WCOOP: (Spoiler alert) Darren Elias is pretty good at poker

It's Friday. It's August. Put those things together and you'll know that today is Final Table Friday, the day we--in an effort to pass the time on the way to the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker--take a look back at one of the notable final tables from WCOOP history.

Today we thought we would take a look back at where WCOOP success for one standout started. You probably know the name Darren Elias. If not, this will catch you up.

In short, he has two WCOOP bracelets over the past two WCOOPs. He won his first in 2012 in the $10,300 high roller. Last year, he won another in a $320 six-max event.


With that in mind, as we psych ourselves up for WCOOP 2014, we decided to have a look at Elias' first win.

Up against formidable foes like ch0ppy, nandor82, Chris "ImDaNuts" Oliver, Artem205, Sykoen, Paolo69, MONSTER _DONG, and Shhh00kem, Elias proved his mettle.

Remember as you watch that there will be 66 chances for you to win a WCOOP bracelet this year, including that $10 million guaranteed Main Event. Satellites are running all the time.

And now, our feature presentation.

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