WCOOP 2015: fixfixfix denies Nomarbles1 a double 'COOP, banks $121k in Event #21 ($530 NLHE Progressive Super-Knockout)

They weren't the biggest stacks to start this final table, but from the jump, this was a battle between Nomarbles1 and fixfixfix. The former captured his first SCOOP title and over $100k this past spring and was looking to make it a double 'COOP today, while fixfixfix hoped to take down his first major MTT win. These rivals exchanged blows throughout the final table, knocking out three players apiece en route to heads-up play, where Nomarbles1 started with a 4.2 to 1 chip lead. Although they paused momentarily to discuss an ICM deal, one Nomarbles1 was amenable to despite his significant lead, fixfixfix turned it down and went for the whole enchilada. His gutsy move paid off and all told, he took down a $121k score along with his first WCOOP bracelet.

Event #21's $530 buy-in, Progressive Super-Knockout format drew 2,394 runners. They created a $1,197,000.00 total prize pool, split evenly in half between the regular prize pool and the bounty pool. The top 306 spots were paid with $95,760.72 set aside for first place.

Day 1 concluded after 28 levels and 41 players moved on to Day 2. Here's a look at the top stacks at the end of Day 1.

End of Day 1 Top 5 stacks

pistecaloze (Netherlands) 1,369,775
fixfixfix (Switzerland) 725,703
GX91 (Malta) 636,398
Hero239 (Russia) 618,936
FONBET_RULIT (Russia) 531,493

Action resumed Sunday at 2pm EDT and it took another three hours to whittle the field to ten players. With the blinds up to 17,500/35,000, rasmusericso, the second-shortest stack, three-bet shoved for 632,489 on the button and initial raiser firas71 called. Rasmusericso's pocket jacks were in a race against firas71's A♠Q♥, and survived the K♠K♦T♠ flop, but the A♣ turned to give firas71 aces up and send rasmusericso to the rail on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Nomarbles1 (1,786,181 in chips)
Seat 2: FONBET_RULIT (343,683 in chips)
Seat 3: AntagSS (1,447,087 in chips)
Seat 4: GaryT20 (1,749,367 in chips)
Seat 5: fixfixfix (939,973 in chips)
Seat 6: 4erepashka (936,668 in chips)
Seat 7: lov10k (1,070,289 in chips)
Seat 8: NhFy (702,812 in chips)
Seat 9: firas71 (2,993,940 in chips)

Less than five minutes had ticked away at the final table when short stack FONBET_RULIT open-shoved for 497,000 from UTG and fixfixfix reshoved for 769,000 behind him. Although FONBET_RULIT turned over a strong hand with T♠T♣, he ran them right into fixfixfix's Q♣Q♠. FONBET_RULIT did not improve and ended his run in ninth place. Fixfixfix picked up FONBET_RULIT'S $2,571.29 bounty and added the same dollar amount to his own bounty, now totaling $8,790.00.

Four hands later, fixfixfix continued his rush, doubling through GaryT20. All the money went in on the turn, with the board reading J♣9♥7♥3♠. Fixfixfix turned over 9♠9♦ for a set of nines, crushing GaryT20's Q♣J♥. The river was the K♦ and fixfixfix topped 3 million in chips, leaving GaryT20 on only 155,000. Although GaryT20 managed to double up, fixfixfix finished him off a few hands later when this 8♥T♥ flopped two pair against GaryT20's K♥J♦.

Nomarbles1 put himself in position to challenge fixfixfix's chip lead when he doubled through big-stacked firas71. After five-betting preflop, Nomarbles1 moved in on a J♥9♦6♦ flop with A♥A♣ and firas71 called with pocket fours. No two-outer for firas71 and Nomarbles1 moved up to 2.7 million. Shortly thereafter, lov10k four-bet shoved for 912,800 preflop and Nomarbles1 called. It was a classic cooler, as lov10k ran his Q♦Q♥ into Nomarbles1's K♣K♥. The board didn't change anything and lov10k went out in seventh place while Nomarbles1 assumed the chip lead with 4.06 million.

The blinds rose to 25,000/50,000 and the cheekily-named NhFy was down to his last 297,000. He moved in from UTG+1 with A♥9♣ and got a call from fixfixfix with J♣7♦ in the big blind. Everything looked good for NhFy through the turn, but fixfixfix spiked a jack on the river to send him home in sixth place. With NhFy's elimination, fixfixfix's bounty increased to $12,973.08.

