WCOOP 2015: gieras finds victorious redemption with win in Triple Draw Championship (Event #39 $700 2-7)

The final table at the WCOOP Triple Draw Championship included a trio of voracious bridesmaids looking to get hitched. Fresh_oO_D and Adamyid both finished in second place in different WCOOP events in the last few days, while Poland's gieras was a runner-up in a 2014 WCOOP. You really can't make this stuff up. Half of the final table in Event #39 came thisclose to winning a bracelet. Those three hungry souls were seeking redemption after narrowly missing a WCOOP crown, but only one of them would find the path to glory. With three to go, gieras was still alive, albeit with a short stack. The deficiency did not faze gieras, even when Amke amassed a mountain of chips. The determined gieras dug in deep and executed a remarkable come-from-behind victory to become the newest WCOOP champion.

2015 WCOOP Event #39 $700 Triple Draw 2-7 Championship drew 189 runners. They created a prize pool worth $125,685, which smashed the $50K Guarantee. The top 24 places paid out with $30,164.51 set aside to the champion.

Day 1 ended with only 25 players remaining. Yes, play was suspended while still on the money bubble! Canada's slammedfire held the lead with 189K. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer was among the short stacks with 21.9K.


Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer = 17th Place

WCOOP Event #39 - End Day 1 - Top 5 Chip Counts:
1. slammedfire (Canada) - 189,600
2. gieras (Poland) - 184,190
3. Amke (Russia) - 174,485
4. deoxyribo (Canada) - 128,055
5. Naza114 (Czech Republic) - 123,360

When action resumed for Day 2, the mood was electrified with excitement. How many times do you get to restart an online tournament in the middle of the bubble? Norway's Aftret busted in 25th place immediately on Day 2 and the remaining 24 advanced to the money. Several notables cashed but also busted early on Day 2 including: stevie444 (24th place), buck21 (22nd place), shaundeeb (21st place), and George Danzer (17th place).


George Danzer was at a disadvantage all of Day 2 and could never get anything going. Down to his final 1,730 in chips, Danzer attempted to double up against Kells859. Danzer lost with 6♠2♥4♠6♦8♣ and a pair of sixes against Kells859's pair of treys and 3♣3♥5♦2♦7♣. Danzer was knocked out in 17th place, which paid out $1,571.06.

As the final table bubble approached, gieras challenged Amke for the lead. They were the only players above 300K. Action was 8-handed for an extended period of time before slammedfire exited in 8th place. Baurzhan19 bubbled off the final table in seventh place when 8-5-4-3-2 lost to Fresh_oO_D's 7-6-5-3-2 low.


WCOOP Event #39 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: gieras (423,170)
Seat 2: Fresh_oO_D (387,790)
Seat 3: Adamyid (257,595)
Seat 4: Amke (399,255)
Seat 5: Durmitor26 (248,080)
Seat 6: Naza114 (174,110)

The final table commenced during Level 23 with stakes at 5K/10K. Poland's gieras held the lead with 423K, but Amke was not far behind with 399K. Meanwhile, Naza114 sat on the short stack with 174K.

The final table featured a two-time SCOOP winner, plus three players had a dubious distinction of being a WCOOP runner-up. Amke won 2 SCOOPs including a Badugi event in 2011. A couple days earlier, Adam "Adamyid" Owen was a runner-up up Event #33. Four days ago, Fresh_oO_D was a runner-up in Event #29. Meanwhile, gieras took second in a 2014 WCOOP.

MADMAN ACROSS WATER: Adamyid eliminated in 6th place

Adam "Adamyid" Owen had a great run this week with two final tables. Alas, he would have to wait one more day to win his first-ever WCOOP bracelet. The final table progressed for nearly an hour before we saw the first elimination.

Short-stacked Adamyid (with a scant 13,190 in chips) made a final stand and got it all-in after the first draw. On the first draw... gieras discarded one card, Fresh_oO_D discarded three cards, and Adamyid discarded two card. On the second draw... gieras discarded one, Fresh_oO_D discarded two, and Adamyid discarded one. During the betting round... gieras checked, Fresh_oO_D bet 12,000, and gieras folded. Heads-up. Both remaining players stood pat on the third draw.

Fresh_oO_D: 6♠5♥4♥7♥2♥
Adamyid: 2♠9♦6♦3♠5♠

Adamyid lost with a 9-6-5-3-2 low versus Fresh_oO_D's 7-6-5-4-2 low. For a sixth-place finish, Adamyid took home $5,655.82.

With five remaining... Amke led with 540K, followed by gieras 470K, Naza114 361K, Fresh_oO_D 356K, and Durmitor26 161K.

