The cheapest & easiest way to get into the WCOP Main Event

All credit to Bryan Slick and the other creative minds in the PokerStars tournaments bunker, there are a lot of darned ways to get a World Championship of Online Poker Main Event. You have a lot of choices.

But maybe you don't have a lot of time.

Maybe you don't have a lot of money.

This is how you get your seat without a bunch of steps to step, ladders to climb, or hoops to jump through.

It costs $1. There are no rebuys to think about. You won't have to wade through a long series of satellites. Want to know more? We have all of it below.

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On September 27 at 14:01 ET, there is a Phase 2 WCOOP Main Event satellite that guarantees at least ten $5,200 WCOOP Main Event seats. How do you get in? It's simple.

Right now, you can play $1 Phase 1 100-player turbo SNGs that are running all the time. The top 10% of each of those advance to Phase 2 and use whatever chips they've accumulated to battle against everyone else who's made it to Phase 2.

If you don't make it to Phase 2 the first time, you can keep trying. As of this moment, only 117 people have qualified for the second phase.

Have a buck and wanna take your shot? Just search for "WCOOP Main Phase" in the WCOOP satellite tourney filter and get to work.

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Brad Willis
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