WCOOP 2014: win to eat gobbles up Event #8 title ($215 NL Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-Max)

Could you locate Moldova on a map? A tiny Eastern European republic sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova could fit inside the state of Maryland and has about 200,000 fewer residents than the city of Los Angeles. Although the WCOOP has been in existence since 2002, it wasn't until tonight that a Moldovan player captured a bracelet. At a tough final table that included PCA Main Event runner-up Kyle Julius, Moldova's win to eat ran roughshod over his opponents, emerging with a $36k score and his country's first WCOOP title.

The first split-pot event of the 2014 WCOOP drew 1,075 runners and the $215,000.00 prize pool nearly tripled the $75k guarantee. 144 players earn a share of it with first place set to earn $36,012.50. Eight Red Spades joined this field including Martin Hruby, Matthias "Mati312" Brandner, Chris Moneymaker, Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara, Marcin Horecki, George Danzer, Roy "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin, and Eugene Katchalov. However, none of them finished in the money.

Nearly twelve hours after cards went in the air, Event #8 reached the final table bubble with seven players remaining. Short stack zilbeee opened for a min-raise to 28,000 from the cutoff and genio360 responded with a 1.07 million shove on the button. Zilbeee called off his remaining 321,433, his A♦K♥K♣3♣ up against A♣A♥5♠8♦. Genio360's aces held up on the T♦7♦2♣7♥J♥ board and with no low hand possible, he scooped the pot, ending zilbeee's run one spot short of the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: KJulius10 (507,755 in chips)
Seat 2: CobelinO (579,362 in chips)
Seat 3: genio360 (1,452,038 in chips)
Seat 4: win to eat (1,460,025 in chips)
Seat 5: EzPaTuLa (861,291 in chips)
Seat 6: santa claus6 (514,529 in chips)

Kyle "KJulius10" Julius takes sixth

Already a Sunday Million champion, Kyle "KJulius10" Julius hoped to add another major online win to his poker C.V. this evening. With the blinds up to 8,000/16,000 he opened for 32,000 from UTG and got three callers. The flop fell 8♣3♠3♥ and the action checked to genio360, who bet 64,000. Win to eat called, santa claus6 folded and KJulius10 called. The turn came the 9♠ and KJulius10 checked again. Genio360 fired 192,000 and both win to eat and KJulius10 called. When the T♣ hit the river, KJulius10 checked a third time, genio360 checked and win to eat bet 366,400. KJulius10 called off his remaining 230,588 and genio360 ducked out of the way. KJulius10 turned over K♠K♣5♥2♦ for kings and threes, but it was no match for win to eat's A♦9♥4♠3♦. Win to eat raked in the 1.38 million pot with threes full of nines and KJulius10 hit the rail in sixth place, good for $6,450.00.

santa claus6 falls in fifth

Two orbits later, the action folded to santa claus6 in the small blind. He open-shoved for 420,929 and CobelinO looked him up from the big blind.

santa claus6 A♣K♣K♠9♠
CobelinO A♥A♠6♠2♥

CobelinO made aces up for high and an 8-7-3-2-A low on the 9♥8♦8♣3♠7♣ board, ending santa claus6's run in fifth place ($9,223.50).

win to eat devours Genio360's stack

Chip leader win to eat got another huge boost when he got three streets of value from CobelinO on a A♣T♠3♠4♣6♦ board. Win to eat revealed T♣8♣6♠2♠ for two pair, tens and sixes and a 6-4 low and scooped the 1.28 million pot. CobelinO was left with less than half a million in chips, but doubled up when his A♦A♥J♦6♥ made Broadway vs. genio360's kings and threes.

Genio360 was crippled to only 49,637 in chips after the hand and had 25,000 committed in the big blind on the next deal. All three of his opponents limped in and they saw a K♣7♥7♦ flop. The action checked to win to eat, who made it 25,000 to go. The min-bet folded out EzPaTuLa and CobelinO while genio360 called off his remaining 21,512.

genio360 K♠J♣5♥3♥
win to eat 9♥8♥7♣6♥

Win to eat's trip sevens already led genioo360's kings up on the flop, but he improved to sevens full of sixes when the 6♣ turned. To add insult to injury, win to eat rivered the case seven for quads and sent genio360 to the rail in fourth place ($13,975.00).

EzPaTuLa eliminated in third place

When three-handed play commenced, win to eat held a commanding chip lead with 3.6 million while CobelinO and EzPaTuLa sat with about 390,000 apiece. Win to eat wielded his big stack like a deadly weapon and raked in 14 of the next 18 pots, topping 4 million in chips. With the blinds up to 12,500/25,000, win to eat opened for 52,500 from the small blind and EzPaTuLa shoved for 783,541 from the big. Win to eat called, his A♦2♥3♥5♣ trailing EzPaTuLa's A♠A♥J♦T♥.

The flop fell K♠7♦2♠. EzPaTuLa's aces still led for high, but win to eat picked up a pair of deuces and the nut low draw. The 3♦ turn, however, was a disaster for EzPaTuLa, as win to eat made deuces and treys for high and a 7-5-3-2-A low. The 2♦ river improved win to eat to deuces full and EzPaTuLa was out in third place ($20,425.00).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: CobelinO (741,565 in chips)
Seat 4: win to eat (4,633,435 in chips)

Win to eat began heads-up play with a 6 to 1 chip lead, but CobelinO wasn't about to go quietly. On a T♦9♥5♦4♣ board, win to eat bet enough to set CobelinO all-in and he called off the rest of his chips with A♣2♦3♠8♦ for straight, flush, low, and wheel draws. Win to eat revealed T♠8♥6♠3♣ for only top pair. The K♦ river made CobelinO's flush and he doubled to 1.13 million.

Win to eat whittled CobelinO back down to 682,000 before he opened for 63,000 on the button with 2♦3♠4♠5♣. CobelinO called with 7♦7♣4♥3♦. The flop fell A♥A♠2♥ and CobelinO check-raised all-in for his remaining 615,000. Win to eat called. The K♠ turn was no help for win to eat and the A♣ river made CobelinO aces full of sevens, good for another double-up.

CobelinO, however, wouldn't hold on to those chips for long. On the very next deal, CobelinO limped in on the button and win to eat shoved from the big blind. CobelinO called.

CobelinO K♠K♥J♠9♥
win to eat A♣A♦6♣4♣

For the third time at this final table, aces were up against kings in a pre flop all-in. The aces maintained a perfect 3-0 record as the board ran out 2♦8♣2♥8♥T♦, locking up win to eat's WCOOP title.

Congratulations to win to eat, Moldova's first-ever WCOOP bracelet winner! He banked $36,012.50 while runner-up CobelinO earned $26,875.00.

The 2014 WCOOP is just getting started. Head over to the WCOOP page for a full schedule of events and satellite information.

WCOOP-08: $215 NL Omaha Hi/Lo (6-Max)
Entrants: 1,075
Places paid: 144

1. win to eat (Moldova) $36,012.50
2. CobelinO (Russia) $26,875.00
3. EzPaTuLa (United Kingdom) $20,875.00
4. genio360 (Colombia) $13,975.00
5. santa claus6 (Austria) $9,223.50
6. Kyle "KJulius10" Julius (Canada) $6,450.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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