WCOOP 2015: Germany's tobi123456 beats Andrew "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger heads-up to win High-Roller Event #24 ($10,300 NL 8-Max, Optional Re-Entry)

Germany's tobi123456 thwarted Billy "b8chatz" Chattaway's attempt at winning an elusive Triple COOP. Earlier this year, 8chatz won a TCOOP and SCOOP, but needed a WCOOP win to secure a Triple COOP. With four remaining, tobi123456 picked off b8chatz in fourth place. When it got to heads-up, tobi123456 found out why Andrew "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger's nickname is "Lucky Chewy." When tobi123456 initially failed to knock out RunThisTable, he glimpsed at the magical powers of Lucky Chewy, who survived five consecutive all-in attempts to get back into contention. When tobi123456 got a second opportunity to finish off RunThisTable, the German did not waste that chance and knocked out RunThisTable in second place.

2015 WCOOP Event #25 $10,300 NL High Roller (8-Max, Optional Re-Entry) attracted 340 total entrants (300 runners plus 40 re-entries). They boosted the prize pool to a whopping $3,400,000, which obliterated the initial $2M Guarantee. The top 48 places paid out with $654,500.00 originally set aside to the inevitable champion.


Runner-Up finish for Andrew "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger

The money bubble burst late on Day 1 and notables like shaundeeb (47th place) secured themselves a min-cash worth $16,150.00. Day 1 ended with only 41 players. Toatee (Uruguay) retained the lead with a shade under 365K. Fred_Brink (Denmark) was right behind with 364K and the mexican222 was third with 363K.

WCOOP Event #25 End Day 1 - Top 10 Chip Counts:
1. Toatee - 364,994
2. Fred_Brink - 363,973
3. mexican222 - 363,072
4. BrynKenney - 280,998
5. tobi123456 - 249,092
6. paulgees81 - 245,397
7. Festivuss - 236,264
8. 68ioweyou1 - 173,969
9. ICEMAN2710 - 164,511
10. takechip - 154,576

On Day 2, the action got off to a swift start and did not hit a lull until the final table was set. With 28 players remaining in the hunt, mexican222 rocketed into the lead by snapping off takechip's K♣K♦ with A♠4♣. The A♣ spiked on the river, which sent ripples through the cosmos. Malta's mexican222 won the pot, staved off elimination, doubled through takechip, and surged into the top spot with 463K.

With 20 to go, ICEMAN2710 and whereisdonny became legit contenders for the lead. Both players raced by the 500K mark and were hovering around 700K.

With 15 players left, mexican222 returned to the top spot after picking off tonkaaaa in 15th place and fading tonkaaaa's flush draw. Holding A♠Q♥, mexican222 flopped a pair of queens and rivered trips.

With 11 to go, Tomatee seized the lead and became one of the first players to pass 1M in chips. Tomatee busted ISILDR in 11th place with J♦J♥ vs. 9♠9♥. Tomatee turned a set of Jacks and rivered a full house to win the pot and seize the lead with approximately 1.3M.

With nine to go, action went hand-for-hand on the final table bubble. We were treated to a classic showdown when Fred_Brink attempted to double up with A♠K♣ against ICEMAN2710's J♥J♣.  Former WCOOP winner Fred_Brink  would have to wait another day to win a second bracelet because ICEMAN2710'sJacks held up to win win the pot. Fred_Brink was knocked out in ninth place.


WCOOP High Roller Event #25 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: RunThisTable (743,279)
Seat 2: mexican222 (447,045)
Seat 3: ICEMAN2710 (872,334)
Seat 4: b8chatz (198,800)
Seat 5: tobi123456 (590,339)
Seat 6: whereisdonny (481,010)
Seat 7: elmerixx (291,266)
Seat 8: Tomatee (1,475,927)

The final table began just before the start of Level 28 with blinds at 6K/12K and a 1.5K ante. Uruguay's Tomatee led the pack with 1.47M, while the U.K.'s b8chatz was the shortest stack left with 198K. The final table featured 4 SCOOP champions (b8chatz, RunThisTable, mexican222, and tobi123456), but no one had yet to break through to the WCOOP winner's circle. Despite being 8/8 in chips, Billy "b8chatz" Chattaway was seeking an elusive Triple COOP but he had yet to win a WCOOP. 2015 has been a banner year for b8chatz with victories at the 2015 TCOOP and 2015 SCOOP. Meanwhile... Andrew "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger won a SCOOP in 2009, Alexandros "mexican222" Kolonias won a SCOOP in 2014, and tobi123456 won a SCOOP earlier this year. Last year, Lichtenberger came close to winning another COOP, but he was a runner up in a WCOOP rebuy event.

