BREAKING: Second seat added to $51K WCOOP FPP satellite

Stop press. Hold your horses. Damn the torpedoes. Loud noises!

You might have read earlier this week that you could win a seat to the WCOOP $51,000 event with your FPPs. Well, just minutes ago we learned that isn't true.

You can now win one of TWO seats, and you can do it for as little as 50 Frequent Player Points.

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Here's how it works, you can play 50-FPP tournaments that can get you on a ladder to play in this Saturday's VIP Bash contest.

First prize in that tournament?

A seat to the $51,000 event.

Second prize?

Another $51,000 seat.

o 1st and 2nd - $51,000 Entry
o 3rd to 9th - $5,200 Entry
o 10th to 27th - $ $1,050 Entry

Here's how how you can get in.

Round 1 (50 FPPs) STT's running continuously
Round 2 (500 FPPs) 4 times daily at 08:15 ET, 10:15 ET, 14:15 ET and 17:15 ET
Round 3 (5,000 FPPs) Saturday September 12, 12:00 ET
Final (25,000 FPPs) Saturday September 12, 14:30 ET

You can find all the satellites by searching for VIP Bash in the Online Events - WCOOP - FPP Satellites tab.

What's more, even if you don't have a PokerStars account yet, earning 50 FPPs isn't that hard to do once you get started playing. Even a small deposit would get you on the road to earning the FPPs you need to play, and, if you;'re lucky, the $51,000 WCOOP event.

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Brad Willis
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