WCOOP 2014: MskrevFIX goes wire to wire at Event #30 final table ($1,050 NLHE, Super Tuesday SE)

At this final table, there was MskrevFIX... and there was the rest of the pack. The Russian made the final nine with 3.25 million in chips, over twice the stack of his closest competitor. Armed with a massive lead, MskrevFIX slung chips around with abandon, turning the screws to his less fortunate opponents. MskrevFIX successfully maintained a wide gulf between himself and the competition during a nearly two-hour stalemate seven-handed, and when the damn finally burst, he sailed into heads-up play with an 11 to 1 chip lead. MskrevFIX made quick work of chiconogue and emerged with his first WCOOP title and a career-high score of $273,192.50.

The two-day WCOOP Super Tuesday special edition drew 1,631 players and the prize pool topped out at $1,631,000.00. 198 places were paid with the champion set to earn $273,192.50. A dozen Team Pros were in the field including Liv Boeree, ElkY, George Danzer, Ike Haxton and Johnny Lodden. Two of them-- Team Pro Eugene Katchalov and Team Online's Caio Pessagno-- were among the 98 players who advanced to Day 2. Here's a look at the top five chip counts at the conclusion of 24 levels of play.

End of Day 1 Top 5 chip counts

LFmagic (United Kingdom) 334,188
yadio (Canada) 333,187
OffpoZition (Israel) 328,455
Maxxx72alba (Russia) 310,123
dariepoker (Romania) 207,089

A slew of notable MTT wizards made the money in this event, among them Bryn Kenney (91st), Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis (87th), JC "PrtyPsux" Alvarado (62nd), Javier "anguila" Etayo (59th), Ole "wizowizo" Schemion (54th), Steven "Zugwat" Silverman (50th), Adam "Roothlus" Levy (45th), Michael "Skammes" Tureniec (29th), Peter "Belabacsi" Traply (25th), and Joe "bigegypt" Elpayaa (18th).

With 21 players left, both Katchalov and Pessagno were still in the hunt. Katchalov was short stacked with 17 big blinds behind when rizih min-raised to 24,000 from the cutoff. Katchalov defended his big blind and the flop fell Q♠J♥9♥. Katchalov check-raised all-in for 178,734 and rizih called with A♦Q♦ for top pair, top kicker. Katchalov revealed K♥4♥ for a king-high flush draw, but missed on the 6♣ turn and the 2♠ river and went out in 21st place.


Eugene Katchalov, 21st place

Pessagno hung on a bit longer and was down to his last 80,000 when he called all-in vs. jus2awsum's cold four-bet. Initial min-raiser LIKE A G6 folded, along with three-bettor unluckybs. Unfortunatley, Pessagno ran his A♥Q♣ into A♠A♦ and was eliminated in 16th place.


Caio Pessagno, 16th place

Binds were up to 12,500/25,000 on the final table bubble. Pessagno's executioner, jus2awsum had only ten big blinds left and three-bet shoved over MskrevFIX's UTG min-raise. Chiconogue cold-called from the big blind and MskrevFIX called as well. Both active players checked the A♦7♦2♠ flop. When the 9♦ turned, chiconogue check-folded to MskrevFIX's 269,130 bet and the cards went on their backs. Jus2awsum's A♣6♣ shrunk up as MskrevFIX revealed Q♦T♦ for a flush and jus2awsum hit the rail one spot shy of this WCOOP final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: SeeYouAnte18 (1,573,307 in chips)
Seat 2: dariepoker (1,338,310 in chips)
Seat 3: 444446 (872,532 in chips)
Seat 4: chiconogue (1,123,704 in chips)
Seat 5: MikeyGG3 (898,702 in chips)
Seat 6: BlackFourz (1,460,079 in chips)
Seat 7: MskrevFIX (3,248,735 in chips)
Seat 8: 42ayay (555,746 in chips)
Seat 9: lirarerik (1,161,385 in chips)

444446 crushed by BlackFourz

BlackFourz picked up K♣K♥ and called all in vs. 444446's four-bet shove. Although 444446's A♥Q♦ picked up an ace on the flop, a king came with it to make BlackFourz a set. The board finished out A♠K♦3♥9♥Q♣ and BlackFourz doubled to 1.68 million. 444446 was crippled and open-shoved for 55,524 four hands later. BlackFourz reraised to 92,744, lirarerik made it 180,000 straight and BlackFourz called. Both players checked the 7♥6♥2♠ flop. The turn came the 3♦ and BlackFourz led out for 200,000. Lirarerik folded. BlackFourz turned over pocket eights while 444446 shoved K♣6♣ for a pair of sixes. 444446 needed a king or a six to survive but got the Q♦ instead, and departed in ninth place ($16,799.30).

chiconogue doubles, dariepoker downed

On the very next deal, chiconogue picked up Q♦Q♥ in the big blind and three-bet to 210,000. MskrevFIX shoved for 4.9 million with A♣4♣ and chiconogue snap called all-in. MskrevFIX did not improve on the T♣9♥5♥T♠4♥ board and chiconogue doubled to 2.5 million, good for second in chips.

