WCOOP 2015: TheBeeftank stampedes to victory in Event #46 ($215 NL Sunday Warm-Up SE)

With 12 players remaining in WCOOP Event #46, TheBeeftank (Netherlands) seized the lead and never looked back. No one could stop TheBeeftank, who nearly went wire-to-wire at the final table to win a WCOOP bracelet. Online poker nomad Daniel "deoxyribo" Strelitz put up the biggest fight. When heads-up commenced, TheBeeftank held over a 7-to-1 chip advantage over deoxyribo. Despite the daunting differential, deoxyribo never backed down and launched a courageous assault on TheBeeftank's ginormous stack. After a successful surgical attack, a determined deoxyribo almost pulled even in chips. However, that's as high as deoxyribo would get before TheBeeftank launched an unstoppable counterattack and delivered the crushing blow to become the newest WCOOP champion.

2015 WCOOP Event #46 $215 NL Sunday Warm-Up SE attracted 6,282 runners to this two-day event. They created a prize pool worth $1,256,400. The top 810 places paid out with $196,503.39 originally set aside to the champion.

Day 1 ended with 91 players left in the hunt for a WCOOP bracelet. Germany's KornmeiserX advanced to Day 2 as the leader 3.1M.

WCOOP Event #46 - End Day 1 Top 5 Chip Counts:
1. KornmeiserX (Germany) - 3,164,476
2. Fukuruku (Ukraine) - 2,427,237
3. vladislavius (Romania) - 2,022,959
4. TheBeeftank (Netherlands) - 1,961,340
5. PokerLoans1 (Argentina) - 1,808,277

The start of Day 2's action resembled the cliched title of a Hollywood action franchise: Fast and Furious. A dozen players were quickly liquidated within minutes of the opening bell.

With 27 to go Fukuruku (Ukraine) led with 5.8M. With 18 to go, Supa4real (Netherlands) had 6.7M and the lead. With 12 to go, TheBeeftank seized the lead with 8.4M. By the time only 11 were left, TheBeeftank passed the 10M mark.

With 10 left in the hunt, action went hand-for-hand. On a flop of 8♣7♠6♥, entim check-raised all in with 4.6M. Zihuatanejo3 tanked for a while before calling with an open-ended straight draw and A♠9♥ agianst's entim's 6♣5♣ (bottom pair and smaller straight draw). The turn and river did not fill in any straights, and entim won the pot with two pair. Russia's Zihuatanejo3 bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


WCOOP Event #46 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: thugmoneymkr (3,583,573)
Seat 2: entim (7,829,189)
Seat 3: Supa4real (8,865,042)
Seat 4: TheBeeftank (14,987,996)
Seat 5: leopeluca (1,292,740)
Seat 6: muka_gaming (6,044,665)
Seat 7: xXAlex1337Xx (8,959,808)
Seat 8: deoxyribo (7,361,354)
Seat 9: wywrotX (3,895,633)

The final table commenced during Level 42 with blinds at 80K/160K and a 20K ante. TheBeeftank sat atop the big stack hovering around 15M. Meanwhile, Leandro "leopeluca" Csome was the shorty with 1.3M. Everyone at the final table was seeking WCOOP bracelet #1, although Supa4real won a SCOOP in 2011. A couple of players came close to winning COOP titles: Argentina's leopeluca was once a runner-up in a 2014 SCOOP, and thugmoneymkr was a runner up back in 2006 (losing to legendary Jason Strasser). Also sitting at the final table was poker nomad Daniel "deoxyribo" Strelitz, who had over $1.2M in career earnings.

THE REVENGE OF VERA GEMINI: leopeluca eliminated in 9th place

Short-stacked leopeluca was the first player to bow out at the final table. leopeluca moved all-in for 892,740 with J♠J♦ and Supa4real called from the big blind with 7♦7♠. The board ran out A♣K♠8♠7♥6♠. Supa4real turned a set of sevens to take the lead. Jacks were cracked and leopeluca busted in ninth place, which paid out $10,051.20.

TATTOO VAMPIRE: wywrotX eliminated in 8th place

Ambushed by Aces. xXAlex1337Xx opened to 401,355, wywrotX bombed it all-in for 2,045,383 with A♣J♦, and xXAlex1337Xx insta-called with A♠A♦. The board ran out K♦Q♠8♠5♣2♦. Although wywrotX flopped a Broadway draw, the turn and river did not help. xXAlex1337Xx's pocket Aces held up to win the pot. For an eighth-place finish, Canada's wywrotX earned $15,705.00.

EXTRA TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE: entim eliminated in 7th place

Monster stack vs. baby stack. TheBeeftank min-raised to 420,000, entim bombed it all-in for 2,229,010, and TheBeeftank called. TheBeeftank led with T♠T♣ against entim's 9♦9♠. The board ran out Q♠J♠6♠Q♥K♠. Both players rivered a four-flush, but entim lost to TheBeeftank's higher flush. For a seventh place finish, entim won $28,269.00.

With six remaining, TheBeeftank held 22.8M, followed by Supa4real's 15.3M, xXAlex1337Xx's 8.8M, and deoxyribo's 7.2M. The two shorties held approximately 4.2M each: muka_gaming and thugmoneymkr.

