WCOOP 2015: Ojski1988 rejects deal, wins Event 11 ($215 NLH Progressive Super KO)

The 2015 World Championship of Online Poker is well underway and one of the midweek games rewarded players for a little added aggression. Event 11 was a $215 buy-in No Limit Hold'em tournament with $100 going into the normal prize pool and another $100 going into a special bounty prize pool.

But this wasn't your standard bounty tournament where each knockout received the same amount, this was a Progressive Super-Knockout format that saw bounty amounts increase with each elimination. A player's bounty was displayed next to their name/avatar/sweet picture, showing their value and huge amounts had a bulls-eye on them.

When someone was sent out, half of that big number was awarded to the winning player and the other half was added to their own bounty. You can see how this can add up in a hurry.

The tournament drew 3,569 players to create an equal $356,900 prize pool and $356,900 bounty prize pool. The last 450 received a piece of the standard payout but there was money to be earned from the very first hand.

The fun part of the big Progressive Super-Knockout format comes from players getting nice cash long before the tournament makes it into the money. Russian Davlatov was a good example, he went out short of the money in 486th spot yet earned $762 along the way. That's better money than making the last five tables.

Christophe "chrisdm" de Meulder was the only member of Team Pokerstars to make the money but he out in 250th for more than a min-cash plus $100 in bounties. This was a two-day event so they paused after Level 27 for a well-deserved respite from the tables.

Only 66 of the starting 3,569 players were able to make to the end of the first day with the UK's cmontopdeck out front of the pack. The former SCOOP final table member was unable to maintain his position and crashed out in 27th after the restart.

Returning Day 2 Top Ten:

1. cmontopdeck - 919,097
2. Siewas - 897,795
3. Ojski1988 - 895,490
4. bozaking - 719,215
5. blackaces93 - 599,645
6. bagoch - 588,012
7. pAtcAsh83 - 551,605
8. klenius - 514,184
9. live@pompeii - 493,763
10. N4cho_Scocco - 432,942

Blinds 3,500/7,000/875 Ante

Only five of those top ten players were able to make it down to the last two tables. It took three hours from the restart to get within shouting distance of the final table but they were in no hurry to get there.

It took another hour to get down to the final table bubble and hand-for-hand action. Neeeeek was the player sporting the biggest past results, including a Sunday Million victory and 2014 SCOOP runner-up finish, but his short stack left him short of the final table.

He put in his last 229,366 with A♣4♣ and chip leader N4cho_Scocco caled in the big blind with T♥9♦. Neeeeek looked good for a double but N4cho_Scocco flopped an open ended straight draw that got there on the river to set the table. Neeeeek picked up $2,194 for the 10th place finish and another $2,191 in bounties.

2015 WCOOP Event 11 Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: Ojski1988 (3,154,845 in chips)
Seat 2: N4cho_Scocco (3,419,903 in chips)
Seat 3: mumu12345 (1,331,770 in chips)
Seat 4: Juu-Sock (828,047 in chips)
Seat 5: live@pompeii (2,452,225 in chips)
Seat 6: maax45 (2,058,297 in chips)
Seat 7: marinko17 (977,426 in chips)
Seat 8: bozaking (1,696,316 in chips)
Seat 9: Magdebob1993 (1,926,171 in chips)

Blinds: 20K/40K with 5K Ante

Juu-Sock tripped up and flushed

Juu-Sock was the only player remaining in any kind of danger zone with their stack and took a shot after an early open. He three-bet shoved for 563,047 after N4cho_Scocco raised from UTG+1. maax45 called the shove from the button and N4cho_Scocco took his time before folding.

Juu-Sock: A♠T♥
maax45: J♦J♠

maax45 had a good shot for another skin when Juu-Sock hit his undercard on the T♦7♦6♦ flop. The T♠ turn gave him trip Tens for the potentional double up but maax45 picked up the four-flush thanks to the 4♦ river. The hand sent Juu-Sock out in 8th place for $4,461 along with a very nice $4,996 bounty payout.

Magdebob1993 finds three snowmen to double

The rest of the final table was in danger of Ojski1988 running away with a huge chip lead when the bounty leader had a chance for another. maax45 began the action with a min-raise that saw Magdebob1993 move all-in over the top from the small blind for over 1.3 million.

Ojski1988 reshipped from the big blind to get a fold from maax45. It was a clean race between the two with Magdebob1993's 8♣8♦ ahead of A♥Q♣. The 8♥6♥3♠ flop put Magdebob1993 way out front for the double and keep a temporary reign on Ojski1988.

Two more flips, one elimination

Ojski1988 found another big ace/face hand and this time took it into battle against former leader N4cho_Scocco. Everything was in the middle preflop with N4cho_Scocco's 9♦9♣ holding up against Ojski1988's A♣K♣.

There was another preflop all-in just two hands later and Ojski1988 was no where to be found. It started with an under the gun min-raise from mumu12345 and Magdebob1993 moved all-in from the small blind. Ojski1988 bailed in the big blind and mumu12345 called.

mumu12345 had Magdebob1993 covered but was looking for help with A♠J♣ against 4♠4♦ for the KO. He found what he needed right on the J♥8♥3♣ flop to leave Magdebob1993 drawing thin for the win. The virtual dealer completed the board with the 7♠ turn and K♥ to send another out of the tournament. Magdebob1993 picked up $3,219 for 7th place along with $3,963 in bounties.