Four hands later, dariepoker moved all-in preflop for his remaining 194,670 and 42ayay looked him up from the big blind. Dariepoker's A♠6♠ did not improve vs. A♦K♦ and he exited in eighth place ($30,989.00).

Everybody double!

Down to 467,000, MikeyGG3 doubled to 1.02 million when his 7♦7♥ held up against 42ayay's A♣K♦. SeeYouAnte18 did the same when he shoved on a J♥T♣5♠8♦ board with A♦J♣. Chip leader MskrevFIX called with Q♠J♠ and whiffed when the 7♦ rivered. SeeYouAnte18 raked in the 2.53 million pot and took over the #2 spot.

With the blinds up to 35,000/70,000, BlackFourz open-shoved for 653,602 and 42ayay reshoved from the cutoff. BlackFourz's J♣J♥ had 42ayay's 9♣9♥ crushed and he doubled to 1.47 million. 42ayay was left with only 114,000, but moved up to 377,000 on the next hand when his K♣J♥ held up against SeeYouAnte18's Q♠J♠. 42ayay doubled again later in the level, raking in a 954,000 pot when his A♥K♣ defeated MskrevFIX's K♦9♦.

Stalemate over

After an hour and forty-five minutes of seven-handed play, someone finally blinked. Still the chip leader with 4.32 millino, MskrevFX opened for a min-raise to 140,000 and lirarerik three-bet shoved for 1.25 million on the button. MskrevFIX called, his A♦Q♣ dominating lirarerik's A♥7♥. Although lirarerik made the nut flush on the turn, MskrevFIX rivered queens full of threes on the T♥3♠3♥Q♥Q♠ board and ended lirarerik's run in seventh place ($47,299.00).

Open the floodgates

Two hands later, MskrevFIX min-raised to 140,000 from UTG and MikeyGG3 shoved for 655,604 from the small blind. BlackFourz reshoved for 1.56 million from the big and MskrevFIX called.

MskrevFIX A♥K♥
MikeyGG3 A♣8♦
BlackFourz Q♠Q♣

MskrevFIX hit top pair, top kicker on the A♦9♠6♣Jd]5♦ board and knocked out both opponents. MikeyGG3 took sixth place for $63,609.00 while BlackFourz earned $79,919 for fifth.

Only three more hands passed before 42ayay moved in for 866,992 and SeeYouAnte18 reshoved for 1.69 million with T♦T♠. 42ayay's A♠3♦ did not improve and he hit the rail in fourth place ($110,908.00).

SeeYouAnte18 doubles...then busts

When three-handed play commenced, MskrevFIX had a huge chip lead with 8.03 million, SeeYouAnte was second with 2.7 million and chiconogue was the short stack at 1.5 million.

The blinds were up to 50,000/100,000 when MskrevFIX pushed both opponents down to 15 big blinds. MskrevFIX opened for 2.5 million from the small blind and SeeYouAnte18 called. The flop fell 8♦3♠2♣ and MskrevFIX led out for 213,670. SeeYouAnte18 raised to 560,000 and MskrevFIX shoved for over 8 million. SeeYouAnte18 gave up his hand and saved his remaining 1.5 million.

Although SeeYouAnte18 doubled to 3.94 million when his K♦K♠ held up vs. MskrevFIX's 9♥T♣, the next hand wasn't nearly as fruitful. MskrevFIX min-raised to 200,000, SeeYouAnte18 three-bet to 575,757, and MskrevFIX called. SeeYouAnte18 led out for 502,020 on the T♦8♣8♥ flop and MskrevFIX called. The turn came the 4♦ and SeeYouAnte18 checked. MskrevFIX bet 801,320, SeeYouAnte18 shoved and MskrevFIX called, his pocket fours having turned fours full. SeeYouAnte18's A♦T♠ went up in flames when the 3♦ rivered and his run came to an end in third place ($150,867.50).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: chiconogue (1,107,077 in chips)
Seat 7: MskrevFIX (11,125,423 in chips)

This heads-up battle was lopsided to say the least. Although chiconogue chipped up to almost 2 million, he could not overcome MskrevFIX's massive lead. Ultimately, chiconogue three-bet shoved for 1.94 million with 6♦7♦ and AskrevFIX called with A♦9♥. MskrevFIX paired his ace on the A♣K♠J♦T♣7♣ board and ended a long two days of poker with a trip to the top of the podium.

Congratulations to MskrevFIX on a dominating final table performance! He banked $273,192.50 for the win, while runner-up chiconogue earned $199,797.50.

WCOOP-30: $1,050 NLHE [Super Tuesday Special Edition]
Entrants: 1,631
Places paid: 198

1. MskrevFIX (Russia) $273,192.50
2. chiconogue (Brazil) $199,797.50
3. SeeYouAnte18 (United Kingdom) $150,867.50
4. 42ayay (Sweden) $110,908.00
5. John "BlackFourz" May (Mexico) $79,919.00
6. MikeyGG3 (Canada) $63,609.00
7. Erik "lirarerik" Friberg (Sweden) $47,299.00
8. Vlad "dariepoker" Darie (Romania) $30,989.00
9. 444446 (Lebanon) $16,799.30

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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