WCOOP 2015: Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman wins first COOP in Event 36 ($215 NLH 1R1A)

Thursday was a fine day for some good ol' No Limit Hold'em and WCOOP Event 36 gave players plenty of room to move. It was a $215 buy-in No Limit Hold'em tournament which gave players the chance to rebuy should they find themselves without chips plus a bonus add-on if they survive the first two hours.

The tournament drew 1,040 players to put more the 2/3rd of the guarantee in play before a single rebuy or add-on. Players hit the rebuy button 592 times and 648 players decided to put another 5,000 in their stack to boost the money. All told, they created a prize pool worth $456,000 with the last 135 of them set to earn a piece.

The tournament played down over 28 levels on Day 1 with only 28 players remaining when they paused action for the evening. gambler6868 had a comfortable lead as the only player to top 1 million to sit him with 200K more than second place Edison82. They returned for Day 2 and quickly reached the last two tables. The stacks stayed deep and it took more than two hours to reach the final table bubble.

2015 WCOOP Event 36 Day 2.jpg

Ti0373 was the only late running player with past WCOOP success, winning two titles during the 2012 series, but that didn't stop him from catching a bad beat. Ti0373 shoved his 600k stack in the middle with T♠T♦ and Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman called with A♦T♣. Great spot for a double but the A♣Q♦2♦ took care of that and Ti0373's elmination set the final table.

Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman led the way with only nine players remaining, he was looking to add a WCOOP title to his Super Tuesday and Thursday Thriller titles. Barrrii was the player at the table with the most recent WCOOP success after finishing fifth in WCOOP-19 just a week ago.

It was FabOne1986 sporting the biggest result of those at the final table. He doens't have a WCOOP title or a major win to his credit, but his runner-up finish in WCOOP 2012 Event 42 was good enough to send $184,000 his direction. They all joined together and were ready to find a new WCOOP champion.

2015 WCOOP Event 36 Final Table.jpg

Event 36 Final Table

Seat 1: ramastar88 (2,286,715 in chips)
Seat 2: Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman (1,661,461 in chips)
Seat 3: Edison82 (1,493,147 in chips)
Seat 4: ThieF83 (432,208 in chips)
Seat 5: gambler6868 (1,415,215 in chips)
Seat 6: Brixinka (1,342,798 in chips)
Seat 7: alwayswin222 (419,836 in chips)
Seat 8: FabOne1986 (687,678 in chips)
Seat 9: Barrrii (1,660,942 in chips)

Blinds: 17,500/35,000 with 4,375 Ante

gambler6868 gambles and Jacks fail

No one at the final table was in immediate danger, though alwayswin222 and ThieF83 weren't exactly flush in chips, so it took two big pairs to get chips in the middle after the first orbit.

ramastar89 began the action with a min-raise under the gun and Wakeman raised it up next to act. gambler6868 moved all-in for just shy of 1 million and only Wakeman called.

Wakeman: K♦K♥
gambler6868: J♦J♥

It was a tough cooler for gambler6868, running a comfortable stack straight into Kings, and the board ran out a harmless Q♣7♣5♥6♥4♠ to send him out in 9th place for $5,472.

alwayswin222 doesn't always win

alwayswin222 tried a few times to double up his stack but couldn't find anything takers for his shoves. He was picking up the blinds and antes until he found someone to give him a chance.

alwayswin222 open shoved from the cutoff for 372,961 with A♠5♣ and FabOne1986 looked him up with K♠Q♠ from the button. It was another good spot to get a double but the virtual dealer was unkind when the flop came Q♥4♠3♣.

There was still the gutshot wheel draw and over card to catch but alwayswin222 blanked the J♦ turn and 7♥ river to exit the tournament in 8th place for $9,120.

Brixinka goes racing and crashes out

Brixinka was floating a short stack around the final table and treading water as the payouts climb. Finding A♠J♦ on the button had to look pretty good when action folded to him. He moved all-in for a bit over 1 million and Barrrii called in the big blind with 9♥9♣.

They were off to the races and it looked good early for Brixinka when the flop came Q♦J♣4♦ to give him the lead. The A♥ turn gave Brixinka Aces up and the remaining nines to dodge on the river. It would only be a double up story if the river blanked, but it was the two-out 9♠ on the river for the bad beat elimination.

JackAce claims another to get them shorter

Just a few hands later, it was FabOne1986 picking up A♣J♦ and taking a stand. Wakeman opened to 168,575 and FabOne1986 three-bet shoved for 529,640 total from the button. The blinds let their hands go and Wakeman quickly called with Q♥Q♠.

