WCOOP 2015: Calvin "cal42688" Anderson wins 2nd WCOOP bracelet with win in Event #62 ($320 PLO Hi/Lo); ties Shaun Deeb with 8th career COOP title

Shaun Deeb did not hold the record for most career COOPs for very long before Calvin "cal42688" Anderson tied Deeb with eight. Anderson took down Event #62 to win his second WCOOP bracelet and 8th overall COOP. He had previously been tied with Deeb at seven until Deeb pulled ahead with an 8th win in Event #44 earlier this week. Just as Deeb notched 8th, Anderson quickly caught up.

When the final table for Event #62 PLO Hi/Lo was set, cal42688 was one of the short stacks but managed to keep his head above water long enough to get down to the final two. At that point, cal42688 had to overcome a sizable deficit to beat Mexico's Ogom3z heads-up for the victory.

2015 WCOOP Event #62 $320 PL Omaha H/L attracted 649 runners. They created a prize pool worth $194,700. It nearly doubled the initial $100K Guarantee. The top 84 places got a cut of the prize money with $36,019.50 initially set aside to the champion.


Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson = 8-time COOP champion

Team PokerStars Eugene Katchalov cashed in this event. When the money bubble burst, Eugene Katchalov was in the Top 15 in chips. Katchalov ended up busting in 41st place. Katchalov got it all-in on the turn with A♦6♣5♥2♣ against neilcaterham's A♥J♦J♣3♠. neilcaterham scooped with a set of Jacks an a better 6-4-3-2-A low against Katchalov's two pair and 6-5-4-2-A low. Katchalov earned $895.62 for 41st place.

With 20 remaining, Hungary's tracyer battled Ogom3z (Mexico) for the lead. Both players held approximately 360K. With 12 to go on the final two tables, ismo<3seppo (Finland) seized the lead and became the first player to pass 500K in chips. With 10 to go, Ogom3z passed 800K.

With seven left in the hunt and action hand-for-hand, short-stacked Afrodita2014 failed to double up with A♣T♦4♠2♠ and got outkicked by cal42688's A♠Q♦9♣2♦. With Afrodita2014's bustout in seventh place, the final table was set.


WCOOP Event #62 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: neilcaterham (428,772)
Seat 2: Ogom3z (1,013,687)
Seat 3: kedvedert (386,942)
Seat 4: fish_san (283,578)
Seat 5: cal42688 (350,423)
Seat 6: ismo<3seppo (781,598)

The final table commenced during Level 27 with blinds at 5K/10K. Mexico's Ogom3z led with 1M and Japan's fish_san was last in chips with 284K.

The final table featured Calvin "cal42688" Anderson with 7 COOPs (1 WCOOP and 6 SCOOPs). Anderson was one win away from tying Shaun Deeb with a record 8 COOPs. Also of note at the final table was Hungary's kedvedert, who made a WCOOP final table back in 2007 at a final table that included both ElkY and Bill Chen! Talk about blasts from the past. Meanwhile, Finland's ismo<3seppo final tabled a 2014 SCOOP and fish_san made a TCOOP final table and had a few cashes in this year's WCOOP.

LIVING THE DREAM: neilcaterham eliminated in 6th place

Action progressed for nearly a full level before we saw out first exit... Short-stacked neilcaterham had slipped to under 167K when he tried to double up... ismo<3seppo min-raised to 24,000, neilcaterham re-raised to 90,000, and ismo<3seppo called. The flop was K♦Q♥6♥... ismo<3seppo fired out 148,500 and neilcaterham called all-in for 76,986.

ismo<3seppo: A♣J♦7♣5♦
neilcaterham: A♥T♦5♥3♣

Both players flopped a Broadway straight draw, but neilcaterham also flopped a nut flush draw. The turn was the K♠ and the river was the T♠. Without a qualifying low, neilcaterham lost with two pair against ismo<3seppo's rivered Broadway straight. The U.K.'s neilcaterham was was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $5,841.00.

With five to go, Ogom3z held 1M and ismo<3seppo was second with 944K. Meanwhile, fish_san was last with 326K.

TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN: fish_san eliminated in 5th place

Short-stacked fish_san attempted to double up but was thwarted. cal42688 opened to 40,765, Ogom3z raised to 152,295, fish_san called all-in for 70,789, and cal42688 called. The flop was Q♣7♦2♣... cal42688 checked, Ogom3z fired out 405,379, and cal42688 folded. Two-handed. Both players tabled their hands...

