WCOOP 2014: plattsburgh powers through Event #11 ($320 NLHE Ante Up)

A chip lead is preferable, but it guarantees nothing, no matter how deep the tournament is.

Our champion, plattsburgh, was made well aware of that fact after having to battle a dominant chip leader throughout the final table.

a.urli started the final table with the lead and it only seemed to grow as the Canadian player eliminated opponent after opponent. Then, after losing a series of pots, a.urli was the short stack with three players to go.

It didn't last long though, a.urli won four all-ins, eliminated another player and started the heads-up match with a 2.7-to-1 chip lead.

But plattsburgh managed to end a.urli's streak and take down the WCOOP title along with $56,376.00. It was the largest chunk of the $313,200.00 prize pool that 1,044 joined together to create.

It was a multi-day endeavour with ever-increasing antes that culminated in a five-hour final table.

The final table


Seat 1: TDO6H20G -- 549,832
Seat 2: xSuPrA -- 299,842
Seat 3: ftom1 -- 339,271
Seat 4: wann2play -- 440,701
Seat 5: OMGitshunt -- 434,081
Seat 6: 100$talker -- 798,645
Seat 7: plattsburgh -- 682,101
Seat 8: PartyTownUSA -- 451,663
Seat 9: a.urli -- 1,223,864

a.urli was the only player with a six-digit chip count but 100$talker soon joined the club.

PartyTownUSA and a.urli called from early position and TDO6H20G raised to 15,000 from middle position. Action folded to wann2play in the cutoff and the Dutch player moved all-in for 349,836.

100$talker re-shoved for 709,385 from the small blind and the rest of the players got out of the way.

wann2play tabled 9♠9♥ and was drawing slim against 100$talker's K♥K♣. The board ran 4♥3♦3♥4♥J♥ and the final table shrank.

wann2play won $3,758.40 for finishing 9th while 100$talker chipped up to 1.14 million.


100$talker started closing in on the lead but then a.urli pulled away through sheer domination.

100$talker called from under-the-gun and plattsburgh raised to 15 from early position. PartyTownUSA called and a.urli re-raised to 38,222 from the hijack. ftom1 moved all-in for 156,196 from the small blind and a.urli called.

a.urli had ftom1's A♦7♠ dominated with A♥8♠ and scored the elimination when the board ran J♦Q♠6♣4♣5♠.

a.urli's lead grew to 1.70 million while ftom1 won $6,264.00 for finishing 8th.

Back and forth

Then 100$talker struck again and brought the tournament down to its final six players.

100$talker opened to 25,270 from under-the-gun and OMGitshunt --who had just lost a big pot-- moved all-in for 77,418 from the big blind.

100$talker: A♣6♥
OMGitshunt: K♣Q♥

There was a 5♦[10c]5♥[10s]J♥ board and another elimination.

OMGitshunt was out in 7th and got $9,496.00 for it. 100$talker on the other hand crept a little closer to a.urli's 1.84 million lead with 1.65 million.

Third axeman

With six players left, a.urli and 100$talker had a duopoly on final table eliminations.

Then plattsburgh changed things with the big slick.

xSuPrA moved all-in for 194,594 from under-the-gun and plattsburgh re-shoved from the cutoff. The blinds and button folded and we had a showdown that didn't involved a.urli or 100$talker.

xSuPrA showed Q♥9♥ and was going to need to improve to beat plattsburgh's A♦K♣.

The A♠K♥5♠ flop was the opposite of what xSuPra was hoping for. The turn and river brought a 6♣ and a 9♠ and plattsburgh took the pot with aces and kings.

xSuPrA --who won a $1,050+R NLHE Turbo SCOOP in 2011-- was hoping to get one step closer to a Triple COOP, but had to settle for the 6th place prize of $12,528.00 instead.

Back to basics

Perhaps sensing they were losing grasp of their final table dominance, both 100$talker and a.urli called TDO6H20G's all in.

plattsburgh opened to 10 from under-the-gun and both PartyTownUSA and a.urli called. TDO6H20G moved all-in for 136,614 from the small blind and 100$talker called.

plattsburgh and PartyTownUSA folded while a.urli called.

100$talker and a.urli checked the K♦K♥6♣ flop and then 100$talker bet 20,000 when the 8♠ came on the turn. a.urli called and an 8♥ completed the board.