Level 28 Highlights: The final 8 played through a full level without a bustout. Big stacked Tomatee chipped up from 1.47M to 1.63M. Not much upward movement aside from the mexican222 who moved into second overall. ICEMAN2710 incurred the biggest loss with almost half his stack gone. Meanwhile, b8chatz was still last in chips, but inched closer to 6th and 7th overall.

Level 29 Highlights: Tomatee slipped to 1.48M, but continued to hold steady in first. Germany's tobi123456 had nice mini-run and surged to second overall, while closing in on 1M. ICEMAN2710's slide continued and b8chatz was no longer alone in the basement as the short stack.

Level 30 Highlights: Tomatee retained the spot, but the pack caught up... tobi123456 was right behind with 1.2M and RunThisTable was hovering around 1M. Although b8chatz moved up to 6th in chips, he was still short with barely 300K.

JANIE JONES: whereisdonny eliminated in 8th place

After three levels of play, we finally saw the first bustout at the tail end of Level 30. Two of the short stacks cannibalized each other when whereisdonny got crippled after trying to take out elmerixx with A♠T♠ versus 9♦9♠.

The big stack put whereisdonny out of his misery when whereisdonny moved all-in for 56,031 and made a final stand with K♦9♣. Tomatee called with 4♥4♦ and flopped a full house. The board finished up J♥J♠4♣A♦3♦ and Tomatee won the pot. For an eighth-place finish, Thailand's whereisdonny earned $76,500.00

Level 31 Highlights: Behold the rise of mexican222. Early in the level, the lead changed hands for the first time in hours. In the first of two big hands, mexican222 doubled through tobi123456 with J♥J♠ against A♥Q♥ to win a 1M pot, then took the lead a couple hands later by winning an uncontested 900K pot against Tomatee.

REMOTE CONTROL: elmerixx eliminated in 7th place

No much longer after the first bustout, the herd got trimmed when another short stack failed to double up... tobi123456 open-shoved for 869,769 with A♣3♠ and shorty elmerixx called all-in for 250,452 with 7♠7♥. The board ran out A♠J♣3♥T♠2♦. The Ace on the flop sunk elmerixx's hopes of doubling up. For a seventh-place finish, Finland's elmerixx took home $93,500.00.

With six to go... mexican222 (1.26M) held a slim lead over Tomatee (1.16M), tobi123456 (1.15M), and RunThisTable (912K). Rounding out the rest was b8chatz (400K) and ICEMAN2710 (198K).

LONDON'S BURNING: ICEMAN2710 eliminated in 6th place

New sheriff in town... tobi123456 took lead with 1.7M winning 920K pot against Tomatee with Q♣Q♥ .

Two short stacks rumbled. ICEMAN2710 open-shoved for 318,739 and b8chatz re-shoved for 402,200. ICEMAN2710 was flipping with J♣7♦ against b8chatz's 5♣5♦. The board finished up J♠9♣6♦6♠5♠. ICEMAN2710 flopped a Jack to take the lead, but b8chatz rivered a full house to come from behind to win the pot. ICEMAN2710 was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $127,500.00.

With five to go... tobi123456 led with 1.5M followed by RunThisTable (1.3M), and mexican222 (794K). Both short stacks were roughly even with 765K -- b8chatz and Tomatee.

COMPLETE CONTROL: Tomatee eliminated in 5th place

Tomatee got ambushed by Aces. RunThisTable opened to 67,500 and Tomatee called from the big blind. The flop was Q♥5♦3♣. Tomatee check-called a 57,375 bet from RunThisTable. The turn was the A♣ and Tomatee check-called a 96,390 bet from RunThisTable. The river was the J♥. Tomatee checked, RunThisTable fired out 685,843, Tomatee called all-in for 467,492. Tomatee flopped a pair of Queens with Q♣T♦, but RunThisTable led all the way with A♠A♥ and even turned a set of Aces. Uruguay's Tomatee busted in fifth place, which paid out $178,500.00.

New leader with RunThisTable closing in on 2M, followed by tobi123456's 1.5M, mexican222's 912K, and b8chatz's 648K.

During Level 34, RunThisTable accumulated more than 50% of the total chips in play and raced toward 2.7M.

DENY: b8chatz eliminated in 4th place

Two of the short stacks went at it again, but this time b8chatz got crippled when he lost a race with 8♦8♠ against mexican222's A♦J♣. An Ace on the flop spelled doom for b8chatz and he lost a 1.1M pot.