Six hands later, firas71 got a boost. Fixfixfix opened for 100,000, 4erepashka moved in for 753,000 and firas71 reshoved from the big blind for 956,000. Fixfixfix got out of the way. Again, big pairs ran into each other as 4erepashka revealed T♠T♦ and firas71 turned up K♠K♥. There were no miracles for 4erepashka on the Q♠J♠3♦2♠A♦ board and he finished in fifth place, while firas71's bounty increased to a whopping $20,959.86.

Still the chip leader with over 4.8 million, Nomarbles1 put even more distance between himself and his opponents when he scored another KO in a multi-way pot. Fixfixfix led off the action with a raise to 100,000, Nomarbes1 flat-called from the small blind and AntagSS moved all-in for 527,000 from the big. Both fixfixfix and Nomarbles1 called. Action continued between fixfixfix and Nomarbles1 as the flop fell T♠4♦2♦. Nomarbles1 led out for 142,220 and fixfixfix called. The turn came the 4♣ and Nomarbles1 fired another 242,201. Fixfixfix called. The river was the 6♦ and Nomarbles1 checked to fixfixfix, who bet 1,050,000. Nomarbles1 looked him up and turned over A♥T♥ for tens and fours. They were good against fixfixfix's A♦2♣ for fours and deuces and Nomarbles1 raked in the 2.87 million pot. AntagSS mucked and hit the rail in fourth place.

As three-handed play commenced, Nomarbles1 was far out in front with 7.3 million, fixfixfix was second with 2.41 million and firas71 was close behind with 2.24 million. However, it was only three-handed for ten more hands before firas71 five-bet shoved preflop with A♦Q♥ and Nomarbles1 called with A♦Q♠. Nomarbles1's queens held on the 9♠9♣4♥6♣6♥ board and firas71 went out in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: Nomarbles1 (9,583,482 in chips)
Seat 5: fixfixfix (2,386,518 in chips)

After one exchange of the blinds, Nomarbles1 and fixfixfix agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Nomarbles1 was not only looking for an ICM chop, but wanted to be guaranteed the bracelet as well. The ICM numbers were only $5,500 apart at this stage and despite sitting at a 4.2 to 1 chip defecit, fixfixfix decided not to accept the deal and elected to play on.

When action resumed, fixfixfix went to work and ground his stack up to 3.66 million before doubling up through Nomarbles1. All the money went in preflop, fixfixfix holding A♥T♥ to Nomarbles1's K♣J♣. Nomarbles1 flopped a jack, but a river ace saved fixfixfix's tournament life and boosted his stack to 7.33 million.

Fixfixfix was up to almost 9 million at the 40,000/80,000 level and picked up A♦8♦. He min-raised to 160,000 and Nomarbles1 moved in for 2.96 million from the big blind. Fixfixfix called, and was in a race against 5♠5♦. The flop fell 8♣6♠6♣, giving fixfixfix the superior two pair, but Nomarbles1 struck gold when the 5♣ turned, making him fives full of eights. However, as quickly as the poker gods giveth... they taketh away. In utterly brutal fashion, the 8♠ landed on the river, making fixfixfix eights full of sixes. A stunned Nomarbles1 was denied his double 'COOP as fixfixfix walked away with his first WCOOP title.

Congratulations to Switzerland's fixfixfix on joining the ranks of WCOOP champions! He earned $95,760.72 for the win and kept his own $25,707.39 bounty for a total haul of $121,468.11. Kudos are also due to runner-up Nomarbles1, who earned a grand total of $97,288.63, including $25,463.63 in bounties.

There's still another two weeks of WCOOP action ahead! Check out the WCOOP homepage for all the information you need, including a full schedule of events.

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Event #21: $530 NLHE Progressive Super-Knockout
Prize pool: $1,197,000
Places paid: 308

1. fixfixfix (Switzerland) $95,760.72 + $25,707.39 in bounties = $121,468.11
2. Nomarbles1 (Canada) $71,820.00 + $25,468.63 in bounties = $97,288.63
3. firas71 (Brazil) $52,129.35 + $20,959.86 in bounties = $73,089.21
4. AntagSS (Ukraine) $35,910.00 + $1,671.87 in bounties = $37,581.87
5. 4erepashka (Russia) $26,932.50 + $7,804.55 in bounties = $34,737.05
6. NhFy (Sweden) $20,947.50 + $4,020.49 in bounties = $24,967.99
7. lov10k (United Kingdom) $14,962.50 + $6,126.93 in bounties = $21,089.43
8. GaryT20 (Ireland) $10,174.50 + $4,345.69 in bounties = $14,520.19
9. FONBET_RULIT (Russia) $5,386.50 + $5,142.56 in bounties = $10,529.06

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in WCOOP