened to 220,000, Maroonlime re-raised all-in for 2,445,280, and jays94 called. Maroonlime was dominated with A♥9♣ versus jays94's A♦J♠. The board ran out T♠5♣3♠2♥6♦. Neither player improved their hands, but jays94 won the pot with Ace-high and a Jack-kicker. For fifth place, Maroonlime earned $28,521.90.

With four to go, jays94 held almost half the remaining chips in play with 7M, while Leanod was the shorty with 2M.

jays94 eliminated in 4th place

jays94 coughed up a huge chunk of his stack after losing a 5.7M pot with A♦4♣ against G's zee's A♣J♦. Eight hands later, jays94 would meet his fate... jays94 opened to 264,000 and Leanod called. The flop was Q♠J♠4♠. Leanod checked, jays94 fired out 215,700, and Leanod called. The turn was the T♣. Leanod checked, jays94 bet 245,700, Leanod check-raised to 491,400, jays94 bombed it all-in for 1,540,299, and Leanod called. jays94 turned a Broadway straight with A♠K♥, but Leanod flopped a flush with K♠7♠. The river was an innocuous 4♦. For a fourth-place finish, jays94 earned $39,181.60.

With three remaining, Leanod held a slim lead over G's zee with 5.8M to 5.7M. Meanwhile, Dhr. Awesome is the shorty by default with 2.8M.

Leanod eliminated in 3rd place

The lead swapped hands several times when it was down to three. G's zee limped for 70,000, Leanod bumped it up to 420,000, G's zee re-raised all-in for 8,437,627 with 5♣5♥ and Leanod called with A♥K♦. Race. Coin flip. The board ran out T♠4♦3♥3♦Q♣. Pocket fives held up when Big Slick failed to improve. G's zee won the pot while Leanod headed to the virtual rail in third place, which paid out $54,681.38.

HEADS-UP: Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) vs. G's zee (Canada)
Seat 1: Dhr. Awesome (2,622,359)
Seat 5: G's zee (11,782,641)

With two to go, G's zee held roughly a 4.5-to-1 advantage. Heads-up battle only lasted nine hands. Dhr. Awesome won the first four hands, but did not gain much ground. G's zee won four out of the last five hands to put away his Dutch opponent.

Dhr. Awesome eliminated in 2nd place; G's zee wins WCOOP bracelet!

The overall final table lasted almost 3.5 hours, but heads-up went rather quickly. On the ninth hand of heads-up play, G's zee was ahead 10.9M to 3.4M. Both players bombed it all-in preflop.

G's zee kicked off a raising war with a raise to 320,000, Dhr. Awesome shoved for 3,442,359 with A♠3♥ and G's zee insta-called with a dominating A♥T♥. The board finished out K♥6♠4♠T♣9♥. Dhr. Awesome failed to improve beyond Ace-high, while G's zee turned a pair of tens to drag the pot and win the tournament.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, the Netherlands' Dhr. Awesome took home $72,025.00.

Congrats to Canada's G's zee for winning WCOOP Event #52 and a coveted champion's bracelet. First place paid out a cool $97,954.00.

WCOOP-52: $215 NL Hold'em (1R1A)
Entrants: 1,306 (790 rebuys, 785 add-ons)
Prize Pool: $576,200.00
Places Paid: 171

1. G's zee (Canada) $97,954.00
2. Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) $72,025.00
3. Leanod (Belarus) $54,681.38
4. jays94 (Canada) $39,181.60
5. Maroonlime (Finland) $28,521.90
6. TimTainer (Russia) $22,759.90
7. TiltMeBig (Sweden) $16,997.90
8. OMGitsH.O.H (Romania) $11,235.90
9. CONCRETE1990 (Netherlands) $6,222.96

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