Slow down followed by mayhem

Action slowed down for more than 30 minutes when things took off in a hurry. Those 30 minutes only saw one major pot but they quickly produced three straight hands that generated two bounty increases.

The first hand began when bozaking called a preflop raise from mumu12345 to see the J♣9♥3♣ flop. bozaking check-raised all-in with the open-ended straight draw Q♣T♥ and mumu12345 called with top/top A♣J♥.

bozaking was unable to catch his straight when the board completed 7♥A♥ to send him out in 6th place for $11,599.

maax45 goes from top to bottom in two hands

maax45 wasn't the chip leader but he was up among them when two straight hands brought his tournament to a close on the heels of bozaking. The first was a tough to get knocked down, starting with a min-raise from live@pompeii and three-bet from maax45 on the button.

live@pompeii responded by putting him all-in with A♠T♣ and maax45 called with the better hand K♣K♥. The Kings may have been best preflop, but fell far behind on the A♣T♥7♦ flop and maax45 never caught up.

That loss left him with less than one big blind and those chips were in the middle in a four-way pot to the K♦7♣4♣ flop. live@pompeii bet out to get heads up with K♠T♣ to dominate maax45's Q♥4♥.

maax45 had five out to stay alive after the J♥ turn but blanked the 2♣ river to go out in 5th place for $15,287 along with $5,963 in bounties.

N4cho not your champion

The four remaining players tossed around their chips with little movement among the stacks while there was occasional chat about a deal. Nothing came from the discussions and play continued until N4cho_Scocco had to take a chance.

The former leader moved all-in from the small blind with A♥J♥ and mumu12345 called in the big blind with A♠6♣. Another possible double for N4cho_Scocco looked good preflop, but not less so after the 6♠4♣3♥ flop.

They each hit the A♦ turn but it did N4cho_Scocco no favors and he missed the saving Jack on the 9♣ river to go out in 4th place for $20,521. He also added $5,542 in bounties, one of the top in the tournament.

Ojski1988 shoots down deal, gets frisky

The last three players paused the clock to discuss chopping up the remaining prize pool but short stacked Ojski1988 quickly shut them down to continue play. Shortly afterwards, it seemed like a good decision.

He was sitting with just over 10 big blinds and put the vast majority in the middle after an open from live@pompeii. Ojski1988 left just a single chip (1) behind and it was three-ways to the K♣J♠8♣ flop, when he tossed it in the middle.

It wasn't shocking call when the other two stuck around for literally smallest tournament bet possible before checking down the 5♦ turn and 8♦ river. Ojski1988 tabled a flopped top two K♦J♣ to get mucks from is opponents and put him right back in the game.

mumu12345 can't get a deal, gone in 3rd

It was mumu12345 driving the deal attempts while his chip stack continued to slide lower. He was never able to get it done and found himself in trouble. Ojski1988 started mumu12345's final hand with a button min-raise and mumu12345 moved all-in from the small blind.

live@pompeii called in the big blind before Ojski1988 moved all-in behind. live@pompeii abandoned his 2 million already in the pot and let them battle it out. Ojski1988 dominated with A♦J♦ against A♥4♥ and stayed that way on the Q♠8♦2♦ flop.

The 4♣ turn put mumu12345 into the lead but he faced a nut flush draw and three Jacks. It was the 9♦ river which ended the day for mumu12345, sending him out in 3rd place for $29,622 and $7,267 in bounties.

Ojski1988 makes the most out of non-deal to win Event 11

Seat 1: Ojski1988 (9,734,678 in chips)
Seat 5: live@pompeii (8,110,322 in chips)

Blinds: 70K/140K with 17.5K Ante

Ojski1988 began the heads up match with a small chip lead and the two briefly discussed chopping up the main prize pool and playing for the bounties. That deal never worked out and they went to the battle.

live@pompeii never gave in despite starting with that small deficit and managed to take the lead several times with medium sized pots. But he was never able to maintain his advantage as they went at each other for more than 40 minutes.

In the end, it took two small pair to get the chips in the middle. Ojski1988 opened from the button with 8♥8♠ and live@pompeii shoved with 2♥2♠. Ojski1988 quickly called and it was over on the drama-free A♦K♥T♥9♣7♠ board to hand him the title.

Ojski1988 rejected a three-way deal, instead opting to play it out and was rewarded with the WCOOP title along with $56,035. He also earned a tournament high $14,330 in bounties while live@pompeii settled for the $41,757 runner-up money.

Congrats to Ojski1988 on his first major online title and a very nice payday thanks to the extra bounty cash.

WCOOP-11: $215 NL Hold'em (Progressive Super-Knockout)
Entrants: 3,569
Prize pool: $356,900
Bounty prize pool: $356,900
Places paid: 450

1. Ojski1988 (Poland) $56,035.19 + $14,330.24 in bounties
2. live@pompeii (Mexico) $41,757.30 + $7,046.71 in bounties
3. mumu12345 (Germany) $29,622.70 + $7,267.71 in bounties
4. N4cho_Scocco (Greece) $20,521.75 + $5,542.74 in bounties
5. maax45 (Brazil) $15,278.88 + $5,963.25 in bounties
6. bozaking (Serbia) $11,599.25 + $2,553.12 in bounties
7. Magdebob1993 (Germany) $8,030.25 + $3,963.25 in bounties
8. Juu-Sock (Denmark) $4,461.25 + $4,996.45 in bounties
9. marinko17 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) $2,855.20 + $1,462.50 in bounties

Al Rash
@PokerStars in WCOOP