WCOOP 2015: Russia's moshmachine quickly liquidates Zoom Turbo field to win Event #19 ($320 NL)

Quads. Every poker player dreams about flopping quads and having your opponent shove into your monster hand. In the turbo-charged Event #19, Russia's moshmachine was heads-up and on the brink of elimination when moshmachine got it all in with pocket fours and flopped quads. That auspicious hand - quad fours - allowed the Russian to stave off elimination and double up. Riding a tidal wave of momentum, moshmachine easily came from behind to win heads-up and become the newest WCOOP champion.

2015 WCOOP Event #19 $320 NL Turbo Zoom attracted 1,916 runners. Those action-packed enthusiasts generated a prize pool worth $574,800.00. The top 252 places paid out with $91,968.00 initially set aside to the champion.

On the cusp of the final table bubble, the fastidious action went hand-for-hand with ten remaining. AMAK316 attempted to double up with 4♥4♠ but moshmachine hit the flop with A♥K♦ to win the pot and sent AMAK316 home in tenth place. The final table was set.


WCOOP Event #19 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: antroff (934,194)
Seat 2: Yayoshow (731,179)
Seat 3: kylef89 (951,037)
Seat 4: VicBiggs (401,822)
Seat 5: Siegmann (1,068,579)
Seat 6: WiljamK (621,240)
Seat 7: RuiNF (1,312,355)
Seat 8: Barrrii (1,269,151)
Seat 9: moshmachine (2,290,443)

The final table commenced during Level 39 with blinds at 25K/50K and a 6,250 ante. Russia's moshmachine held the lead with 2.2M. Meanwhile, VicBiggs was the shorty with 401K. The final table featured a former WCOOP champion (antroff won one back in 2007) and one former SCOOP winner (Yayoshow won one 2013). In addition, Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira was seeking a third career COOP. RuiNF binked a SCOOP last year and already won a WCOOP title this week shipped Event #14.

GLASS ONION: WiljamK eliminated in 9th place

Bustout on the first hand. If you blinked, then you missed it. WiljamK bombed it all-in for 614,990 with A♠8♣, but moshmachine woke up with Q♠Q♦. The board finished up T♠7♠5♥ J♥K♣ and moshmachine's pocket Queens held up. WiljamK's failed to improve and became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $5,748.00.

HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN: VicBiggs eliminated in 8th place

Shorty VicBiggs insta-shoved for 295,572 with K♦J♥ and Barrrii called with A♠9♥ from the big blind. The board ran out A♦8♣2♠3♣7♥. VicBiggs never improved and Barrrii flopped an Ace to drag the pot. For an eighth-place performance, VicBiggs collected $10,059.00.

DEAR PRUDENCE: Yayoshow eliminated in 7th place

Another quickie... antroff min-raised to 160,000, Yayoshow shoved for 381,179 and antroff called. Yayoshow led with A♠Q♣ against antroff's A♦T♥. However, the board finished up T♣7♣6♣7♠3♥ and antroff flopped a pair of tens to eventually clinch the pot with two pair. Former SCOOP champion Yayoshow was unable to improve and hit the virtual rail in seventh place, which paid out $15,519.60.

WILD HONEY PIE: RuiNF eliminated in 6th place

Seriously, if you sneezed then you missed another bustout... kylef89 min-raised to 200,000, RuiNF bombed it all-in for 1,432,604 with K♥Q♣, and kylef89 called with A♥T♥. The board ran out T♦5♠2♠6♣3♠. RuiNF did not improve and kylef89 won the pot with a pair of tens. Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira was unable to win a second WCOOP this week when he was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $21,267.60.

With five remaining, kylef89 was closing in on 4M, while Siegmann was the shorty with 620K.

BUNGLAOW BILL: Barrrii eliminated in 5th place

Barrrii open-shoved for 992,723 with T♦T♠ and big-stacked kylef89 called with A♣9♠. The board finished up 6♦5♥3♠K♥A♦ and kylef89 rivered a pair of Aces to win the pot. Barrrii was picked off in fifth place, which paid out $27,303.00.

OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA: Siegmann eliminated in 4th place

Shorty Siegmann bombed it all-in for 350,882 with A♥T♣ and monster-stacked kylef89 called with 4♦2♥. The board ran out J♠7♦4♥8♥5♦. Siegmann never improved and lost to kylef89 who hit the flop and paired a four. For a fourth-place performance, Siegmann earned $37,793.10.

WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS: antroff eliminated in 3rd place

The bustouts kept coming when antroff moved all-in for 1,065,373 with K♦Q♥ and moshmachine woke up with T♣T♥. The flop was T♦9♠6♠ and moshmachine flopped a set of tens. The turn was the 4♠ and the river was the 2♣. Alas, antroff was unable to win a second WCOOP. The Swede never improved and busted out in third place, which paid out $51,732.00.

HEADS-UP: kylef89 (Canada) vs. moshmachine (Russia)
Seat 3: kylef89 (7,034,746)
Seat 9: moshmachine (2,545,254)

The final table progressed at a rapid pace, but heads-up was a much slower affair. kylef89 held a sizable lead when heads-up began, but moshmachine methodically chipped away and eventually seized the lead on a behemoth of a hand. Here's what went down... moshmachine got it all-in preflop with 4♦4♥ vs. kylef89's K♦Q♦. The flop was 8♣4♠4♣ and that's all she wrote. The monstrous moshmachine flopped quad fours and avoided an elimination. Not only did moshmachine double up to over 6.4M, but the Russian took control of the lead. In a couple of minutes, it would be all over.

BACK IN THE U.S.S.R.: kylef89 eliminated in 2nd place; moshmachine wins WCOOP Event #19 Zoom Turbo!

Once kylef89 ran into quads, he was unable to get anything going. On the final hand... kylef89 shoved for 2,425,094 with 9♠7♣ and moshmachine called with K♠J♥. Neither player improved on a board of 8♠4♣2♥6♦A♥, but moshmachine won the hand with a superior King-high kicker. Unfortunately, kylef89 was booted in second place. Canada's kylef89 earned $68,976.00 for a gutsy runner-up performance.

Congrats to Russia's moshmachine, who collected a first-place prize worth $91,968.00, for binking WCOOP Event #19 Zoom Turbo!

WCOOP-19: $320 NL Hold'em (Turbo, Zoom)
Entrants: 1,916
Prize Pool: $574,800.00
Places Paid: 252

1. moshmachine (Russia) $91,968.00
2. kylef89 (Sweden) $68,976.00
3. antroff (Sweden) $51,732.00
4. Siegmann (Denmark) $37,793.10
5. Barrrii (Belgium) $27,303.00
6. Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira (Czech Republic) $21,267.60
7. Yayoshow (Canada) $15,519.60
8. VicBiggs (Canada) $10,059.00
9. WiljamK (Finland) $5,748.00

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