Another JackAce all-in and FabOne1986 couldn't find help on the K♣5♦5♠ flop. It got worse on the turn, Wakeman hit a set when Q♦ hit to leave FabOne1986 looking for one of the remaining tens in the deck. He missed the 6♦ river and was gone in 6th place for $18,240.

Sticking with the theme, Barrrii get his own JackAce

JackAce wasn't running well at the final table and the hand popped up once more on the next orbit. TheiF83 opened the action when a shove from the button with 5♥5♠ and Barrrii reshoved to isolate from the small blind with A♥J♣.

Just like Brixinka earlier, Barrrii hit the Q♦J♠2c] flop to take the lead. Unlike Brixinka, the flopped pair of jacks held up as the board completed Q♠ and T♦ to give TheiF83 the win. The big ace hand held up and TheiF83 was eliminated in 5th place for $22,800.

Barrrii lives by the JackAce and dies by it as well

It's tough to make up, seeing the same hand pop up over and over, but it happened again. Barrrii knocked out TheiF83 with it and play settled down for an entire level. Then he found the hand again.

Wakeman opened to 211,575 from under the gun and Barrrii moved all-in from the small blind with A♥J♠. ramastar88 let his big blind go and Wakeman called with Q♥Q♠, ahead but covered by Barrrii.

Unlike the previous runouts with the JackAce, there was no drama as the board completed T♦7♦4♣5♠8♥ to give Wakeman the big double up and drop Barrrii under one big blind.

He survived one all-in but was gone shortly afterwards at the hands of ramastar88 to give Barrrii 4th place money.

Wakeman and ramastar88 get tricky; does not end well for ramastar88

Plenty of action to go around with only the all-in hands9999 run out with all the betting done preflop. The more detailed hands weren't ending with someone going out until ramastar88 and Wakeman played an interesting three-handed pot.

ramastar88 limped from the small blind and Wakeman checked his option to see the all-diamond A♦7♦2♦ flop. ramastar88 led out for 133,335 then three-bet after facing a raise from Wakeman. Not content to leave it there, Wakeman put in a fourth bet to 632,934 and ramastar88 decided to call to see a turn.

ramastar88 bet another 170,000 after the Q♠ turn, stopping and going, and Wakeman raised it up once more. Enough to put ramastar88 at risk and he called with the flush T♦8♦. Unfortunately for ramastar88, he had zero outs going to the river when Wakeman tabled the better flush Q♦4♦.

ramastar88 will have to wait another day to add a COOP title to his MicroMillions win from 2013.

Wakeman survives a long battle to win Event 36

Seat 2: Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman (8,636,185 in chips)
Seat 3: Edison82 (2,763,815 in chips)

Wakeman began heads up play with a better than 3-to-1 chip lead but Edison82 took command without putting too much at risk. He won four straight seven-digit pots, never getting all-in, to move ahead.

The advantage didn't last long as our JackAce friend showed up once again. Wakeman was all-in with A♥J♣ to race against Edison82's T♠T♦ and won thanks to the J♦6♥4♠ flop. The hand pushed Wakeman back into the lead and he stayed there.

The battle raged for almost 90 minutes before Wakeman was able to wrestle the title away from a determined Edison82. Naturally the final hand fit the framework of the other big hands in the tournament. Wakeman was holding 9 million of the 11 million chips in play and he put them in the middle with A♣J♣.

Edison82 found two Broadway cards and went with it, but behind holding K♥J♦. This time there were no surprises on the board as it dropped Q♠4♦3♥Q♥T♠ to send all the chips to Wakeman and leave Edison82 with a runner-up result.

Wakeman was already a successful online player before this tournament and can now add WCOOP Champion to his profile along with the $88,080 bankroll boost. This title joins along with his previous Super Tuesday and Thursday victories, his own version of the Triple Crown.


Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman

WCOOP-36: $215 NL Hold'em (1R1A)
Entrants: 1,040 (592 Rebuys, 648 Add-ons)
Prize pool: $456,000
Places paid: 135

1. Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman (Australia) $82,080.00
2. Edison82 (Brazil) $58,504.00
3. ramastar88 (Argentina) $43,776.00
4. Barrrii (Belgium) $32,832.00
5. TheiF83 (Cyprus) $22,800.00
6. FabOne1986 (Germany) $18,240.00
7. Brixinka (Czech Republic) $13,680.00
8. alwayswin222 (Germany) $9,120.00
9. gambler6868 (Cyprus) $5,472.00

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