WCOOP 2014: jareth3542 launches stunning comeback win in Re-entry Event #47 ($320 NL)

For most of the WCOOP Event #47 final table, Costa Rica's ragingquads_ was cruising and appeared on an inevitable path to victory. At one juncture at the final table, ragingquads_ held more than 50% of the chips in play. Alas, jareth3542 threw a monkey-wrench into ragingquads_'s aspirations to win a WCOOP bracelet. Despite a heads-up deficit, jareth3542 patiently waited for an opportunity to double up and pull even in chips. Just when it seems like jareth3542 and ragingquads_ were ready to hunker down and battle it out for several levels, jareth3542 delivered an unexpected knockout blow in a cooler of a hand. When the dust settled, jareth3542 emerged as the victor in Event #47.

WCOOP Event #47 $320 NL Re-entry attracted 2,789 total entries with 2,169 initial runners and 620 additional re-entries. The prize pool in Event #47 ballooned to $836,700.00. The top 360 places paid out with $132,199.50 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Pros seeking a WCOOP bracelet in Event #47 included Eugene Katchalov, Leo Fernandez, Theo Jorgensen, Vanessa Rousso, George Danzer, Victor Ramdin, Vicky Coren, and Jake Cody. Team Online grinding their way to a potential WCOOP crown included nkeyno, mement_mori, DaWarsaw, FrenchDawg, and nanonoko.

Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov and Team Online nkeyno were among the notables who cashed. Katchalov fired two bullets in this re-entry event and cashed in 131st place.

Japan's nkeyno went on a deep run using his initial buy-in. nkeyno got short with 78 to go and made a final stand with A♥9♥ against Ozzy 87's 7♠7♦. Ozzy 87 faded a flush draw and nkeyno busted out in 78th place, which paid out $1,338.72.

Day 1 ended at the end of Level 30 with 33 players left in the hunt for a WCOOP bracelet. Romania's 888R8 ended Day 1 as the chipleader with a stack worth 961K.

WCOOP-47 End Day 1 - Top 5 Chip Counts:
1. 888R8 (Romania) 961,156
2. omaha4rollz (Hungary) 904,999
3. 1mDonuts (Malta) 855,024
4. DerRawuber (Austria) 791,807
5. zumbii (Bulgaria) 763,738

Day 2 began with 33 players spread out over four tables. Six players went busto rather quickly and action was down to three tables early on Day 2.

With two tables to go, omaha4rollz was the new leader after 888R8 tumbled out of the top spot and had become one of the short stacks. With ten remaining action went hand-for-hand and the three biggest stacks were in excess of 2M (topped off by ragingquads_'s 2.6M). Canada's cdbr3799 unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in tenth place after losing a battle of two pair with A♣2♥ against JJ@mess' A♥4♥.


WCOOP-47 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: zumbii (812,065)
Seat 2: HlPPOCAMP (1,902,780)
Seat 3: 888R8 (720,314)
Seat 4: omaha4rollz (2,352,971)
Seat 5: ragingquads_ (2,635,889)
Seat 6: a.urli (530,515)
Seat 7: Kungfumonk (1,044,608)
Seat 8: JJ@mess (1,945,188)
Seat 9: jareth3542 (2,000,670)

The final table commenced during Level 37 with blinds at 17.5K/35K and a 4,375 ante. Costa Rica's ragingquads_ was the chip leader with 2.6M, while a.urli was the short stack with 530K.

JJ@mess was no stranger to the winner's circle and was seeking a second COOP title after winning an event at the 2014 SCOOP, not to mentioned binking the Sunday Million back in 2011.

a.urli eliminated in 9th place

Shorty a.urli open-shoved for 429,890, jareth3542 re-shoved for 1,771,845, and everyone else bailed. Classic race. a.urli was slightly ahead with 4♣4♥ versus jareth3542's A♣K♦. The board ran out A♠K♥7♦2♣T♣. jareth3542 flopped two pair, which held up. Canada's a.urli became the first player to exit the final table. For a ninth-place finish, a.urli earned $7,111.95.

888R8 eliminated in 8th place

zumbii min-raised to 80,000, 888R8 bombed it all-in for 500,939 with 9♣9♦, and zumbii called with 6♦6♠. The board ran out J♥T♥3♥6♥8♦. zumbii turned a set of sixes to come-from-behind and win the pot. Romania's 888R8 went busto in eighth place, which paid out $12,132.15.

With seven remaining, ragingquads_ still retained the lead with 2.6M, while Kungfumonk was the short stack with 1.1M.

Kungfumonk eliminated in 7th place

jareth3542 min-raised to 100,000, omaha4rollz called, Kungfumonk re-raised to 401,000, jareth3542 folded, omaha4rollz bumped it up to 702,000, and Kungfumonk called all-in for 101,108. Kungfumonk was racing with A♠J♦ against omaha4rollz's 7♥7♣. The board finished up K♣9♦3♠5♣K♦. omaha4rollz won the pot with two pair -- Kings and sevens. Kungfumonk failed to improve and bowed out in seventh place, which paid out $20,499.15.

