WCOOP 2015: After a big weekend attention now turns to the Main Event

We're into Day 23 of WCOOP 2015. Here's the penultimate update with only three events still to finish.

Today's highlights:

--The WCOOP Main Event began yesterday with 246 of the 1,995 starting field remaining. Day 2 begins at 14.30 ET.
--EspenasApart from Norway leads. Team Online's Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara and Adi Agarwal still in contention.
--Calvin "cal42688" Anderson recorded his second WCOOP win in Event #63, tying Shaun Deeb with eight career COOP wins.


WCOOP Main Event update

And so the big one got under way yesterday. The WCOOP Main Event is a three-day event so there's still plenty of action to come, but we are on the bubble, with 243 players getting paid and 246 remaining from an original field of 1,995.

Leadings as of now is Norwegian player Espenas with more than 1.4 million chips (blinds are 6,250/12,500 + 250 ante). A min cash right now will be worth $12,000 with $1,760,500 from a prize pool of $10 million put aside for the winner.

But to look at the list of players still in contention is to see an event still wide open:

--Adam "Adamyid" Owen has had a great WCOOP, with four final tables and ten cashes.
--Familiar names such as Isaac "WestmenloAA" Baron, PlayinWasted, veeea, CHUFTY, and Exclusive all remain.
--eisenhower1, who won Event #61 over the weekend, is also among the last 246. So too are Stephen "Stevie444" Chidwick and Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee.
--Team Pros Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara and Ari Agarwal are also in the field.

Round up of latest results

With the Main Event turning heads it would be easy to miss some significant winners over the weekend, most significant of them all perhaps being Calvin "cal4268" Anderson who scored his second WCOOP title in Event #62, and his eighth COOP title. Not only is that a great personal achievement, it also ties Shaun Deeb with the most COOPs, Deeb having won his eighth only last week (he could yet make it nine in Event #68).

Easylimp also earned his second COOP in Event #58, while omaha4rollz and Christian "eisonhower1" Jeppsson did the same in Events #60 and #61 (Mike "Timex" McDonald reaching another final table in the latter, finishing seventh).

Kyle "KJulius10" Julius has all manner of achievements on his resume, but going into the weekend that did not include a WCOOP title. That changed in Event #63, a fixed limit hold'em tournament, which he won late on Friday. The former Sunday Million winner, and PCA runner-up, picked up $36,720 along with the title.

Meanwhile there were wins for uremyatm in the PLO head-up, Joel "jbrown8777" Brown in the 6-max PLO, and calvin7v in Event #70, which was his third COOP title. Maicoshaa won Event #66, a HORSE contest. Team Pro George Danzer finished third.

Click through the links below for full reports.

Event #58: $530 NL Hold'em (Ultra-Deep)
Entrants: 1,132
Prize pool: $566,000
Places paid: 117

1. easylimp (United Kingdom) $81,597.76*
2. Stümpper88 (Argentina) $69,895.60*
3. whiteser (Ireland) $78,868.64*
4. lechuckpoker (United Kingdom) $41,035.00
5. Jig Flippin (Canada) $28,526.40
6. 10111420 (United Kingdom) $22,866.40
7. VyruAlus (Lithuania) $17,206.40
8. pol17pl (Poland) $11,603.00
9. biszibosz (Poland) $7,075.00
* denotes three-way deal

Event #60: $2,100 No-Limit Hold'em (Progressive Super-KO, Thursday Thrill SE)
Entrants: 1,216
Prize pool: $2,432,000 ($1,216,000 regular, $1,216,000 bounty)
Places paid: 144

1. omaha4rollz (Hungary) $212,556.80 + $78,945.28 in bounties
2. Vlad "dariepoker" Darie (Romania) $154,432 + $24,273.43 in bounties
3. Killer_ooooo (Israel) $115,520 + $43,632.79 in bounties
4. Patrick "pmahoney22" Mahoney (Mexico) $86,336 + $18,523.43 in bounties
5. rojorulez (Argentina) $60,800 + $7,250 in bounties
6. deuces85 (Canada) $48,640 + $5,765.62 in bounties
7. erikkke (Hungary) $36,480 + $8,531.25 in bounties
8. keves1717 (Israel) $24,320 + $31,078.12 in bounties
9. TTPlayer18 (Germany) $13,984 + $10,937.50 in bounties

