WCOOP 2014: niqx notches Event #13 win, nearly $62K ($215 NLHE, Progressive Super-KO)

Event #13 of this year's WCOOP gave players a chance to play the popular "Progressive Super-Knockout" format in which half the prize pool goes to bounties that increase as the tournament goes along. A huge field of 3,647 players turned out for the $215 buy-in two-day event, building a total prize pool of $729,400 that more than doubled the scheduled $300K guarantee. And after two long days of play it was niqx of Russia not only claiming the biggest portion of the regular prize pool for coming in first but the most from the bounty prize pool, too, ultimately coming away with $61,829.59 for the win.

Half the prize pool -- $364,700 -- went for bounties, with the top 495 finishers then dividing up the other $364,700 following a traditional payout structure. Here's the story of how niqx managed to triumph over all to win a WCOOP title.

Day 1

The first day of play saw that big field work all of the way down to just 39 players.

Team PokerStars Pro Matthias "mattidm" de Meulder was one of those still around once they'd gotten down to 495 players, and he'd last a little longer before being knocked out in 303rd for a $211.52 cash to go with the $225 he'd earned in bounties. Former WCOOP and SCOOP winer Ashley "DYBYDX" Mason was the player collecting half of de Meulder's bounty while the other half was added to his own.

A little while later Team Online member Felix "xflixx" Schneiders, the last remaining red spade in the event, ran K♣K♠ into the A♦A♥ of the appropriately-named badbeatman06 and was ousted in 216th for a $291.76 cash to go with the $500 Schneiders had earned from bounties.

When Level 30 ended play was paused for the evening, with Dreiven leading all as the only player with more than 1 million chips. Here's how the top 10 looked overnight:

1. Dreiven (Poland) -- 1,253,742
2. Joony_quest (Canada) -- 953,939
3. Panny3 (Austria) -- 786,676
4. niqx (Russia) -- 715,246
5. zen_mec (Belgium) -- 705,519
6. Bispoland (Portugal) -- 654,311
7. SNG Grind_15 (Norway) -- 648,538
8. lazgeich (Bulgaria) -- 629,716
9. elabuga (Russia) -- 629,337
10. RCAMDESSUS (Argentina) -- 627,543

Day 2

After nearly two hours of play on Friday the field had been whittled down to 18 players with Jazzer32 having assumed the top spot in the counts after having built a stack of more than 2.11 million chips.

Eventually nine more would fall. iDidntMeanIt (18th), lazgeich (17th), and Bispoland (16th) each earned $1,094.10 from the regular prize pool; all earned more than that in bounties, too, with iDidntMeanIt picking up $2,379.67 more in that manner. TaBuLA_Ras4 (15th), RCAMDESSUS (14th), and helstokk (13th) followed them to the rail to collect $1,641.15 apiece from the main prize pool, with helstokk earning an additional $2,869.51 in bounties. Then start-of-day-2 chip leader Dreiven (12th), elabuga (11th), and pinishe45 (10th) went out, earning $2,188.20 each from the regular prize pool with Dreiven picking up a nice $4,396.46 bounty bonus.

After just over three-and-a-half hours of play on Day 2, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Panny3 (Austria) -- 1,246,132
Seat 2: CURTAINS126 (United Kingdom) -- 1,766,107
Seat 3: Faith#1Virtu (Canada) -- 1,944,521
Seat 4: Nazarchik001 (Russia) -- 1,659,794
Seat 5: niqx (Russia) -- 2,575,362
Seat 6: Jazzer32 (Serbia) -- 2,140,744
Seat 7: Sobizzle21 (Mexico) -- 3,879,711
Seat 8: Shippotamus (Netherlands) -- 1,308,427
Seat 9: SerPol999 (Russia) -- 1,714,202

Curtains for CURTAINS126, out in ninth

Not long after the final table began, the blinds were 40,000/80,000 when CURTAINS126 opened with a raise to 160,000 from the hijack seat, then Nazarchik001 three-bet to 344,888 from the button. It folded back to CURTAINS126 who pushed all in for 1,598,607 total, and Nazarchik001 called.

CURTAINS126 showed A♥8♣ and was behind Nazarchik001's A♠K♠, and after the K♥Q♣9♦3♠5♥ runout CURTAINS126 was done in ninth with Nazarchik001 banking half of CURTAINS126's bounty while the other half was added to Nazarchik001's own.

SerPol999 sent out in eighth

About 10 minutes later they were in the same level when niqx raised 2x to 160,000 from middle position and got one caller in SerPol999 from the small blind. The flop came 2♠3♦7♦, and when SerPol999 responded with a leading shove for 866,702, niqx was there with the call.

SerPol999 had K♠J♦ for a couple of overcards while niqx led with 6♥6♦ for a pair. The turn was the T♠ and river the 7♣, and SerPol999 was done in eighth.

Sobizzle21 fizzles in seventh

The blinds increased to 50,000/100,000, then a hand arose in which Nazarchik001 raised to 233,000 from middle position. It folded to Sobizzle21 in the small blind who pushed for 2,158,159, and after the big blind folded Nazarchik001 called.

