WCOOP 2014: Mikal "Mikal12345" Blomlie on a WCOOP 1-2-3

To some players winning a WCOOP title is the culmination of a life's work, or at least the work of their formative years. It's an achievement that comes almost as if against nature itself, such is the effort required. But the vindication, a badge never to be removed, is worth all the effort and strain, even if they never come close to a similar feat ever again.

Then there are players like Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie, who make it all seem so easy.

Last weekend was one packed with headlines, not least a first two-time winner during WCOOP 2014. But Blomlie, a former WCOOP Player of the Year, also featured, having just notched up his third career WCOOP title, adding a further $109,566 to his earnings and leaving him, at the time of publication, tied tenth on the leader board.

mikal_blomlie_wcoop_17sept14_2.jpgIt's now three WCOOP titles for Mikal12345

It all seemed so simple to the Norwegian pro who was among the leaders for almost all of the two day event. But as a report of the final table demonstrated Blomlie only make it look easy. There are no easy routes to WCOOP glory.

Q. You were second in chips overnight. It must have required an immense level of concentration to maintain one of the big stacks all the way through to the final. Is that correct?

A. For me it's harder to maintain the concentration and patience in early stages of the tournament. When we're getting close to the finale the concentration and the instinct to win just comes natural to me.

Q. It was interesting that you and Tim England were first and second overnight and first and second at the end of the day. Were you aware of how well he was playing before the final? Was he the biggest threat when you reached the final?

A. That doesn't happen to often in a tournament. He was for sure one of the toughest player at the finale. He was also on my left.

Q. What's going through your head as each player is knocked out?

A. When you get to the finale is always nice to see the first four or five players getting knocked out, and secure a nice payday. In the end is more about winning then the pay jumps for me.

Q. How did this WCOOP win compare with the other two? Any difference or is each one unique?

A. I put this one highest because of the big field. One of my other wins was in the turbo PLO event, with a lot more luck involved.

Mikel_Blomlie_wcoop_17sept14.jpgMikel Blomlie in action at the PCA in 2013, reward for this WCOOP PoY performance the year before

Q. You've spent the past five or six years in the game competing at a high level. How do you explain your ability to keep competing at the highest level, something many other players find difficult?

A. I always get motivated and work harder if things are not going my way. I can also play most of the games both live and online. So if I'm running bad at one place I can change game or place and get a "fresh" start.

Q. What's next for you? What are you plans for the rest of WCOOP?

A. First I will try to do my best for the leader board in WCOOP. Hunting my fourth! After WCOOP I'm going for a holiday in Asia. Then I will probably play some cash games in Macau, before i play the ACOP, also in Macau.

For all the details you could need about WCOOP 2014, including tournaments, satellites and statistics--not leas the current leader board standings--check out the WCOOP website. Meanwhile you can find all the resports from each WCOOP event on the PokerStars Blog.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in WCOOP