Event #61: $700 NL Hold'em [1R1A]
Entries: 518 (Rebuys: 249, Add-ons 295)
Prize pool: $706,230.00
Places paid: 72

1. Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppsson (Sweden) $105,942.56*
2. A.Tricarico (Belgium) $95,124.33*
3. 42ayay (Sweden) $102,259.09*
4. VitinhO Dzi (Brazil) $54,379.71
5. blakjak19 (Cyprus) $38,136.42
6. 0Human0 (Romania) $30,014.77
7. Mike "Tîmex" McDonald (Canada) $22,952.47
8. PolecatRider (Germany) $15,890.17
9. RGRGINDIA (India) $10,805.31
* denotes a three-way deal

Event #62: $320 PL Omaha H/L
Entrants: 649
Prize Pool: $194,700
Places Paid: 84

1. Calvin "cal42688" Anderson (Mexico) $36,019.50
2. Ogom3z (Mexico) $26,868.60
3. ismo<3seppo (Finland) $19,956.75
4. kedvedert (Hungary) $13,629.00
5. fish_san (Japan) $9,735.00
6. neilcaterham (United Kingdom) $5,841.00

Event #63: $1,050 FL Hold'em Championship [6-Max]
Entrants: 153
Prize pool: $153,000
Places paid: 24

1. Kyle "KJulius10" Julius (Canada) $36,720.00
2. Dancer King (Russia) $25,321.50
3. Mrdawwe (Sweden) $19,125.00
4. Naza114 (Czech Republic) $13,005.00
5. Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko (Russia) $9,945.00
6. Beeeehto (Brazil) $6,885.00

Event #64: $700 Pot-Limit Omaha [Heads-Up]
Entrants: 293
Prize pool: $192,185
Places paid: 32

1. uremyatm (Denmark) $51,890.01
2. hateAll686 (Belarus $28,827.75
3. BenyamineX (Netherlands) $15,574.80
4. Dave "riverdave" Penly (United Kingdom) $15,374.80

Event #65: $700 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout)
Entries: 2,119

Total prize pool: $1,409,135 (half regular, half bounties)
Places paid: 276

1. Joel "jbrown8777" Brown (Canada) $110,970.75 (+ $31,406.80 in bounties)
2. huiiiiiiiiii (Austria) $82,786.68 (+$21,009.65 in bounties)
3. Mariano "P.Iv3Y" Martiradonna (Malta) $61,649.65 (+ $15,158.15 in bounties)
4. Luis "Turko_man" Rodriguez (Finland) $40,512.63 (+ $24,469.68 in bounties)
5. Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz (Austria) $26,421.28 (+ $7.798.07 bounties)
6. advenje (Netherlands) $14,866.37 (+ $3,766.56 bounties)

Event #66: HORSE Championship
Entrants: 134
Prize pool: $268,000
Places paid: 24

1. Maicoshaa (Russia) $58,290
2. DerRaeuber (Austria) $41,540
3. Team PokerStars Pro George "GeorgeDanzer" Danzer (Austria) $32,160
4. to0dey (Russia) $22,780
5. Christer "lennart" Johansson (Sweden) $14,740
6. Bernardo "bedias" Dias (Brazil) $12,060
7. ilushan (Russia) $9,380
8. Georgios "GeoManousos" Sotiropoulos (Austria) $7,370

Event #70: $1,050 NLHE [Turbo, Optional Re-Entry]
Entrants: 1,847
Prize pool: $1,847,000
Places paid: 198

1. calvin7v (Finland) $309,372.50
2. ZISIMO7 [2] (Austria) $226,257.50
3. baeks22 (Germany) $170,847.50
4. Talal "raidalot" Shakerchi (United Kingdom) $125,596.00
5. Danny "DannyN13" Noseworthy (Canada) $90,503.00
6. nailuj90 [2] (Germany) $72,033.00
7. Aaralynn (Mexico) $53,563.00
8. BruceWizayne (Canada) $35,093.00
9. John "bullyon" Buglion (Australia) $19,024.10

For all the WCOOP 2015 results so far, check out our aptly named WCOOP results page, which also has links to all final table reports.