RAZOR FACE: Fresh_oO_D eliminated in 5th place

Fresh_oO_D will have to wait one more day to win WCOOP bracelet #1. Fresh_oO_D's stack got liquidated in two hands. Fresh_oO_D lost a 115K pot with 8-7-5-3-2 low versus Durmitor26's 8-6-5-4-3 low.

Fresh_oO_D busted on the next hand while unsuccessfully trying to double up a short stack worth 58,075. Fresh_oO_D and Amke rumbled. On the first draw, Fresh_oO_D discarded two and Amke discarded one. On the second draw, Fresh_oO_D discarded two and Amke stood pat. On the final draw, Fresh_oO_D was all-in. Fresh_oO_D discarded one and Amke stood pat again.

Fresh_oO_D: 4♠2♠8♣3♠T♠
Amke: 3♣2♦6♣4♦8♠

Amke won the pot with a 8-6-4-3-2 low against Fresh_oO_D's 10-8-4-3-2 low. For a fifth-place finish, Fresh_oO_D earned $8,169.52.

With four to go... Naza114 held a slim lead with 664K and Amke was right behind with 622K. Sitting in third was gieras with 389K and Durmitor26 was the shorty with 213K.

LEVON: Durmitor26 eliminated in 4th place

Durmitor26 lost three pots in a row and was down to 21,580. Durmitor26 was all-in before the first draw. On the first draw... Amke discarded three cards, and Durmitor26 discarded three. On the second draw... Amke discarded two cards, and Durmitor26 discarded one. On the third draw... Amke stood pat, and Durmitor26 discarded one card. At showdown:

Amke: 6♥8♥5♣4♥2♦
Durmitor26: 4♦8♠6♠5♠6♣

Amke won the pot with a low hand of 8-6-5-4-2, which beat out Durmitor26's pair of sixes. Durmitor26 busted in fourth place, which paid out $10,683.22.

With three left in the hunt, Amke was ahead with 763K, but Naza114 was not far away with 740K. Meanwhile, gieras was short with 386K.

INDIAN SUNSET: Naza114 eliminated in 3rd place

Shorty Naza114 made a final stand in a three-way pot. On the first draw... Amke discarded three cards, Naza114 discarded three, and gieras discarded one card. During the betting round... Amke check-called a 14,000 bet from gieras. On the second draw... Amke discarded one card, Naza114 discarded three, and gieras stood pat. During the betting round... Amke checked, gieras fired out 28,000, and Amke folded. Heads-up. On the third and final draw... Naza114 discarded two and gieras stood pat. gieras won both the main pot and side pot with an 8-7-6-4-3 low.

gieras: 3♥7♠4♥6♥8♣
Naza114: Q♦3♠5♣7♥4♠

Naza114's Q-7-5-4-3 low was not good enough to secure a double up. For a third-place finish, Naza114 earned $15,710.62.

HEADS-UP: gieras (Poland) vs. Amke (Russia)
Seat 1: gieras (416,200)
Seat 4: Amke (1,473,800)

With two remaining, Amke held a 3-1 edge.

About fifteen minutes into heads-up, gieras embarked on a rush to win 8 out of 9 hands to essentially pull even. About 25 minutes into heads-up, gieras went on another run to win 5 out of 6 pots to chip up to over 1.5M and take a 3-1 lead.

Amke was on the ropes for the next ten minutes. Amke staved off elimination with 7-5-4-3-2 against 9-8-6-4-3, then dodged another assassination attempt with 10-8-7-6-2. But Amke could not stop gieras.

HOLIDAY INN: Amke eliminated in 2nd place; gieras wins WCOOP Event #39!

Going into the final hand, gieras held approximately 1.8M compared to Amke's 98,800. On the first draw... Amke discarded three cards, and gieras discarded two. On the second draw... Amke discarded two cards, and gieras discarded one card. On the third and final draw... Amke and gieras both discarded one card. At showdown...

Amke: 3♦8♠2♥5♦T♠
gieras: 4♠3♠5♣8♣2♠

With a better low 8-5-4-3-2 vs. 10-8-5-3-2, gieras won the pot and binked the tournament.

For a gritty runner-up performance, Amke earned $20,800.86.

Congrats to Poland's gieras for finally winning a WCOOP! First place paid out $30,164.51 in Event #39.

WCOOP-39: $700 Triple Draw 2-7 Championship
Entrants: 189
Prize Pool: $125,685
Places Paid: 24 

1. gieras (Poland) $30,164.51
2. Amke (Russia) $20,800.86
3. Naza114 (Czech Republic)  $15,710.62
4. Durmitor26 (Montenegro) $10,683.22
5. Fresh_oO_D (Germany) $8,169.52
6. Adam "Adamyid" Owen (United Kingdom) $5,655.82

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