WCOOP 2015: Klingons, miracles and statistics

We're into Day 4 of WCOOP 2015. Here's the latest update with ten events played.

Today's highlights:

--MiracleQ wins Event #5, collecting $101,575.49 for first place as well as a first WCOOP bracelet.
--Plattsburg wins Event #6, picking up his second WCOOP bracelet, and a winner's cheque of $90,157.72.
--Reidir wins the red eye, taking down Event #10, a FL Hold'em 6-max, for $20,862.


Round up of latest results

There were two events played out to a conclusion yesterday, with a third completed in the early hours of this morning.

Taking them in order, Event 5 was a 6-max hold'em contest won by Russian player MiracleQ. As Martin Harris reported, this miracle happened against some pretty formidable opposition in the form of Nick "FU_15" Maimone, David "davidv1213" Vamplew, David "EzPaTuLa" Cabrera, and Christopher "lissi stinkt" Frank who would finish second. Read the full report on the PokerStars Blog.

Event #6 was perhaps a little less orthodox, won by Matt "Plattsburg" Vengrin, a previous WCOOP winner and self-confessed Klingon (you read that right). As our reported Jack Stanton put it, when was the last time you heard mention of "Klingon blood wine" at a final table? Well then this was a glorious first. Stanton's report is well worth a read, and Plattsburgh once more proved himself an entertaining winner.

Lastly Event #10 was won by reidir a few hours ago. It was a first WCOOP bracelet for the Brazilian who earned a first prize of $20862 after defeating a field of 549. Read the full report by Heath Chick on the PokerStars Blog.

Here are the scores in full:

EVENT #05: $215+R NLHE (6-Max)
Entries: 1,256 (1,304 rebuys, 980 add-ons)
Prize pool: $708,000

Places paid: 168

1. MiracleQ (Russia) -- $101,575.49*
2. Christopher "lissi stinkt" Frank (Germany) $88,758.09*
3. David "EzPaTuLa" Cabrera (United Kingdom) $83,662.42*
4. David "davidv1213" Vamplew (United Kingdom) $45,666.00
5. Nick "FU_15" Maimone (Honduras) $29,877.60
6. StEeEINuTz (Canada) $19,470.00

* = denotes a three-way deal

EVENT #06: $700 PL Omaha [6-Max, Monday PLO SE]
Entries: 769

Prize pool: $511,385
Places paid: 102

1. Matt 'Plattsburgh' Vengrin (Mexico) $90,157.72
2. Gavin 'gavz101' Cochrane (United Kingdom) $66,480.05
3. fjutekk (Sweden) $51,138.50
4. MaTitheone (Poland) $35,796.95
5. Cashcid Linc (Germany) $25,569.25
6. Ravenswood13 (Malta) $15,341.55

EVENT #10: $215 FL Hold'em (6-Max)
Entries: 549
Prize pool: $109,800

Places paid: 72

1. reidir (Brazil) $20,862
2. Dancer King (Russia) $15,372
3. CatPuppy1999 (Germany) $11,254.50
4. GRAILKO (Poland) $7,686
5. Jabracada (United Kingdom) $5,490
6. tatianita032 (Colombia) $3,513

For all the WCOOP 2015 results so far, check out our aptly named WCOOP results page, which also has links to all final table reports.

Coming up today

It's another full day of WCOOP action, with three more events getting started.

Event 11: $100 NL Hold'em (Progressive Super KO) 08.00 ET
Event 12: $665 NL Draw Championship 11.00 ET
Event 13: $300 NL Hold'em (Heads-Up) 14.00 ET

There are also two more events due to conclude today.

Event 8: NL Single Draw 2-7 Championship
Event 9: NL Hold'em (Super Tuesday, SE)

We'll have final table reports for both later today.

Image of the day


Leader board

After nearly ten events the leader board is now starting to fill up. The early leader is reidir, who won event 10 earlier today. He has 130 points courtesy of his win (100 points), a 54th place finish in Event #02 (25 points) and a 1,152nd place finish in Event #04 (5 points).

Plattsburgh, who won Event #06 is in second place with 115 points, while I am Bobbie and MiracleQ are tied in third place with 110 points each.

Check out the current standings, along with how points are calculated, on the WCOOP homepage.


Our WCOOP statistics page is the type of place that will transform any wet afternoon. On it you can dig up all sorts of fun stuff, such as:

--Ahhh Is It? and I am Bobbie already have five WCOOP cashes each.
--Players from the United Kingdom are the first to earn more than $1 million, some way ahead of Russian players on $563,000.
--The UK has also provided the most players, with 2,888.
--Only one Spaniard has ever won a WCOOP title


--Event #13 of WCOOP, a NL Hold'em Heads-Up tournament, which starts at 2pm ET today, is by our reckoning the 500th WCOOP event ever staged.

You'll find more on the WCOOP statistics page. Be sure to Tweet us @PokerStarsBlog if you find anything properly interesting.

Dubious fact of the day

Matt "Plattsburgh" Vengrin once got banned from an arcade. It's true.

Matt_plattsburgh_Vengrin_9sept15.JPGSir, step away from Donkey Kong: double WCOOP winner Matt "plattsburgh" Vengrin

That's today's recap. Don't forget the WCOOP homepage is your resource for everything about the Championship, including how you can win your way into events in satellites. You'll also find the full schedule of 70 events. And if you don't have a PokerStars account signing up couldn't be easier. Click here to start your campaign for WCOOP glory.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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