WCOOP 2014: Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie wins 3rd career title, $109K in Event #19 ($109 NLHE)

A huge field of 7,801 players took part in Event #19 ($109 no-limit hold'em), thus building a $780,100 prize pool that easily bested the event's $600K guarantee. And after two long days of play it was a familiar name emerging from that huge field once again as Mikal "mikal12345" Bromlie of Norway topped them all to claim his third career WCOOP title and a $109,566.28 first prize.

Day 1: From 7,801 to 27

The first day of play saw that big field of 7,801 work all of the way down to just 27 players gathered around three tables.

The top 990 finishers made the money, and among the early cashers on Saturday was Team Online's Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen (926th, $179.42). Meanwhile a couple of Team PokerStars Pros made it relatively deep into the evening before being eliminated -- George Danzer (281st, $335.44) and Eugene Katchalov (147th, $483.66).

When they reached the end of Level 30 and play was halted for the night, the Aussie Timothy "weygang" English had established a nice-sized lead over nearest challenger Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie and the rest of the pack. Here's how the top 10 looked overnight:

1. Timothy "weygang" English (Australia) -- 4,368,997
2. Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie (Norway) -- 2,531,209
3. Pavel "opice10" Kubeš (Czech Republic) -- 2,515,063
4. Jaguarrr (Lithuania) -- 2,180,528
5. csikken (Hungary) -- 2,180,528
6. yargen (Israel) -- 2,136,324
7. Stefan "IceStream" Ivanov (Bulgaria) -- 2,076,648
8. LameR25 (Ukraine) -- 2,057,887
9. danger0us (Costa Rica) -- 1,751,141
10. RSRMCA (Thailand) -- 1,619,862

Day 2: From 27 to 1

Once the tournament's second day began on Sunday, it took just 45 minutes for the 27 remaining players to play down to 18, during which stretch Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie -- a two-time WCOOP winner (having won PLO and PLO hi/lo events on his way to winning the 2012 WCOOP Player of the Series) -- took over the top spot in the counts from weygang.

By the time they moved into the day's third hour of play, nine more players had fallen. moexx161 (18th), uiup0110 (17th), and impact69 (16th) each took away $2,184.28 for their finishes. Sytraxx (15th), Pavel "opice10" Kubeš (14th), and Leandro "leopeluca" Csome (13th) next went out, each cashing for $3,276.42. Then rmntaw4ever (12th), AW 500 (11th), and yargen (10th) were successively eliminated for $4,368.56 apiece.

With Blomlie still the chip leader with nearly 6.8 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: RSRMCA (Thailand) -- 2,769,569
Seat 2: pokerleo10 (Brazil) -- 2,443,366
Seat 3: csikken (Hungary) -- 2,694,024
Seat 4: LameR25 (Ukraine) -- 2,883,485
Seat 5: Jaguarrr (Lithuania) -- 4,127,884
Seat 6: 99NvrLosez (Canada) -- 5,919,612
Seat 7: Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie (Norway) -- 6,796,255
Seat 8: LaKabii (Uruguay) -- 5,692,532
Seat 9: Timothy "weygang" English (Australia) -- 5,678,273

RSRMCA run out in ninth

It would take about 45 minutes before the next elimination would come, the blinds increasing to 80,000/160,000 during the interim.

The hand saw Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie open with a raise to 323,005 from under the gun, then RSRMCA reraising all in for 1,008,559 from middle position. It folded to LameR25 on the button who shoved over the top for 1,975,985, and after the blinds stepped aside Blomlie called the reshove.

mikal12345: J♦J♥
LameR25: K♥K♦
RSRMCA: 8♥8♠

All three had pocket pairs, then the 9♥6♣K♠6♠6♦ board improved LameR25 further to a full house, sending RSRMCA to the rail in ninth.

pokerleo10 pushed out in eighth

Play continued into the day's fourth hour, then with the blinds up to 100,000/200,000 it was Jaguarrr raising to 400,000 from middle position. It folded around to Timothy "weygang" English who three-bet to 986,000 from the small blind, then pokerleo10 shoved all in for 5,393,866 from the big blind. Jaguarrr called all in with the 2,703,360 left behind, then English called as well to create another three-way all-in.

weygang: A♠A♥
pokerleo10: J♣J♥
Jaguarrr: A♦A♣

It was bad timing for pokerleo10 to pick up jacks against not one but two opponents holding aces. The Q♦5♦3♠6♣4♣ board provided no help for pokerleo10 who went out in eighth as the other two split the pot.