Clinging to life support, b8chatz busted shortly after. In the battle of the blinds, b8chatz bombed it all-in for 227,090 with J♠7♠ and tobi123456 called from the big blind with J♥T♥. The board ran out 8♥3♣2♦6♣J♣. Both players rivered a pair of Jacks, but tobi123456 won the pot with a higher-kicker.  Billy "b8chatz" Chattaway busted in fourth place, which paid out $263,500.00. Billy "b8chatz" Chattaway narrowly missed his shot at winning a Triple COOP.

With three to go, RunThisTable led with 2.7M, followed by tobi123456 (1.3M) and mexican222 (1M).

I FOUGHT THE LAW: mexican222 eliminated in 3rd place

RunThisTable opened to 90,000, mexican222 moved all-in for 1,124,315 with A♥K♦ and RunThisTable called with T♦T♣. Flipping for third place. The board finished up A♣9♣4♣K♣Q♠. Although mexican222 flopped a pair of Aces, RunThisTable flopped a flush draw. The turn filled in an Ace-high flush for RunThisTable, who won the pot Alexandros "mexican222" Kolonias' two pair was not good enough to win and he was dunzo in third place, which paid out $365,500.00.

HEADS-UP: RunThisTable (Canada) vs. tobi123456 (Germany)
Seat 1: RunThisTable (3,686,992)
Seat 5: tobi123456 (1,413,008)

With two remaining, RunThisTable was ahead 3.6M to 1.4M.


Early on tobi123456 pulled even after winning a 1M pot with K♦6♠ against RunThisTable's A♣J♣. RunThisTable lost the lead shortly after.

RunThisTable and tobi123456 got into a preflop raising war. tobi123456 five-bet shoved for 2,481,241 with T♠T♣ and RunThisTable called with A♥Q♦. The board finished up J♣5♥2♣J♦T♥. RunThisTable never improved and tobi123456 won the 4.9M pot with a full house.

RunThisTable was crippled and left with 127,518. Ah, behold the legend of Lucky Chewy who survived five consecutive all-in attempts...

1. RunThisTable quickly doubled up with Q♣4♥ against tobi123456's 6♥5♠.

2. RunThisTable rivered a pair of Jacks with J♦5♠ to double through tobi123456's Q♦4♣

3. RunThisTable doubled up again and woke up with A♣A♦, which held up against tobi123456's T♠3♥.

4. RunThisTable trailed all the way to the river with Q♠3♠ against tobi123456's K♦4♠, but RunThisTable rivered a pair of Queens to double up yet again.

5. RunThisTable finally got above 1M after avoiding another elimination and doubling up with A♥2♦ against tobi123456's K♠8♠.

After that flurry, RunThisTable settled down and the two returned to momentary normalcy with tobi123456 barely holding a 3-1 edge.

At the end of Level 36, RunThisTable embarked on a mini-rush winning 4 out of 6 pots to pull even. RunThisTable finally seized the lead when he won a 1.5M pot out-kicking tobi123456's pair of Queens. RunThisTable topped out at 2.9M, but that was as high as he'd get.

Midway through Level 37, as the final table reached its fifth hour, tobi123456 counterattacked to regain the lead and returned to a 3-1 edge.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: RunThisTable eliminated in 2nd place; tobi123456 wins WCOOP High-Roller Event #25

Going into the final hand, RunThisTable trailed 3.8M to 1.2M... tobi123456 opened to 135,555, RunThisTable shoved for 1,274,908 and tobi123456 called. RunThisTable attempted to double up with K♣J♣ against tobi123456's 9♠9♣. The board finished up 7♣7♦5♣2♥2♠. RunThisTable flopped a flush draw, but never got there. Pocket nines held up for tobi123456, who won the pot and the tournament.

For a terrific runner-up performance, Andrew "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger earned $484,500.00.

Congrats to Germany's tobi123456 for winning the Higher Roller Event #23. First place paid out $654,500.00.

WCOOP-25: $10,300 NL Hold'em (8-Max, Optional Re-Entry, High-Roller)
Entrants: 340 (300 entries; 40 re-entries)
Prize Pool: $3,400,000
Places Paid: 48

1. tobi123456 (Germany) $654,500.00
2. Andrew "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger $484,500.00
3. Alexandros "mexican222" Kolonias $365,500.00
4. Billy "b8chatz" Chattaway (United Kingdom) $263,500.00
5. Tomatee (Uruguay) $178,500.00
6. ICEMAN2710 (Russia) $127,500.00
7. elmerixx (Finland) $93,500.00
8. whereisdonny (Thailand) $76,500.00

Visit the WCOOP home page to view the complete schedule of remaining events. Plus, take a look at the leader board to find out who is in contention for Player of the Series.

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