WCOOP 2014: Redemption for SpeedUp2 in Event #35 ($320+R PLO 6-Max)

Less than a week ago, Bulgaria's SpeedUp2 finished third in WCOOP Event #16 - a $215 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max Super Progressive KO Event. Over $18,000 in prize money is an impressive result, but no doubt SpeedUp2 would've been a little disappointed to get so close, yet so far to the WCOOP gold.

Therefore it's even more impressive to come back a week later and find redemption.

Once again the game was Pot Limit Omaha. And again it was six-max. Clearly SpeedUp2 enjoys the fast-paced action of short-handed PLO as this time the Bulgarian went all the way to capture the elusive WCOOP title and over $70,000 in prize money.

Today it was Event #35 of the World Championship of Online Poker - a $320+R Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max Event. Short-handed PLO is always a popular choice so it was no surprise to see the $300,000 guarantee easily surpassed. A total of 547 players came together for 511 rebuys and another 428 add-ons to swell the prize pool to $445,800. The top 72 players would finish in the money.

George Danzer and Naoya Kihara were early casualties for Team PokerStars, while Mickey Petersen, Vicky Coren, Johnny Lodden, Theo Jørgensen and Australian Roy Bhasin also fell short of the cash.

It would take around eight hours of play for the bubble to burst with Germany's lissi stinkt the unlucky one to fall in 73rd to miss the $1,426.56 pay day by the narrowest of margins.

With a profit secured, the players eyed off a berth on the WCOOP final table which would be reached after another three-and-a-half hours of play. With only six seats on the final table, it would be blueskyyM who fell short after getting a little unlucky with A♣Q♣J♣5♥ against p86ba's A♦Q♥6♦5♦. Three diamonds fell on board to give p86ba the flush for the knockout and leave our final table as follows:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis (641,874 in chips)
Seat 2: p86ba (2,862,245 in chips)
Seat 3: nimzon (1,446,829 in chips)
Seat 4: allucan3at (983,937 in chips)
Seat 5: mahtipeluri (1,431,066 in chips)
Seat 6: SpeedUp2 (1,134,049 in chips)

With the final table blinds starting at 12,500/25,000, there was plenty of room to move, even for our short stack, Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis, who still had over 25 big blinds to work with, while p86ba was a runaway chip leader.

SpeedUp2 shot out the blocks, winning the first four pots of the final table, but the first major pot would go to nimzon who took those chips back from SpeedUp2 with a pot-sized river bet that was left uncalled.

nimzon would then carry that momentum into a hand with allucan3at. After a raise and a three-bet, the two would see a flop of 6♥4♦3♦. nimzon checked and allucan3at moved all in with T♦K♣3♠K♦ for overpair and flush draw as nimzon was in trouble with J♠J♣9♦8♠ for an inferior overpair. The turn was the 6♦, improving allucan3at to a king-high flush and leaving nimzon with just two outs in the deck. Wouldn't you know it, the J♥ boomed onto the river to give nimzon the full house and leave a devastated allucan3at to depart in sixth place for $14,265.60.

810ofclubs found a double up with aces against SpeedUp2's kings, however an even bigger double up would go the way of mahtipeluri. The action erupted on a flop of T♠2♣6♥ with mahtipeluri getting it all in with top two pair against nimzon's overpair of queens and inside straight draw. mahtipeluri filled up with a repeat six on the turn, and when the river bricked, mahtipeluri was challenging p86ba for the chip lead.

That lead was claimed a short time later when mahtipeluri dispatched of Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis. Heavy preflop action would see 810ofclubs commit his short stack with 4♦A♠3♠Q♠ against mahtipeluri's K♠3♥K♥7♣. 810ofclubs was probably looking for an ace, and received two of them on the 9♥A♣9♦A♥8♥ board. However this is not Holdem, so 810ofclubs could only table trip aces which wasn't enough to better mahtipeluri's heart flush. With that, 810ofclubs was out in fifth place for $22,290 in prize money.

SpeedUp2 landed a big double up with an overpair of kings turning into a flush to hold against p86ba's straight draw, before an enormous hand unfolded against nimzon.

