WCOOP 2015: Sweden's bajskorven8 notches second WCOOP bracelet with 6-Max win in Event #28

Four years ago at the 2011 WCOOP, bajskorven8 went on a rush to win a Heads-Up event to secure a first WCOOP bracelet. With nine players remaining in this year's Event #28, bajskorven8 seized the lead. At that point, only eight other players stood in the way of bajskorven8 becoming a repeat WCOOP winner. When it got heads-up against Canada's Jigs Flippin, bajskorven8 quickly overcame a chip deficit. At that point, bajskorven8 froze any of Jigs Flippin's forward momentum. The icy cool bajskorven8 methodically chipped away at Jigs Flippin's stack and won Event #28, which marked a second career WCOOP bracelet for the Swede.

2015 WCOOP Event #28 $320 NL 6-Max attracted 2,014 runners. They created a prize pool worth $604,200, which tripled the initial $200K Guarantee. The top 252 places got a cut of the pool, with $95,161.50 initially set aside to the champion.

Day 1 ended with only 26 players remaining. TeamWispy (Costa Rica) led the pack with 1.05M, followed by CHELitw (Argentina) in second with 1.02M.

The action at the onset of Day 2 proceeded at a brisk pace. Less than 30 minutes into Day 2, we were down to the final three tables. CHELitw led with 1.5M and only rmgil was the only other player over 1M. With 14 to go, Romania's treidei3 seized the lead after knocking out Chirkov77 when K♥K♣ held up against A♦J♣. At that point, the lead was a hot potato that got passed around every few hands. With 12 remaining, Monio81 surged to over 1.8M after knocking out angrymoron with A♠T♠ against angrymoron's 8♥8♦. The A♦ spiked on the river and angrymoron was busto in 13th place. With 9 to go, Sweden's bajskorven87 passed 2M and took over the lead after picking off J. Gelades in 10th place with 9♦9♣ vs. A♠9♠.

Canada's G's zee bubbled off the final table in seventh place when G's zee's A♠2♠ lost to bajskorven87's rivered four-flush with K♥Q♠.


WCOOP Event #28 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: FU_15 (547,313)
Seat 2: bajskorven87 (4,137,711)
Seat 3: Monio81 (2,258,835)
Seat 4: forcadellmg (514,301)
Seat 5: Jigs Flippin (2,005,265)
Seat 6: Skrigepas (606,575)

The final table commenced during Level 35 with blinds at 12.5K/25K and 3,125 ante. Sweden's bajskorven87 was seeking a second WCOOP (won a bracelet in 2011) and began the final table with a hefty lead and a big stack in excess of 4.1M. Both of the short stacks, FU_15 and forcadellmg, had between 514-547K. Final table featured legendary online grinder Nick "FU_15" Maimone, who has seven figures in career earnings, but still seeking his first COOP title.

TOO HIGH: FU_15 eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked FU_15 never had a chance to get anything going until he woke up with Q♠Q♥. Alas, he got beat down by Big Slick... bajskorven87 min-raised to 60,000, Jigs Flippin called, FU_15 shoved for 481,888, bajskorven87 bailed, and Jigs Flippin called. Heads-up. Jigs Flippin's A♦K♥ hit the flop, turn, and river when the board ran out A♥6♥5♥K♣A♣. Jigs Flippin won the pot with a full house, and FU_15 became the first player to bust at this 6-max final table. Sixth place paid out $13,534.08.

With five remaining, bajskorven87 led with 5M, followed by Jigs Flippin (2.7M), Monio81 (1.5M), and the two shorties -- forcadellmg and Skrigepas -- held an average of 371K.

VISIONS: forcadellmg eliminated in 5th place

Short-stack ran into the proverbial "ace on the river." Monio81 min-raised to 70,000, forcadellmg bombed it all-in for 409,072 with 9♦9♠, and Monio81 called with A♣Q♣. The board finished up 3♦2♠T♥5♦A♦. Monio81 turned a gutshot Wheel draw, but riverd a pair of Aces to win the pot. For fifth place, Mexico's forcadellmg took home $23,684.64.

With four to go, bajskorven87 was still out in front with 5.5M, followed by Jigs Flippin (2.4M) and Monio81 (1.6M). Skrigepas took on the role of the shorty with 490K.

LIVING FOR THE CITY: Skrigepas eliminated in 4th place

Shorty Skrigepas did not waste any time before attempting to double up. Skrigepas open-shoved for 410,325 with Q♠J♥, and Monio81 called with 2♣2♠. The board ran out 6♠5♣3♠T♥4♣ and Monio81 actually rivered a six-high straight to win the pot. Denmark's Skrigepas never improved and busted in fourth place, which paid out $34,741.50.

With three remaining in the hunt... bajskorven87 held roughly 50% of the chips in play with 5.07M with Monio81 at 2.5M and Jigs Flippin at 2.4M.

Couple hands later, we had a new leader... on a board of 9♠8♠2♦Q♣7♥, Jigs Flippin won a 4.3M pot with J♥T♦ for a Queen-high straight against bajskorven87's Q♠9♦.

GOLDEN LADY: Monio81 eliminated in 3rd place

Holding 1.34M, Monio81 made a final stand with A♥8♠ against Jigs Flippin's K♥K♦. Jigs Flippin flopped a set of Kings and won the pot with a full house against Monio81's two pair when the board finished up K♣7♣6♦A♠7♥. Monio81 was knocked out in third place, which paid out $52,867.50.

HEADS-UP: bajskorven87 (Sweden) vs. Jigs Flippin (Canada)
Seat 2: bajskorven87 (4,106,269)
Seat 5: Jigs Flippin (5,963,731)

With two to go, only one player stood in bajskorven87'sway of winning WCOOP bracelet #2. When heads-up began, Jigs Flippin held the slight edge 5.9M to 4.1M.

During the first ten minutes of heads-up, bajskorven87 pulled even after winning a pot with a better two pair. Eventually, bajskorven87 surged ahead 6M to 4M.

At the start of Level 40, bajskorven87 embarked on another blitz and won 11 out of 12 hands to chip up 7.1M to Jigs Flippin's 2.9M.

HIGHER GROUND: Jigs Flippin eliminated in 2nd place; bajskorven87 wins second WCOOP bracelet with win in  Event #28

Another mini-rush for bajskorven87, who won 8 out of the last 9 hands. Going into the final hand, bajskorven87 amassed a monstrous lead with a 9.4M stack versus Jigs Flippin's paltry 676K. Jigs Flippin made a valiant final stand with A♦5♠ against bajskorven87's 9♥9♣. The board ran out K♠J♠6♠K♥T♦ and bajskorven87's nines held up. Jigs Flippin busted in second place.

For a runner-up performance, Canada's Jigs Flippin took home $70,993.50.

Congrats to Sweden's bajskorven87 for winning Event #28, which marked a second career SCOOP victory. First place paid out $95,161.50.

WCOOP-28: $320 NL Hold'em (6-Max)
Entrants: 2,014
Prize Pool: $604,200
Places Paid: 252

1. bajskorven87 (Sweden) $95,161.50
2. Jigs Flippin (Canada) $70,993.50
3. Monio81 (Bulgaria) $52,867.50
4. Skrigepas (Denmark) $34,741.50
5. forcadellmg (Mexico) $23,684.64
6. Nick "FU_15" Maimone $13,534.08

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