WCOOP 2014: hapina heads Event #61 ($700 PLO Heads-Up)

Winning nine heads-up matches over the course of two days was the only way to win Event #61.

And out of the 394 players who signed up, hapina was the only one to complete that feat. For the victory, hapin won $51,281.90 and a WCOOP bracelet.

The 394 players created a $262,010.00 prize pool that only 64 players got a slice of. After cashing, the 64 players played down to 16 and took a break for the day.

Then the final 16 came back today to battle down to a champion.

Team PokerStars Online Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara made it to day two but fell in the first round. Kihara won $3,144.12 for finishing 15th while the rest of the players continued to fight for a spot in the final eight.

The final eight were guaranteed $8,384.32 while the players who made it to the semifinals got a minimum of $18,340.70

WCOOP61 bracket.jpg

Semifinal: Skjervøy vs. gragik


gragik was the first player to take a large lead in the semifinal but was also the first one to be at-risk.

After taking down the large pot early on, Skjervøy battled back and evened the stacks again.

Then Skjervøy took down a large pot and put gragik on the ropes.

Skjervøy raised to 150 and gragik three-bet to 450. Skjervøy called and the flop came [10d]6♥2♦. gragik bet 500, Skjervøy called and a J♥ came on the turn. Skjervøy called gragik's 1,100 bet a K♣ completed the board.

gragik checked-called Skjervøy's 1,675 bet and mucked when Skjervøy showed K♠J♣8♠6♣.

gragik was down to 3,141 and then moved all-in a few hands later.

Skjervøy and gragik were faced with a 6♥8♠2♥ flop in a raised pot and gragik bet 200 when checked to. Skjervøy raised and gragik moved all-in.

Skjervøy called and showed A♥K♥7♠2♦ while gragik turned over 4♦4♥8♥6♣.

A 6♠ came on the turn and gragik hit a full house.

gragik doubled to 5,682 and chipped up a bit more before winning another all-in.

gragik raised to 180, Skjervøy re-raised to 540 and gragik called. There was an 8♣7♦2♣ flop and gragik bet 810. Skjervøy raised to 3,510 and a 4♦ came on the turn when gragik called.

Skjervøy moved all-in for 3,758 and gragik called.

Skjervøy had two overpairs with [10c][10s]J♦J♣ while gragik had a pair and a straight draw with J♥[10h]9♦7♥.

gragik hit a six-to-ten straight when a 6♥ came on the river and doubled to 14,384. Skjervøy on the other hand was left with just 616.

A few hands later, Skjervøy got it all-in on a 7♦2♣5♣ flop with K♠Q♠[10c]5♦ and gragik called with A♦J♦9♣4♦.

An A♣ came on the turn and a 6♣ on the river ended the match.

Skjervøy won $18,340.70 for finishing 4th while gragik advanced to the final.

Semifinal: hapina vs. VejVo


hapina took a lead on the first hand with a flush over flush and had some momentum going until VejVo took down a large pot.

hapina raised to 100, VejVo made it 300 and hapina called.

The flop came [10h]9♠3♣ and then the turn brought a 2♠ after hapina called VejVo's 400 bet.

VejVo bet 1,200 and hapina called. A Q♠ completed the board and VejVo slowed to a check. hapina bet 1,475 and VejVo called.

hapina turned over a pair of nines with 9♥7♦5♣4♣ while VejVo had a straight with K♥K♦J♣9♣.

VejVo was up to 8,950 but lost the lead just a few hands later.

hapina hit a set of tens on a [10h]7♥J♠4♦3♠ board and won a 3,550 pot in the process.

hapina regained the lead with 7,825 and didn't lose it for the rest of the match.

hapina chipped away at VejVo a thousand at a time and then hit two straights to finish the Swedish player off.

VejVo bet 288 into a 400-chip pot on a Q♣6♥5♦ flop and hapina called. A 7♦ came on the turn and hapina bet 625. VejVo called and hapina bet 1,575 after a K♣ completed the board.

VejVo called and then mucked when hapina showed 8♥4♠K♥8♦ for a four-to-eight straight.

hapina was up to 12,933 while VejVo was left with just 2,067.

A few hands later, VejVo raised to 200 and hapina called. There was a Q♠5♣2♣ flop and VejVo bet 288 when checked to. hapina called and a J♦ came on the turn. hapina checked again and VejVo bet 700.

hapina called and the river brought a 9♥.

hapina bet 1,100 and VejVo called all-in for 1,029.

hapina turned over a king-high straight with K♣[10s]9♣8♦ while VejVo showed a set of queens with Q♣Q♥K♥4♥.

VejVo finished 3rd and won $18,340.70 while the tournament went to its final match.

Final: hapina vs. gragik


One of the first things the final two players did was strike a deal.

Players agreed on an even chop of $48,281.90 apiece with $3,000 and the WCOOP bracelet for first.

hapina's road to victory in the final was reminiscent of the previous match.

hapina won the first hand and was slowly amassing a lead until gragik took a large pot. hapina raised to 100, gragik re-raised to 300 and hapina called.

The flop came 3♣Q♥[10s] and gragik bet 400. hapina called and a 2♦ came on the turn. gragik check-called a 950 bet and a 7♣ came on the river.

Both players checked and hapina mucked when gragik showed A♠A♥K♣6♠.

gragik was up to 8,305 while hapina dipped ot 6,695.

But hapina wouldn't stay in second for long.

hapina won a few pots to regain the lead and kept rising. hapina bet gragik out of a few big pots and was soon up to 10,000.

hapina kept the pressure on and kept betting gragik out of pots until gragik was down to just 510.

That's when gragik finally moved all-in.

hapina raised to 240 and the flop came 4♣7♠3♥ when gragik called. gragik moved all-in for 270 and hapina called.

gragik: [10s]8♥6♠7♦
hapina: Q♥J♦[10d]9♦

gragik was leading with a pair of sevens but then a 9♥ came on the turn and a 9♣ fell on the river to end the tournament.

gragik won $48,281.90 for the runner-up finish while hapina took the WCOOP title and $51,281.90.

WCOOP-61: $700 PLO Heads-Up
Entrants: 394
Prize pool: $262,010.00
Places paid: 64

1. hapina (Finland) $51,281.90*
2. gragik (Russia) $48,281.90*
3. VejVo (Sweden) $18,340.70
4. Skjervøy (Norway) $18,340.70
5. Hagbart55 (Germany) $8,384.32
6. b8chatz (United Kingdom) $8,484.32
7. HereFijiFiji (Romania) $8,384.32
8. dontworrrry (United Kingdom) $8,384.32

*Denotes a two-way deal.

Event #61 is done and the 2014 WCOOP is coming to a close. To see a list of this year's winners, check out the WCOOP homepage.

Until next year.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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