Coming up today

All of the 70 events on the WCOOP 2015 schedule have now begun, with three events left to conclude. While the Main Event finishes tomorrow two events with end today.

Still to conclude

Event 67: NL Hold'em (8-max Optional re-entry, Sunday Warm-Up SE) 112 of 8,872 players remaining
Event 68: 8-Game Championship - 11 of 91 players remaining

Click here for the full schedule of remaining events in this year's WCOOP.

Leader board

As things stand Shaun Deeb is 35 points behind Fresh_oO_D, who has 385 points. However, Deeb is one of the remaining 11 players in the 8-Game. It's a six handed event which means Deeb is guaranteed to tie for first place. Unless he finishes in sixth place or better, in which case he will go top.

There are other possibilities, including Adamyid, currently in ninth place with 290 points (admittedly he might have to win the Main Event).

wcoop_leaderboard_28sept15.jpgClick to enlarge

Find all the leader board details right here

News from the rest of the weekend

It proved a text book busy weekend. And while the big scores were in WCOOP, the big players were keeping themselves busy in the other weekend majors.

--Kosei Ichinose, who is still in the WCOOP Main Event, won the Saturday PLO 6max.
--Dan "djk123" Kelly won the $215 weekly PLO.
--RuiNF, a former WCOOP leader board contender, won the $82 Weekly PLO
--Current leader board pace setterFresh_oO_D won the $55 Saturday PLO Hi/Lo
--Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich won the WCOOP 2nd Chance HORSE
--Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppsson, who won WCOOP Event 61, came second in the Sunday Kick-off.

The weekend's top 10 scorers

$109+R Sunday Rebuy: chiconogue (Brazil) $65,412.00
$215 Sunday Supersonic [6-Max]: Bazeman11 (Mexico) $53,478.38
$215 Sunday 2nd Chance: brainwash (Australia) $51,782.00
WCOOP 2nd Chance 70: $530 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Optional Re-Entry]: DaNuts90 (Germany) $50,248.01
WCOOP 2nd Chance 67: $109 NL Hold'em [8-Max, Optional Re-Entry]: Rhyno2008 (Uruguay) $43,996.77
$320 Saturday Super-Knockout: JSlash (Sweden) $38,967.61
$109 Sunday Kickoff: matt86ck (Poland) $33,024.00
$215 Weekly Turbo NLHE: DonkCommited (Costa Rica) $32,317.80
The Weekender: $530 NLHE [8-Max, 2-Day]: hownorez (Czech Republic) $29,955.54
$11 Sunday Storm: JJelic (Croatia) $27,710.90

Find all the results from the weekend of September 26-27, 2015 on PokerStars

Tweet of the day

Image of the weekend

The final hand of the Dream Team Collection $1 million all-in shootout, won yesterday by solik1968 thanks to a fortuitous river card.

dtc_final_hand_cropped_28sept15.jpgClick to enlarge

Stats of the day

A total of $66,245,305 was paid out in prize money during this year's WCOOP, the largest amount ever for a WCOOP series.

On to Day 24

This is the penultimate daily report for this year's WCOOP. Tomorrow we'll wrap up events #67 and #68, and potentially know who will win the Player of the Series. That will leave the Main Event final report on Wednesday to wrap things up.

There are no more events to play, but you can still find all the details about the Championship on the WCOOP homepage.

In the meantime, as always, send us your thoughts and comments to us on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog.

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