WCOOP: How to win the 2014 Player of the Series

This time last year, we began watching as a mysterious man known only as Sykoen crushed the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker leader board. At the time, he was trying to protect his anonymity. That didn't last long.

As Howard Swains reported on the PokerStars Blog last year, when Sykoen won the 2013 Player of the Series, a Norwegian newspaper tracked him down and outed him to the world. Before long, everyone knew Sykoen was none other than EPT rounder Yngve Steen.


Yngve 'Sykoen' Steen

No one, least of all Steen himself, should've been surprised at the public's curiosity. Steen had outperformed everyone in the most prestigious online poker festival.

How did he do it? Well, for starters, he finished in the money 16 times. Of those cashes, he made three final tables. It earned him trips to the PCA and tickets to all the big COOP Main Events.

Now it's your chance. WCOOP begins on September 7th. In all there are 66 events guaranteeing at least $40 million in prize money. The Player of the Series race is on once again. You want to talk about some value? Just check out what the top prize is offering.

1st: Champion's Trophy, 2015 PCA Package, 2015 EPT Grand Final Package, 2015 TCOOP Main Event Ticket
2nd: 2015 PCA Package, 2015 TCOOP Main Event Ticket
3rd: 2015 TCOOP Main Event Ticket
4th: 2015 TCOOP Main Event Ticket
5th: 2015 TCOOP Main Event Ticket

While Steen's accomplishment may seem impossible, consider this: last year during WCOOP, he skipped almost the entire first week before getting down to business. He still won the Player of the Series. That's one way to do it.

So, plan your attack. Who knows? By this time next year a Norwegian newspaper could be hunting you down.

For a complete explanation of how the Player of the Series race works and how you can earn points along the way, visit the 2014 WCOOP Player of the Series web page.

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