WCOOP 2015: Kashmir_uzi quick on the draw while all hellzito breaks loose

We're into Day 5 of WCOOP 2015. Here's the latest update with 16 events now started.

Today's highlights:

--Kashmir_uzi wins Event #08, collecting $20,178 for first place as well as a WCOOP bracelet to go with a SCOOP title.
--In Event #09 William "hellzito" Arruda triumphs after a marathon heads-up to win the Super Tuesday Special Edition, more than $260,000 and a first WCOOP bracelet.


Round up of latest results

There's nothing like a no-limit single draw event to remind you of a world outside hold'em, not that some of us understand it. But while you or I might still struggle to understand the complexities and nuances of the game, others seem to have it cracked, including the cast, led by eventual winner Kashmir_uzi, who reached the final table of Event #08, the NL Single Draw 2-7 Championship.

Interestingly they are all the type of player who has conquered hold'em at some point in their careers, and who presumably wanted to add other challenges to their poker careers. They have evidently done so with aplomb, as Martin Harris reported for the PokerStars Blog.

The other event to finish since our update yesterday was Event #09, the Super Tuesday Special Edition which, well, went big. The heads-up may have lasted for two and a half hours, but then again what do you expect when first prize turned out to be more than $259,000?

William "hellzito" Arruda of Brazil, earned that after a two way deal with bullyboy1978 from Ireland, who was at least compensated with $240,000. It was a close run thing for Team Pro Jason Mercier in this event, who finished 15th. Pauly McGuire entrenched himself in this one to bring the report, which you can read here.

Here are the two scores in full:

Event #08: $700 NL Single Draw 2-7 Championship
Entries: 134
Prize pool: $89,110

Places paid: 21

1. Kashmir_uzi (United Kingdom) $20,718.11
2. Puurle (Switzerland) $14,57.60
3. raconteur (United Kingdom) $9,802.10
4. EvnomiYa (Russia) $7,128.80
5. Yuri "theNERDguy" Martins (Brazil) $5,346.60
6. Ami "UhhMee" Barer (Canada) $4,009.95
7. Mohsin "sms9231" Charania (Canada) $3,118.85

Event #09: $1,050 NL Hold'em (Super Tuesday SE)
Entrants: 1,722
Prize Pool: $1,722,000
Places Paid: 198

1. William "hellzito" Arruda (Brazil) $259,202.80 *
2. bullyboy1978 (Ireland) $240,177.20 *
3. Tom "tollgate" Grigg (Australia) $159,285.00
4. Phill "Grindation" Mcallister (United Kingdom) $117,096.00
5. 88118811 (Argentina) $84,378.00
6. Dimsevich (Lithuania) $67,158.00
7. gusmaa (Brazil) $49,938.00
8. Elmagico19A1 (Netherlands) $32,718.00
9. Kyle Aiken (Costa Rica) $17,736.60
* = denotes a two-way deal

For all the WCOOP 2015 results so far, check out our aptly named WCOOP results page, which also has links to all final table reports.

Coming up today

Plenty to get your teeth into today with three more events starting:

Event 14: $200 NL Hold'em (Big Antes, Optional re-entry) 08.00 ET
Event 15: $200 PL Omaha (1R1A) 11.00 ET
Event 16: $500 NL Hold'em (Progressive Super KO) 14.00 ET

In addition there three events that play out to a winner later today.

Event 11: NL Hold'em (Progressive Super KO) (66 of 3,569 remain)
Event 12: NL Draw Championship (7 of 118 remain including "Colisea" and Shaun Deeb)
Event 13: NL Hold'em Heads-Up (64 of 1,021 remain)

We'll have final table reports for all three events later today.

Video of the Day

Watch a great demonstration of High Rollering in these highlights from Event #03 of WCOOP, featuring the $10,000 Heads-Up tournament. Here you'll find both the semi-finals and final in detail, a great way to get inside the minds of some of the world's best online heads-up players.

If that's stirred you into opening a PokerStars account yourself, you can do so by clicking here. Not only will you have access to the full WCOOP schedule, but you can enter any one of the WCOOP satellites now running. Get all the details you'll need on the WCOOP homepage.

Leader board

As was the case yesterday, reidir tops the leader board with no change to his 130 points. In fact the only difference in the top five is the addition of Single Draw 2-7 winner Kashmir_uzi, who with 110 points joins those tied for third place.

wcoop_leaderboard_10sept15.jpgClick to enlarge

All the leader board details can be found here

Stats and more Stats

Event #13 of WCOOP, which comes to a close later today, might look like an ordinary WCOOP contest, but is has a little more significance, historically speaking. With there having been 487 WCOOP events prior to this year's championship, Event #13 is the 500th event ever held. A small piece of history perhaps for one of the 64 players still in contention.

You'll find more on the WCOOP statistics page. Remember to Tweet us @PokerStarsBlog if you find anything bizarre. We'd love to hear what you find.

Tweet of the day

Randy Lew is right...

Today's dubious fact

With 500 WCOOP events now played two countries - the United States (676 finals) and Canada (508) - can claim to average at least one player at each and every final table.

On to Day 6!

That's all for today. As WCOOP continues, find out everything there is to know about the Championship on the WCOOP homepage. In the meantime good luck to everyeon taking part. We'll see you in the headlines tomorrow.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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