With an open from mahtipeluri and a three-bet from SpeedUp2, nimzon cold four-bet from the big blind to force a fold from mahtipeluri. However SpeedUp2 wasn't going anywhere, moving all in. nimzon called it off with 4♣K♦K♣J♦ and was pretty unhappy to see SpeedUp2 had 3♠A♠A♣3♣. The drama didn't end there as SpeedUp2 flopped two sets on the 3♦Q♠A♥ board, only to watch in horror as the T♥ hit the turn to give nimzon the lead with a Broadway straight. Incredibly the river T♠ paired the board to improve SpeedUp2 to a full house to take down the monster pot and eliminate nimzon in fourth place for $31,206 in prize money.

Wheelin' and dealin'

The three remaining players paused the clock to consider deal numbers and didn't take long to strike an agreement based on ICM with SpeedUp2 holding the chip lead to take the lion's share and leave $6,000 in the middle to play for.

It would prove to be a wise decision for mahtipeluri who a short time later would come off second-best in a huge clash with p86ba. The two would see a flop of K♥6♥9♦ where the action erupted and the chips went flying into the middle. mahtipeluri held A♣4♦K♦6♣ for two pair, but that was pipped by p86ba who showed 7♠T♥9♣K♣ for top two and inside straight draw. The turn was the T♣ and river the J♥ to see p86ba remain in front and leave mahtipeluri to collect a post-deal total of $57.837.21 for third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: p86ba (3,672,738 in chips)
Seat 6: SpeedUp2 (4,827,262 in chips)

SpeedUp2 would take a slight lead into heads-up play, but it was an epic heads-up battle with the lead see-sawing back and forth on a number of occasions.

p86ba took over the lead with a triple barrel on a board of T♠Q♦4♦A♦7♦ that was left uncalled, before SpeedUp2 pulled some chips back with a river raise on a K♦3♣K♠7♥6♦ board. Again the bet was uncalled as the players kept things very disciplined.

p86ba was winning the majority of the small pots to again edge ahead, but SpeedUp2 landed a crucial double up with pocket queens making a flush to hold against p86ba who got a little aggressive with second pair.

SpeedUp2 grabbed the momentum and went for the jugular, but p86ba wasn't done with quite yet, making a very nice call for tournament life with two pair to double up and get back into contention.

However the defining hand of the tournament would see the two titans clash on a 3♥K♦5♦ flop. SpeedUp2 led out with a bet, p86ba raised, SpeedUp2 moved all in and p86ba made the call with K♠8♠9♦5♠ for top two pair. That was in front of SpeedUp2's 4♠3♦A♠Q♦ combo draw, but the Q♥ turn and 4♦ river delivered a flush for SpeedUp2 for a big double up, and moments later, it was all over.

In a three-bet pot, pb86a moved all in on a flop of 6♥T♣2♣ with 4♠J♥Q♥6♦. It was only a pair of sixes but that was ahead of SpeedUp2's 2♥K♠5♥A♠ pair of deuces. The 7♥ turn was a brick but the 2♦ river was the lucky duck that SpeedUp2 needed to grab an impressive victory!


pb86a carried the chip lead all the way to second place to collect $61,188.79, but this time around the WCOOP title and $73,782.50 in prize money headed to Bulgaria's SpeedUp2. Congratulations!

WCOOP-35: $320+R PL Omaha [6-Max] - $300K Guaranteed
Entrants: 547 (511 rebuys, 428 add-ons)
Prize Pool: $445,800
Places Paid: 72

1. SpeedUp2 (Bulgaria) $73,782.50*
2. P86ba (Malta) $61,188.79*
3. mahtipeluri (Finland) $57,837.21*
4. nimzon (Finland) $31,206.00
5. Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis (United Kingdom) $22,290.00
6. allucan3at (Argentina) $14,265.60

* denotes three-handed ICM deal

The 2014 World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing and the Player of the Series race is starting to heat up, but it's not too late to jump into the WCOOP action, with events running right through until September 28th. There's over $40,000,000 in guaranteed prize money to be won! Check out the WCOOP homepage for more details.

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