MORNING FINAL: muka_gaming eliminated in 6th place

And the rich got richer... TheBeeftank opened to 630,000, muka_gaming shoved for 5,481,860 with K♣Q♠, and TheBeeftank called with A♥J♥. The board ran out 7♣6♦3♣T♣A♠. TheBeeftank led all the way but rivered a pair of Aces. For a sixth-place finish, muka_gaming took home $40,833.00.

SINFUL LOVE: xXAlex1337Xx eliminated in 5th place

On the next hand... TheBeeftank claimed another victim. TheBeeftank opened to 630,000, xXAlex1337Xx bombed it all-in for 2,997,531 with A♥8♠, and TheBeeftank called with A♦9♦. Ouch.... xXAlex1337Xx was dominated and to complicate matters, TheBeeftank flopped a pair of nines and rivered Aces up. The board ran out Q♥9♠7♥4♣A♣. TheBeeftank won the pot with two pair. Germany's xXAlex1337Xx finished the tournament in 5th place and received $53,397.00.

DEBBIE DENISE: Supa4real eliminated in 4th place

Two hands later, we saw a third bustout in a mere four hands. The only difference was that this hand did not involved Godzilla-stacked TheBeeftank... deoxyribo opened to 624,000, Supa4real shoved for 6,472,452, and deoxyribo called. Supa4real led with A♦J♦ against deoxyribo's K♠Q♠. Alas, a King on the flop sunk Supa4real's WCOOP aspirations. The board finished up K♦9♣3♠7♥T♣. Supa4real never improved and hit the virtual rail in fourth place, which paid out $70,986.60.


With three remaining, action was paused to discuss a deal. TheBeeftank had a significant amount of chips with 42.5M, which was more than twice as many as the combination of deoxyribo (10.9M) and thugmoneymkr (9.3M). Any deal had to leave $20,000 on the table for first place. The ICM numbers were floated: TheBeeftank $164,120.03, deoxyribo $133,095.70, and thugmoneymkr $129,122.80. Initially, thugmoneymkr was seeking 130K flat, but after both players scoffed at giving up any more money, thugmoneymkr agreed on the original terms. A deal was set and play resumed.

TENDERLOIN: thugmoneymkr eliminated in 3rd place

The two smaller stacks rumbled and thugmoneymkr came from behind to win an 18.3M pot with A♥2♥ against deoxyribo's 5♦5♥. Thinking he had enough ammo to survive a confrontation, thugmoneymkr rumbled with TheBeeftank... thugmoneymkr opened to 765,000, TheBeeftank bumped it up to 2M, thugmoneymkr shoved for 18,300,362 with 7♣6♣, and TheBeeftank called with T♥T♦. The board ran out Q♠T♣5♣5♦8♥. Although thugmoneymkr flopped a flush draw, his hand never improved. TheBeeftank flopped a set and turned a boat to win the pot. For a third-place finish, thugmoneymkr took home $129,122.80.

HEADS-UP: TheBeeftank (Netherlands) vs. deoxyribo (Canada)
Seat 4: TheBeeftank (54,893,365)
Seat 8: deoxyribo (7,926,635)

TheBeeftank held a tremendous lead. However, deoxyribo was not about to give up so easily and doubled up early on to win a pot worth almost 18M when A♥5♣ held up against TheBeeftank's K♦Q♠.

Then deoxyribo went on a quick rush to win back-to-back pots. The first one was almost 12M and the second pot was 15.3M. TheBeeftank's lead was trimmed and deoxyribo nearly pulled even (31.9 to 30.8M). TheBeeftank swiftly counterattacked to win four out of the next five hands to increased his lead 40M to 22.7M. After TheBeeftank dragged a 10M pot, that marked the beginning of the end for deoxyribo. In 13 hands, it was all over.


Twitter profile pic -- deoxyribo

(DON'T FEAR) THE REAPER: deoxyribo eliminated in 2nd place; TheBeeftank binks WCOOP Event #46

On the final hand... deoxyribo moved all-in for 12,629,176 with a formidble A♦5♠ and TheBeeftank called with K♠Q♠. The board ran out J♣3♥2♥K♦Q♥. TheBeeftank turned a pair of Kings and rivered two pair to win the pot. Even though deoxyribo flopped a Wheel draw, it never materialized. Alas, deoxyribo failed to improve and busted in second place.

For a gritty runner-up performance, which included overcoming connectivity issues, deoxyribo earned $133,095.70.

Congrats to TheBeeftank for winning WCOOP Event #46. First place paid out $184,120.03.

WCOOP-46: $215 NL Hold'em (Sunday Warm-Up SE)
Entrants: 6,282
Prize Pool: $1,256,400
Places Paid: 810

1. TheBeeftank (Netherlands) $184,120.03 *
2. deoxyribo (Canada) $133,095.70 *
3. thugmoneymkr (Mexico) $129,122.80 *
4. Supa4real (Netherlands) $70,986.60
5. xXAlex1337Xx (Germany) $53,397.00
6. muka_gaming (Brazil) $40,833.00
7. entim (Ireland) $28,269.00
8. wywrotX (Canada) $15,705.00
9. Leandro "leopeluca" Csome (Argentina) $10,051.20

* = denotes a deal among the final three players

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