WCOOP 2014: lipe piv lands a KO in Event #41 ($530 NLHE Progressive Super-KO)

Progressive Super Knockout tournaments are unique to the online poker world and are quickly gaining in popularity. Bounty tournaments are always great fun as the prize pool is shared around, but the progressive knockout format allows the bounties to increase as the tournament progresses to add even more complexity to the decision making as we reach the business end.

Event #41 of the World Championship of Online Poker was a $530 No Limit Holdem Progressive Super-KO Event and the one who managed to survive those complexities and grab the WCOOP crown was Brazil's lipe piv who took home over six figures for the win and another $30,000 in bounties in an impressive performance.

The event offered a $750,000 guarantee, but that was blown out of the water as 2,605 players came together to form a $1,302,500 prize pool. Half of that pool would be for the regular payouts while the other half was placed on the heads of the players as a progressive bounty.

Vanessa Rousso, Vivian Im, Grzegorz Mikielewicz, Eugene Katchlov, Martin Hrubý, Mickey Petersen, Randy Lew, Leo Fernandez, Stavros Kalfas, Matthias de Meulder and Marc-Andre Ladouceur were out representing Team PokerStars but they fell short of the money which would be awarded to the top 342 players.

Also missing the money was Chocoyote from Germany who bubbled in 343rd place to leave the remaining players to secure at least $429.82 in cash.

Ami Barer (258th - $553.36+$875), Mike McDonald (254th - $553.36+$500), Shaun Deeb (236th - $586.12+$250), Naoya Kihara (129th - $879.18+$687.50), Jim Collopy (128th - $879.18+$687.50) and Bertrand Grospellier (64th - $1,107.12+$812.50) were among the notables to bust in the money before Day 1 came to a close after 30 levels of play.

Leading the way was Israel's EZGrind with 1,361,657 chips, but would that be enough to reach the final table?


Day 2

The 36 remaining players returned for Day 2 with the goal of the final table and the $102,898.73 top prize, with Stevan Chew (27th - $2,018.87+$1,999.99) and Jonathan Karamalikis (22nd - $2,018.87+$4,003.89) a couple of the notables to fall.

When Nikolo5 ran pocket jacks into pocket aces, we were on the final table bubble, and next hand, nathkpk's K♦T♥ was out-flopped by LordGregoire's Q♠J♠ to see nathkpk out in 10th place and our final table formed as follows:


Final Table Line Up

Seat 1: young_diam18 (2,340,002 in chips)
Seat 2: shermanash (817,764 in chips)
Seat 3: Pokerfan89Gr (2,276,825 in chips)
Seat 4: baksss11 (954,206 in chips)
Seat 5: LaurisL91 (2,900,255 in chips)
Seat 6: lipe piv (4,549,867 in chips)
Seat 7: LordGregoire (2,640,206 in chips)
Seat 8: jenej (1,629,940 in chips)
Seat 9: EZGrind (1,428,435 in chips)

The chips were well spread around the table with lipe piv out in front, but LordGregoire quickly took over at the top after winning a pot that was five-bet preflop, with a shove on the flop to dent the stack of LaurisL91.

Overnight chip leader EZGrind found a double up with pocket jacks against Pokerfan89Gr's pocket tens, and EZGrind continued to surge with the elimination of baksss11. The chips were in preflop with baksss11 committing with A♠Q♥ but EZGrind had that pipped with A♥K♠. The board ran out 5♣8♣A♦K♣6♣ to give EZGrind two pair and send baksss11 first to the rail in ninth place for $5,535.62 along with $4,985.32 in bounties.

lipe piv stepped out of line with a ill-timed triple-barrel bluff with ten-high as EZGrind had flopped a flush to see EZGrind take over the chip lead, and that run continued in a hand against Pokerfan89Gr. With under seven big blinds, Pokerfan89Gr moved all in with 9♦9♠ and EZGrind made the call in the small blind with A♦T♦. The board ran out 5♦Q♦K♥5♠A♣ to give EZGrind a pair of aces on the river to eliminate Pokerfan89Gr in eighth place for $9,443.12 plus a hefty $12,821.23 in KOs.

The short-stacked shermanash was next to go. With around eight big blinds, shermanash moved all in from middle position with A♦T♦ and was in good shape to double through when LaurisL91 decided to isolate with a dominated T♥Q♥. However the board of 2♥J♣2♦8♣9♦ would produce a straight for LaurisL91 to see an unlucky shermanash out in seventh place for $15,955.62 along with $5,298.92 in bounties.

jenej landed a double up with ace-king as the slide of LaurisL91 continued holding ace-deuce, but jenej couldn't make it two in a row on the very next hand. Preflop, jenej limped from the small blind before EZGrind popped it up from the big blind. jenej called and the flop landed 8♣4♣7♠. jenej check-called before the T♠ hit the turn. jenej checked again, but this time when EZGrind bet, jenej moved all in. EZGrind snap-called with A♦T♣ for top pair as jenej would need to improve with T♦9♦ for top pair and straight draw. The river bricked the 5♣ to see jenej out in sixth place for $22,468.12 in prize money plus $4,507.79 in knockout bounties.