Both players checked and a.urli took the pot with A♣9♦. 100$talker's 7♠7♦ was counterfeited on the river and TDO6H20G mucked.

a.urli chipped up to 2.34 million --more than 1 million ahead of 100$talker-- while TDO6H20G won $15,660.00 for finishing 5th.


a.urli had held the lead for the entirety of the final table but then a series of large pots saw plattsburgh take the lead along with another elimination.

First, the short-stacked plattsburgh doubled up through a.urli. Action was limped to a.urli in the big blind and a.urli raised to 44,600.

100$talker folded and plattsburgh moved all-in for 380,948. a.urli called and showed K♥6♥ to plattsburgh's A♦[10c].

The board ran 4♣J♥8♥[10d]9♦ and plattsburgh doubled to 831,906.

Then plattsburgh took down another large pot:

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100$talker had a slight lead but then doubled PartyTownUSA up. Action limped to PartyTownUSA's big blind and PartyTownUSA raised to 44,411. 100$talker called and the flop came [10s]5♦6♦.

PartyTownUSA checked and then moved all-in for 829,048 when 100$talker bet 66,345. 100$talker called with top pair, [10c]9♠, but PartyTownUSA had an overpair with K♥K♠.

A 2♠ came on the tun and the river brought a 7♣.

PartyTownUSA's stack rose to 1.83 million while 100$talker dropped to 293,493. Then plattsburgh finished the Russian player off.

100$talker moved all-in for 387,620 from under-the-gun and plattsburgh called from the button.

100$talker: J♦9♠
plattsburgh: A♠8♥

The board ran 5♦5♠[10d]4♥A♣ and 100$talker was out in 4th. 100$talker won $22,550.40 for the finish while plattsburgh took a commanding lead with 2.77 million.

PartyTownUSA was at 1.90 million while a.urli became the short stack with 559,957.

Back on top

a.urli then doubled up four times and took back the lead. The first two double ups were with pocket nines and the third was with pocket jacks.

a.urli was the favorite in each but had to draw to win the fourth one.

a.ulri had Q♦K♥ to PartyTownUSA's A♠2♥ but hit a queen on the flop and a king on the turn.

a.urli crossed the 3 million mark and then scored another elimination.

a.urli raised to 44,444 from button and PartyTownUSA moved all-in for 547,445 from the big blind. a.urli called with A♥[10h] and PartyTownUSA showed A♣[10c].

The flop was a game-ending J♥Q♥8♥ for PartyTownUSA. a.urli hit the nut flush on the flop and PartyTownUSA was out in 3rd, earning $30,067.20.

Heads up

a.urli -- 3,817,823
plattsburgh -- 1,402,177

Players remained about even in chips until plattsburgh got dealt a pair of aces:

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plattsburgh's lead didn't last long since a.ulri hit aces the very next hand. Players got it all-in preflop and plattsburgh had A♣[10h] to a.urli's A♦A♠.

The board brought no help for plattsburgh and a.urli doubled to 4.83 million while plattsburgh was left with 385,810.

Then plattsburgh started the final ascent of the tournament.

plattsburgh won a few pots and doubled to 1 million. Then our champion doubled again.

a.urli opened to 44,444 and plattsburgh moved all-in for 1.05 million. a.urli called with A♥Q♥ and was ahead of plattsburgh's J♥7♦.

The board ran 3♦6♠7♣J♠4♦ and plattsburgh doubled to 2.23 million with jacks and sevens.

plattsburgh continued to chip up and then ended the tournament.

plattsburgh raised to 15 and a.urli called. The flop fell J♦9♦2♥ and a.urli check-raised to 144,776. plattsburgh shoved and a.urli called all-in for 768,702.

a.urli had plattsburgh's J♣3♦ dominated with J♥5♠, but a 3♥ came on the river to give plattsburgh the victory.

WCOOP-11: $320 NLHE Ante Up

Entrants: 1,044
Prize pool: $313,200.00
Places paid: 135

1. plattsburgh (Mexico) -- $53,376
2. a.urli (Canada) -- $40,183.56
3. PartyTownUSA (Canada) -- $30,067.20
4. 100$talker (Russia) -- $22,550.40
5. TDO6H20G (Canada) -- $15,660.00
6. xSuPrA (Canada) -- $12,528.00
7. OMGitshunt (Belarus) -- $9,496.00
8. ftom1 (Austria) -- $6,264.00
9. wann2play (Netherlands) -- $3,758.40

The wild antes are taking a rest but the WCOOP is still in full force. Check out the WCOOP homepage for a full list of the remaining events and satellites to each one.

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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