WCOOP 2014: Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson wins second WCOOP title in three days in Event #22 ($215 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up)

Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson now has a WCOOP bracelet for each wrist.

Three days ago he had none.

On Friday, Margereson bested 2,227 players in Event #18 ($320 NLHE Turbo, Zoom) and won $106,896.51. Aside from being his first WCOOP title, the victory was Margereson's first six-figure score.

Today, both those stats doubled after Margereson outlasted a field of 8,139 players and took home $202,000.00.

Today's event was also a bit slower than the turbo-zoom event Margereson won a few days ago. Event #22 was a two-day event that had one of the largest prize pools of this year's WCOOP.

Another difference this victory had was that Margereson started the final table as the chip leader. In his previous victory, Margereson had to struggle to victory after starting second in chips.

The final table


Seat 1: Senyorita_K -- 8,574,152
Seat 2: IL BRUTTOO -- 14,088,065
Seat 3: CrazyB15 -- 6,552,547
Seat 4: BBR123 -- 3,406,842
Seat 5: Agrobot_388Z -- 3,880,356
Seat 6: Iceberg Fluid -- 8,874,189
Seat 7: madhostage -- 11,478,687
Seat 8: Aggro Santos -- 17,729,699

The two short stacks managed to hang in and even slightly chip up without being the first at-risk player at the table.

That honor went to madhostage, who was chipped down to about 6.85 million before moving all-in.

Blinds were 125,000/250,000 with a 31,250 ante and IL BRUTTOO raised to 500,00 from early position.

madhostage re-raised to 1.2 million from the button and IL BRUTTOO jammed.

madhostage called all-in and showed A♥K♠, while IL BRUTTO had red cowboys, K♥K♦.

The board came 8♦2♦4♥9♠K♣ and IL BRUTTOO hit a set of kings on the river.

madhostage was the first final table elimination and won $12,615.45 for the 9th place finish.

Return of the cowboys

The very next hand, CrazyB15 raised to 550,000 from early position and BBR123 moved all-in for 4.3 million. Action folded back around to CrazyB15, whom called.

CrazyB15 showed 9♠9♣ and was up against BBR123's K♦K♣. CrazyB15 had few outs and hit one of them on the J♠Q♠9♦ flop.

The 3♠ on the turn gave CrazyB15 a flush draw on top of that, but then a [10c] fell on the river to give BBR123 a nine-to-king straight.

BBR123 doubled to 9.23 million while CrazyB15 dipped to 9.63 million.

Battle at the top

CrazyB15 wouldn't last long in the seven-digit chip count department. CrazyB15 won a few large pots after the failed elimination and took the lead with 20 million.

But the start-of-table chip leader, Aggro Santos, wasn't standing idly by.

With 200K/400K blinds and a 50K ante, Aggro Santos raised to 800,000 from middle position. Dr.Action re-raised all-in for 5.58 million from hijack and Aggro Santos called.

Dr.Action: A♦K♠
Aggro Santos: A♥A♣

The board ran 7♥[10d]3♣Q♠3♥ and Dr.Action hit the rail in 8th. Dr.Action won $19,533.60 for the finish while Aggro Santos chipped up to 16.5 million.

Aggro Santos then won another pot and passed the 20 million mark. CrazyB15 and Aggro Santos stayed around that point for some time and switched the lead back-and-forth before CrazyB15 jumped to the thirties after eliminating IcebergFluid.

Sinking iceberg

IcebergFluid ran A♠Q♠ into Agrobot_388Z's A♥A♦ and was left with just one big blind.

The blinds went up to 250K/500K with a 62.5K ante and IcebergFluid was automatically all-in for 153,833 from the big blind.

Senyorita_K called from middle position and Agrobot_388Z did the same from the small blind.

Senyorita_K and Agrobot_388Z checked down the 9♦7♦Q♦5♣6♥ board and players revealed their hands.

Agrobot_388Z won nothing with 3♥2♥ while Senyorita_K took the side pot with A♥J♦. IcebergFluid on the other hand nearly sextupled up to 898,999 with A♣9♣.

IcebergFluid then tripled up the following hand.

Agrobot_388Z raised to 1 million from the button and IcebergFluid called all-in from the small blind. Aggro Santos called as well and the flop came J♠6♥4♦.

Agrobot_388Z bet 1.79 million when checked to and Aggro Santos folded.

Agrobot_388Z showed a pair of jacks with Q♠J♥ while IcebergFluid showed K♣Q♦. The 2♦ turn changed nothing, but a K♠ came on the river to give IcebergFluid the pot.