Ogom3z: A♠Q♦Q♥2♠
fish_san: T♣T♥4♥3♠

Ogom3z flopped a set of Queens. The turn was the 9♦ and the river was the 9♥. Without a low qualifying hand, Ogom3z won with a full house against fish_san's two pair. Japan's fish_san busted in fifth place, which paid out $9,735.00.

With four remaining, Ogom3z led with 1.25M, followed by ismo<3seppo (880K), kedvedert (650K), and cal42688 (462K).

LONG WHITE LINE: kedvedert eliminated in 4th place

Another shorty bowed out... kedvedert min-raised to 50,000 and Ogom3z called. The flop was Q♦9♠6♠. Ogom3z checked, kedvedert bet 112,500, Ogom3z check-raised to 450,000, kedvedert shoved all-in for 626,125 and Ogom3z called.

Ogom3z: K♦Q♥9♦8♥
kedvedert: A♠T♦T♠8♦

Ogom3z flopped two pair and kedvedert flopped a nut flush draw (and a gutshot draw). The board finished up Q♦9♠6♠9♣5♣. Without a qualifying low hand, Ogom3z won the pot with a full house versus kedvedert's two pair. Hungary's kedvedert was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $13,629.00.

With three to go, Ogom3z held more than 50% of the remaining chips in play with 1.7M. In second place was cal42688 with 951K and ismo<3seppo brought up the rear with 552K.

IT AIN'T ALL FLOWERS: ismo<3seppo eliminated in 3rd place

Super short ismo<3seppo opened to 90,000, Ogom3z re-raised to 270,000, and ismo<3seppo called all-in for 91,793.

ismo<3seppo: Q♠8♥6♥2♣
Ogom3z: A♥7♥5♣4♠

The board ran out K♣K♥3♠6♠7♦. Ogom3z scooped the pot and won the high with a seven-high straight and dragged the low with a 7-6-4-3-A. Alas, ismo<3seppo's two pair and 7-6-5-3-2 low were no good. Finland's ismo<3seppo was dunzo in third place, which paid out $19,956.75.

HEADS-UP: Ogom3z (Mexico)  vs. cal42688 (Mexico)
Seat 2: Ogom3z (2,690,925)
Seat 5: cal42688 (554,075)

It was the "battle of Mexico" with cal42688 trailing Ogom3z by a noticeable difference. Heads-up only lasted 18 minutes.

First blood was drawn by cal42688, who tripled up inside of a few hands and pulled almost even after cal42688 scooped with the Wheel. The two swapped the lead a few times before cal42688 pulled away. A visibly frustrated Ogom3z had better hands run down on numerous occasions and remarked: "So freaking unreal lol!" Alas, Ogom3z rallied to pull ahead with a slim lead. That would be the last time cal42688 trailed. In two hands it would be all over.

A LITTLE LIGHT: Ogom3z eliminated in 2nd place; cal42688 wins WCOOP Event #62 for second WCOOP and 8th COOP!

On the penultimate hand... cal42688 won a 1.3M pot without a qualifying low after flopping a set of sixes. Ogom3z was down to 972K and cal42688 surged to over 2.2M.

On the final hand... Ogom3z made a valiant final stand with Kings but they were unable to hold up against cal42688's monster hand with a Wheel low and an Ace-high flush... cal42688 opened to 80,000, Ogom3z re-raised to 240,000, cal42688 bumped it up to 720,000, Ogom3z shoved all-in for for 972,163, and cal42688 called.

Ogom3z: K♦K♣7♣4♦
cal42688: A♠J♠3♦2♦

The board finished up 5♠4♠3♠8♥9♠. Ogom3z's Kings were snapped off on the flop and cal42688 scooped the pot with an Ace-high flush and a Wheel low.

Mexico's Ogom3z took home $26,868.60 for second place.

Congrats to Calvin "cal42688" Anderson for winning Event #62. First place paid out $36,019.50. This win marked a second career WCOOP bracelet and an 8th overall COOP title for cal42688, which now puts him in a tie with Shaun Deeb for most career COOPs at eight.

WCOOP-62: $320 PL Omaha H/L
Entrants: 649
Prize Pool: $194,700
Places Paid: 84

1. Calvin "cal42688" Anderson (Mexico) $36,019.50
2. Ogom3z (Mexico) $26,868.60
3. ismo<3seppo (Finland) $19,956.75
4. kedvedert (Hungary) $13,629.00
5. fish_san (Japan) $9,735.00
6. neilcaterham (United Kingdom) $5,841.00

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