Sobizzle21: A♠K♦
Nazarchik001: T♦T♥

The flop came T♠K♥Q♥, giving Sobizzle21 a pair and a gutshot to Broadway while making a set of tens for Nazarchik001. The Q♣ turn card then improved Nazarchik001 to a full house, leaving Sobizzle21 hoping for a queen or king to fall on fifth to survive. But the river was the 2♦, and Sobizzle21 was sent railward in seventh.

Shippotamus shut out in sixth

Play continued through the day's fifth hour, and with the blinds up to 60,000/120,000 it was Shippotamus open-pushing for 995,604 from the small blind and Panny3 calling from a seat over.

Shippotamus had K♣7♠ and two live cards versus Panny3's A♣8♣. But the board rolled out 2♠4♣3♠4♦A♠ and Shippotamus's chips and bounty was shipped to Panny3. Just five remained.

Faith#1Virtu falls in fifth

A short while later it was niqx making a minimum raise to 240,000 from under the gun then watching Faith#1Virtu shove for 2,901,996 from the small blind. It folded back to niqx who called, showing 9♣9♦ while Faith#1Virtu turned over A♥T♥.

The community cards came 9♠A♠5♦5♠8♣, giving niqx nines full of fives and ending Faith#1Virtu's run in fifth.

Panny3 put out in fourth

A little over a dozen hands later Jazzer32 open-pushed for just over 2.1 million from the small blind and Panny3 called all in with the 1,294,062 left after posting the big blind.

It was A♣3♠ for Panny3 and 6♠6♦ for Jazzer32. The K♦Q♦Q♣9♣T♦ board missed Panny3 who was knocked out in fourth.

A three-way deal

The final three players played one hand and then stopped the tournament to talk about a possible deal to split up the remaninig regular prize pool money, at which point Nazrchik001 led with 7,277,827, niqx was close in second with 7,167,651, and Jazzer32 was third with 3,789,522. All three players also had nice-sized bounties -- $9,776.40 for Jazzer32, $6,088.14 for niqx, and $5,706.50 for Nazarchik001.

Figures were proposed leaving $6,000 for which to play, and while the two leaders were amenable, Jazzer32 wanted more than was being offered. The discussion went on for some time, with the remaining bounties interestingly playing a role in the negotiations.

Adjustments were ultimately made to the suggested figures, guaranteeing $42,016.99 to Nazarchik001, $42,000 to niqx, and $40,000 to Jazzer32 -- with the $6K still set aside -- and after all three players agreed cards went back in the air.

Jazzer32 thwarted in third

They played on for a while, then with the blinds 70,000/140,000 niqx came in with a raise to 280,000 from the button, Jazzer32 pushed for 1,922,790 from the small blind, Nazarchik001 folded and niqx called.

niqx had A♦6♣ and the slight edge over Jazzer32's K♥T♣. The community cards came K♦2♦A♥, then 4♥, then 6♥, giving Jazzer32 one pair but niqx two pair, thus knocking out Jazzer32 in third.

niqx knocks out Nazarchik001, wins

Heads-up play began with Nazarchik001 leading with 10,072,542 versus niqx's 8,162,458.

Nazarchik001 continued to lead for the first few hands between them, then niqx chipped up to edge in front before successfully whittling Nazarchik001 down below 2 million.

Then with the blinds at 80,000/160,000, it was niqx opening for 320,000 from the button, Nazarchik001 shoving for 1,725,542 over the big blind, and niqx calling.

Nazarchik001 had K♦3♥ and was dominated by niqx's K♣J♣. The board ran out 4♥5♣Q♠2♣7♠ and it was all over -- niqx had collected the last bounty to win.

Congratulations to niqx for topping more than 3,600 players to win Event #13 and collect nearly $62K with all of those bounties. And kudos as well to Nazarchik001 and Jazzer32 who guaranteed themselves nice paydays, too, following the three-handed deal.

WCOOP 2014: Event #13 ($215 NLHE, Progressive Super-Knockout)
Entrants: 3,647 

Regular prize pool: $364,700.00
Bounty prize pool: $364,700.00
Total prize pool: $729,400.00
Places paid: 495

1. niqx (Russia) -- $48,000* (+ $13,829.59 in bounties)
2. Nazarchik001 (Russia) -- $42,016.99* (+ $5,706.50 in bounties)
3. Jazzer32 (Serbia) -- $40,000* (+ $9,776.40 in bounties)
4. Panny3 (Austria) -- $20,970.25 (+ $4,646.66 in bounties)
5. Faith#1Virtu (Canada) -- $15,499.75 (+ $2,757.40 in bounties)
6. Shippotamus (Netherlands) -- $11,852.75 (+ $1,462.50 in bounties)
7. Sobizzle21 (Mexico) -- $8,205.75 (+ $3,549.58 in bounties)
8. SerPol999 (Russia) -- $4,558.75 (+ $4,346.26 in bounties)
9. CURTAINS126 (United Kingdom) -- $2,917.60 (+ $2,243.93 in bounties)

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $6,000 in play for the winner

There's still more than two weeks of WCOOP left to go. Check the WCOOP homepage for details of all the remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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