Family, faith, and a third glass of wine: Trymean77's keys to WCOOP success

Calmness in a clutch moments in poker is a trait to which not all of us can lay claim. While some, steadfast and almost without emotion, operate at optimal efficiency regardless of circumstance, others must rely on more traditional coping mechanisms, tested over centuries, and proven by the Dutch to enhance courage and confidence.

There may be players who occupy a middle ground - I hear deep breaths sometimes work - but others, like Josefine "Trymean77" Forssberg, 33, winner of WCOOP Event #23, choose tradition when facing the prospect of a first WCOOP final table.

"I was all over the place actually," she said. "I normally never drink alcohol while I play online, but I had to pour myself a glass of wine to calm my nerves. It went down rather quickly and I think I had finished almost three by the time the game was over. >_<

josefine_forssberg_18sept15.jpgJosefine Forssberg

There are two things you notice when talking to Forssberg. The first is that she speaks from the heart. The second is that she uses this symbol >_< as punctuation. But it seems to work, encapsulating a "close your eyes, have a little faith and give it a go" sentiment, which on this occasion worked perfectly.

It also downplays her obvious talent, now officially tested in the toughest of online theatres. Previous wins have included the Women's Sunday, which prompted her once to say how she felt she could only win the little events. It would seem the reality is otherwise.

"It was really exciting and rather nerve wrecking to be honest," she said. "I'm not used to going deep in big events, the money jumps are crazy and it's a bit difficult to come up with the best strategy when you haven't really been in that spot before. I'm pretty sure my tactic wasn't optimal for ICM, I kinda just went for it."

Forssberg hadn't actually planned on playing that day. A cash finish in the Sunday Million the previous weekend earned her around $2,000, ("I withdrew most and lost the rest"). But she deposited again to play the hyper satellite for Event #23, and "binked it first try".

And so she found herself going deep in her first big buy-in Omaha event.

"There weren't many key moments as such as I chipped up pretty early and didn't have to jeopardize my stack until just before the final table. One funny spot that was also rather important for my momentum was when a guy decided to stack off about 40 bb with top pair and a gut shot which made me a massive chip leader.

Another key pot fell for Forssberg before the final table, which led to a brave call from her opponent before she hit a straight.

"I had to jump up and down for like a minute before I could proceed playing."

Jumping up a down aside (there may or may not be a correlation with glasses of wine consumed) Forssberg's confidence held in tact through to the end.

"I'm really happy with how I played and I can't complain about the way I was running. Even though I lost chunks a few times I never lost my confidence and I kept coming back and chipping up without having to risk too much and picking really good spots for it as well."

A self-confessed procrastinator, who recently moved back to her native Sweden from London, she learned to play poker after watching TV, soon realising that to be good at it meant years of hard work.

But poker hasn't really been a priority for Forssberg this year. You might say it was sadness rather than celebration that preoccupied the past year, following the death of her mother nine months ago. It's something that has brought her a renewed closeness to her family, which can often be the perfect base on which to build an achievement like that of last week. No one would ever say poker was all that important in the general scheme of things, but few would challenge the importance of having a family to which you can turn, and with whom you can share moments like this.

Not that she was thinking clearly when the last card was dealt.

"I tried to focus, but had to scream like WHOOOAAAAAHHHHH to friends when I doubled up or got away with a massive bluff. >_< Then I wrote on my FB status and that's pretty much how everyone else found out. Except my dad who I told later in the morning when he woke up.

Unconventional (she then went for a swim in the sea), amiable, and a little inspiring, it's a win that would make anyone feel a little better. And if not a glass of wine might help. >_<

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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