IcebergFluid was up to 2.9 million but ended up funneling those chips to CrazyB15.

IcebergFluid moved all-in for 2.63 million from under-the-gun and CrazyB15 called from the button.

IcebergFluid: A♦6♣
CrazyB15: A♥[10d]

The board ran 9♦J♦Q♥[10c]6♦ and IcebergFluid's streak came to an end.

IcebergFluid won $34,997.70 for finishing 7th while CrazyB15 chipped up to 33.06 million.

Short stack survival

Short stacks are cannibalistic beings.

And since CrazyB15 and Aggro Santos had about 70 percent of the chips in play, there were a few short stacks.

Agrobot_388Z was one of them and raised to 1 million from the cutoff. Senyorita_K moved all-in for 3.77 million with K♥J♠ and Agrobot_388Z called with A♦8♠.

The board ran [10h]3♣8♥2♦6♥ and Agrobot_388Z took the pot with a pair of eights.

Agrobot_388Z chipped up to 12.32 million while Senyorita_K was out in 6th ($50,461.80).

One more

We got our next elimination the next hand.

Aggro Santos raised to 1 million from the cutoff and BBR123 moved all-in for 6.61 million from the big blind.

Aggro Santos called with A♦K♥ and BBR123 tabled A♦J♦.

The board brought all low cards and Aggro Santos took the pot. BBR123 was eliminated in 5th place and earned $66,739.80


A few hands later, the final four players struck a deal.

At the time of the deal, the counts were:

Aggro Santos -- 29,749,555
CrazyB15 -- 27,539,391
Agrobot_388Z -- 16,129,200
Il BRUTTOO -- 7,971,854

And the numbers came out to:

Aggro Santos -- $182,000.00
CrazyB15 -- $144,000.00
Agrobot_388Z -- $179,000.00
Il BRUTTOO -- $115,332.60

With $20,000 left for first.

False hope

IL BRUTTO scored a double up after the deal but then lost it all in a flip.

IL BRUTTO raised to 1.2 million from the button and CrazyB15 moved all-in for 22.88 million from the small blind.

Agrobot_388Z folded from the big blind and IL BRUTTO called.

IL BRUTTO: A♣[10h]
CrazyB15: 2♣2♦

There was a 4♦Q♠J♣6♣7♥ board and another elimination.

CrazyB15 reclaimed the lead with 34.66 million. IL BRUTTO on the other hand finished 4th and won the agreed-upon $115,332.

Top to bottom

CrazyB15's lead didn't last long.

After dipping to 24.87 million, CrazyB15 raised to 1.6 million from the button and Aggro Santos re-raised to 4.57 million from the big blind.

CrazyB15 moved all-in and Aggro Santos called.

CrazyB15 showed A♣J♦ and was dominated by Aggro Santos' A♥Q♦.

The board ran Q♣2♣K♠3♠6♠ and CrazyB15's tournament came to an end.

There was a $179,000.00 deposit into CrazyB15 account for the 3rd place finish and the tournament went heads-up.


Aggro Santos -- 64,698,275
Agrobot_388Z -- 16,691,725

It was Aggro vs Agro, and Aggro won.

Agrobot_388Z managed to shrink the gap a few times but didn't survive the first all-in.

Aggro Santos called from the button and Agrobot_388Z moved all-in for 15.85 million. Aggro Santos called and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

Agrobot_388Z showed Q♣5♣ and was behind Aggro Santos' A♠2♠.

The 3♦8♥J♠K♥2♥ board wasn't the help Agrobot_388Z needed and the tournament came to an end.

Agrobot_388Z won $144,000.00 for the runner-up finish while Aggro Santos became a the first double WCOOP winner of the year. For this victory, Aggro Santos won another WCOOP bracelet and $202,000.00.

WCOOP-22:$215 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up

Entrants: 8,139
Prize pool: $1,627,800.00
Places paid: 1,080

1. Aggro Santos (United Kingdom) -- $202,000.00*
2. Agrobot_388Z (Kazakhstan) -- $144,000.00*
3. CrazyB15 (New Zealand) -- $179,000.00*
4. IL BRUTTO (Israel) -- $115,332.60*
5. BBR123 (Canada) -- $66,739.80
6. Senyorita_K (Russia) -- $50,461.80
7. IcebergFluid (Belgium) -- $34,997.70
8. Dr>Action (United Kingdom) -- $19,533.60
9. madhostage (Poland) -- $12,615.45

*Denots a four-way deal.

The Sunday Warm-Up has cooled down but the WCOOP fire is still burning strong. Check out the WCOOP homepage for a full list of the remaining events and satellites to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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