With six to go, the pack caught up to ragingquads_, who held a slim lead with 2.7M while omaha4rollz was right behind with 2.6M, and jareth3542 not far off with 2.5M. In comparison, the short stack was HlPPOCAMP with 1.85M.

jareth3542 eliminated in 6th place

jareth3542 seized the lead after dragging a 4.7M monster pot, which crippled zumbii in the process. zumbii's A♥Q♠ were ambushed by jareth3542 Q♣Q♥. jareth3542 surged into first in chips while zumbii busted out on the next hand.

JJ@mess min-raised to 100,000, zumbii moved all-in for 183,221, HlPPOCAMP also shoved all-in for 725,020, and JJ@mess folded. Heads-up. zumbii was behind with Q♥J♦ versus HlPPOCAMP's A♦8♦. The board finished up A♠K♠Q♦7♠7♥. zumbii missed a Broadway draw and HlPPOCAMP won the pot with a better two pair -- Aces and sevens vs. Queens and sevens. For sixth place, zumbii took home $28,866.15.

With five remaining, jareth3542 was the new leader with 4.7M, JJ@mess was second with 3M, followed by ragingquads_ with 2.8M, omaha4rollz with 2.3M, and HlPPOCAMP was the shorty with 1M.

omaha4rollz eliminated in 5th place

HlPPOCAMP min-raised to 120,000, omaha4rollz shoved for 1,007,114 with K♦5♣, and HlPPOCAMP called with K♥Q♥. The board finished up A♠J♠7♦T♦7♠. HlPPOCAMP turned a Broadway straight and won the pot. omaha4rollz picked up a chance to chop the pot, but failed to get there on the river. For fifth place, omaha4rollz earned $37,233.15.

With four to go, jareth3542 led with 5M and ragingquads_ was right behind with 4.85M. HlPPOCAMP was third with 2.5M and JJ@mess was the short stack with 1.5M.

JJ@mess eliminated in 4th place

HlPPOCAMP min-raised to 160,000, ragingquads_ called, JJ@mess shoved for 1,547,099 with A♥9♥, HlPPOCAMP bailed, and ragingquads_ called with 8♦8♣. The board ran out Q♦8♠4♦5♦2♥. ragingquads_ flopped a set of eights, which held up. JJ@mess was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $48,946.95.

With three remaining, ragingquads_ held more than 50% of the chips in play with 7M. jareth3542 was the shorty with 3M and HlPPOCAMP was second with 3.8M.

HlPPOCAMP eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed lasted several levels, but short-stacked HlPPOCAMP was the first player to flinch. ragingquads_ min-raised to 280,000, HlPPOCAMP shoved for 2,349,265 and ragingquads_ called. HlPPOCAMP made a final stand with 6♥5♥ but ran into ragingquads_'s Q♦Q♥. The board finished up J♣6♠3♠Q♣7♣. ragingquads_ turned a set of Queens, which held up to win. For a third-place finish, HlPPOCAMP earned $71,119.50.

HEADS-UP: ragingquads_ (Costa Rica) vs. jareth3542 (United Kingdom)
Seat 5: ragingquads_ (8,946,320)
Seat 9: jareth3542 (4,998,680)

With two remaining, ragingquads_ was ahead approximately 9M to 5M. After almost a full level of heads-up play, jareth3542 seized the lead after winning a pair of pots totaling 4.8M. It would all be over five hands later.

ragingquads_ eliminated in 2nd place; jareth3542 wins WCOOP bracelet!

Going into the final hand, jareth3542 held the slimmest of margins -- 7,019,980 to 6,925,020. Both players got in all-in on a cooler... jareth3542 min-raised to 280,000, ragingquads_ bumped it up to 694,300, jareth3542 four-bet to 1,598,000, ragingquads_ five-bet shoved for 6,907,520 and jareth3542 called. Classic race and coin flip. ragingquads_ took T♥T♣ into battle against jareth3542's A♦K♦. The board ran out A♠J♠4♠7♥9♦. An Ace on the flop gave jareth3542 the lead with a pair of Aces. ragingquads_ failed to improve and busted out in second place.

For a runner-up performance, ragingquads_ earned $99,291.18.

Congrats to the newest WCOOP bracelet winner, jareth3542, who also takes home $132,199.50 for first place.

WCOOP-47: $320 NL Hold'em (Re-Entry)
Entrants: 2,789 (2,169 entries, 620 re-entries)
Prize Pool: $836,700.00
Places Paid: 360

1. jareth3542 (United Kingdom) $132,199.50
2. ragingquads_ (Costa Rica) $99.291.18
3. HlPPOCAMP (Mexico) $71,119.50
5. JJ@mess (Czech Republic) $48,946.95
5. omaha4rollz (Hungary) $37,233.15
6. zumbii (Bulgaria) $28,866.15
7. Kungfumonk (United Kingdom) $20,499.15
8. 888R8 (Romania) $12,132.15
9. a.urli (Canada) $7,111.95

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