LaKabii knocked out in seventh

Just two hands later, LaKabii open-raised all in from middle position for 1,481,017 (just over seven big blinds), and when Timothy "weygang" English reraised all in from a seat over the rest stepped aside.

LaKabii had A♣3♣ and needed to improve to survive against English's A♥K♦. But the community cards came J♣5♦7♥T♣8♦, and LaKabii was done in seventh.

Jaguarrr snared in sixth

Soon it was Jaguarrr open-pushing for 3,955,040 (nearly 20 big blinds) from the button and Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie calling from the big blind.

Jaguarrr had A♥5♥ and Blomlie 6♥6♠. The 6♦3♠K♥ flop gave mikal12345 a set of sixes, then the 9♦ turn and 9♠ river improved him further to a full house to end Jaguarrr's run in sixth.

99NvrLosez falls in fifth

The blinds increased to 125,000/250,000, then 99NvrLosez open-raised all in for 2,891,362 from the button. Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie was calling once again -- from the small blind this time -- and after Timothy "weygang" English folded the big blind the players' cards were revealed.

mikal12345: A♦Q♥
99NvrLosez: A♠J♣

The 9♠T♣7♣Q♠6♣ board teased 99NvrLosez but brought no winning combination, and they were down to four.

csikken sunk in fourth

Shortly after that hand it was Timothy "weygang" English opening with a raise of just over 2x to 504,000 from under the gun, then csikken reraised all in for 5,243,545 from the button. It folded to Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie in the big blind who reshoved over the top, forcing a fold from English.

Blomlie had Q♥Q♣ and was dominating csikken's 7♠7♥. The board came A♦T♥9♣3♠5♥, and csikken's tourney run ended in fourth.

LameR25 leaves in third

The final three players battled onward to the day's four-hour break, at which point Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie led with just over 20.6 million, Timothy "weygang" English was next with not quite 14.4 million, and LameR25 third with a little more than 4 million.

LameR25 would hang on a while longer, surviving one all-in with Q♣8♥ versus Blomlie's K♦2♣ when the board came 6♠A♦J♣K♠[10s] to give LameR25 a rivered straight. But soon a hand arose that saw English raising to 856,000 from the small blind, LameR25 shoving for 3,917,948 from the big blind, and English calling.

weygang: Q♠Q♣
LameR25: A♣6♣

The 6♦J♥9♥ flop did give LameR25 a pair of sixes, but the 8♦ turn and 3♦ river brought no further help and LameR25 was done in third.

mikal12345 wipes out weygang, wins another WCOOP title

Blomlie and English had started the day at the top of the counts, and they were destined to end it that way as well.

Soon, however, they stopped the tournament to discuss a possible deal, at which point Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie led with 20,239,021 to Timothy "weygang" English's 18,765,979. Figures were soon produced leaving $12,000 for which to play, and after both players readily agreed to the terms cards quickly went back in the air.

After more than half an hour English had gained the advantage, pushing Blomlie down to about 15 million.


Timothy "weygang" English

Then mikal12345 won a big preflop all-in when his A♦4♦ held versus weygang's Q♣J♠, and Blomlie had the lead again with just over 30 million while English had slipped to a little less than 9 million.

A few hands later the blinds were 250,000/500,000 when Blomlie raised to 1,000,005 from the button. English responded with an all-in push for 11,491,998 total, and Blomlie called.

weygang: K♠9♥
mikal12345: K♣Q♣

The board came 6♦J♥8♠Q♦5♦, pairing Blomlie's queen and leaving English unimproved. The latter was out in second, and mikal12345 had won his third career WCOOP title!


Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie

Congratulations to Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie for outlasting 7,800 other players and earning the win and over $109K -- almost exactly a 100x return on his investment. And kudos as well to Timothy "weygang" English for making it to the heads-up chop and earning a handsome payday of nearly $97K himself.

WCOOP 2014: Event #19 ($109 No-Limit Hold'em)
Entrants: 7,801

Prize pool: $780,100.00
Places paid: 990

1. Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie (Norway) -- $109,566.28*
2. Timothy "weygang" English (Australia) -- $96,852.64*
3. LameR25 (Ukraine) -- $62,408.00
4. csikken (Hungary) -- $42,905.50
5. 99NvrLosez (Canada) -- $32,764.20
6. Jaguarrr (Lithuania) -- $24,963.20
7. LaKabii (Uruguay) -- $17,162.20
8. pokerleo10 (Brazil) -- $9,361.20
9. RSRMCA (Thailand) -- $6,045.77

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $12,000 in play for the winner

There's still a lot of WCOOPin' to go. Check the WCOOP homepage for the remaining schedule.

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