Just one hand later and five became four as the fall from grace for LaurisL91 continued. With action folding around to the blinds, young_diam18 moved all in from the small blind with J♣K♥ and LaurisL91 called off the last nine big blinds with 4♣4♦. It was a coinflip but young_diam18 smacked the board of 2♠J♥K♦Q♥9♣ to make two pair and eliminate LaurisL91 in fifth place. That was worth $28,980.62 plus another $4,782.21 in KOs.

lipe piv landed a big double up with pocket sixes holding against young_diam18's ace-queen, but young_diam18 recovered a little with a double up holding K♣9♠ in a battle of the blinds after EZGrind got aggressive with T♦7♥.

LordGregoire would be next to go in a bit of a cooler against lipe piv. The action was all preflop with lipe piv three-bet shoving A♦K♦ into LordGregoire's K♠K♥. The board was spread A♣2♦7♠6♠6♣ which spiked the ace-ball for lipe piv to eliminate LordGregoire in fourth place for $38,098.12 plus a very nice $10,880.81 in bounties.

Three-handed play would see young_diam18 start to rise into contention with a couple of nice pots, but the chips were pretty even among the three players as they settled in for the grind.

It would take something dramatic to break the deadlock and it would be some rough luck that brought the end for young_diam18. When young_diam18 raised the button, EZGrind moved all in from the big blind and young_diam18 made the call with K♦Q♠ to have EZGrind in trouble with a dominated K♥3♠. The board ran out 9♠9♦3♥3♣6♠ to see EZGrind hit a full house to eliminate young_diam18 in third place for $55,356.25 plus $7,041.49 in KOs.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 6: lipe piv (8,705,381 in chips)
Seat 9: EZGrind (10,832,119 in chips)

lipe piv said, "numbers now ?"
EZGrind said, "play for the glory :)"
lipe piv said, "gl my friend :)"

EZGrind held a narrow lead but was able to win more than a fair share of the pots without a showdown to extend the advantage.

However that all changed around in the biggest pot of the tournament. EZGrind three-bet preflop, bet the flop, check-called the turn and was then faced with another big bet on the river from lipe piv on a board of 7♥2♠J♥3♠T♠. EZGrind went into the tank and eventually made a huge call for a shot at the title with A♥3♦ for a pair of threes, but lipe piv had that well beat with T♥J♣ for two pair for a crucial double up.

That shifted things around and EZGrind needed to find a double to get back into contention. A short time later, EZGrind four-bet jammed all in with A♥8♠ but lipe piv snapped it off with A♠Q♦. The board of 4♦J♥2♥7♥9♠ brought a heart sweat for EZGrind on the turn, but the river bricked out to crown lipe piv as our champ!


A great run on Day 1 and an impressive final table performance by EZGrind wasn't enough to take the title but a runner-up result was good for $77,283.83 plus another $21,623.18 in bounties. However our champion is Brazil's lipe piv who takes the WCOOP title, $102,898.73 in prize money and another $30,691.88 in knockout bounties. Congratulations!

WCOOP-41: $530 NLHE Progressive Super KO - $750K Guaranteed
Entrants: 2,605
Prize Pool: $1,302,500
Places Paid: 342

1. lipe piv (Brazil) $102,898.73 (+$30,691.88 in KOs)
2. EZGrind (Israel) $77,283.83 (+$21,623.18 in KOs)
3. young_diam18 (Austria) $55,356.25 (+$7,041.49 in KOs)
4. LordGregoire (Thailand) $38,098.12 (+$10,880.81 in KOs)
5. LaurisL91 (Lithuania) $28,980.62 (+$4,782.21 in KOs)
6. jenej (Czech Republic) $22,468.12 (+$4,507.79 in KOs)
7. shermanash (Canada) $15,955.62 (+$5,298.82 in KOs)
8. Pokerfan89Gr (Greece) $9,443.12 (+$12,821.23 in KOs)
9. baksss11 (Russia) $5,535.62 (+$4,985.32 in KOs)

The 2014 World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing and the Player of the Series race is starting to heat up, but it's not too late to jump into the WCOOP action, with events running right through until September 28th. There's over $40,000,000 in guaranteed prize money to be won! Check out the WCOOP homepage for more details.

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