WCOOP 2015: uremyatm withdraws $51k from Event #64 ($700 PLO Heads-Up)

There's nowhere to hide heads-up. There's no checking out. There's no folding your way to a pay jump. In the final eight of this event, no one exemplified that spirit better than uremyatm. Twice before, uremyatm came close to a COOP title. He finished fourth in Event #20-H ($2,100 PLO 6-Max) at the 2014 SCOOP and came in sixth out of nearly 7,000 players in a 2013 TCOOP $27+R NLHE event. Today, uremyatm prevailed, besting this $700 PLO Heads-Up field to win his first WCOOP bracelet and over $51k.

289 players bought in to Event #64, creating a $192,185.00 prize pool. 32 places were paid, with first place set to earn $51,890.01.

Day 1 continued until 16 players remained. They reconvened Sunday at 11am EDT and took an hour and twenty minutes to play down to our eight quarterfinalists.



hateAll686 def. #Linathedog

#Linathedog had hateAll686 on the ropes early, chipping up to 11,500. however, hateAll686 undid a lot of that damage when he turned a king-high flush and got his river bet paid off. HateAll686 moved back up to 5,198 in chips and four hands later, doubled to 9,976. Although #Linathedog turned a king-high straight with 6♦T♥J♦Q♥ on a K♥T♣4♣9♦ board, the 9♣ rivered, making hateAll686 a flush with A♠5♣T♠K♣. HateAll686 ran his stack up to 13,225 when #Linathedog got the rest of his chips in preflop.

#Linathedog A♣A♦3♥J♣
hateAll686 K♦K♥Q♥2♥

For the third time in this match, a king-high flush bailed out hateAll686. #Linathedog's aces were good through the turn, but hateAll686 rivered a heart on the J♥7♦4♥2♣9♥ board to punch his ticket to the semifinals.

uremyatm def. "1pante"

Uremyatm took a substantial lead on Hand #7 when he called the flop and fired the turn and river on a 8♣7♦6♣3♠8♠ board. "1pante" folded on the river and uremyatm won the 4,752 pot without a showdown. Uremyatm moved up to 12,000 in chips, but fell back a bit when "1pante" doubled twice in three hands. Holding 8,900 in chips to "1pante"'s 6,100, uremyatm opened for a min-raise to 120 with A♠2♣4♠8♠. "1pante" three-bet to 360 and uremyatm called. The flop fell 8♥5♠3♦, giving uremyatm the wheel. "1pante" check-called uremyatm's 538-chip bet, then checked again when the K♣ turned. Uremyatm bet ,796, "1pante" moved all-in for 5,200 and uremyatm quickly called. "1pante" turned over A♦3♥Q♥K♦ for kings up and did not improve when the 2♠ rivered. "1pante" departed in seventh place and uremyatm advanced to the semifinals.

riverdave def. plattsburgh

Riverdave struck big on Hand #2, taking down a 4,900-chip pot on the river without a showdown. He maintained that lead and chipped up to 12,000 before plattsburgh committed the rest of his chips on a J♦6♦6♥ flop.

plattsburgh Q♠J♠8♦7♦ (jacks and sixes, jack-high flush draw)
riverdave A♦3♦9♦K♠ (nut flush draw)

Riverdave improved to aces and sixes when the A♣ turned and rivered the 4♣ to end plattsburgh's run in sixth place.

BenyamineX def. njåguar

These two kept the chip counts pretty even until deep in the second level, when njåguar took down two big pots and moved up to 11,453. BenyamineX answered by calling all-in on a K♠8♥3♦ flop with K♣J♣8♣7♣ for top two pair. Njåguar turned over A♠A♥T♦4♣. The Q♦ turn didn't change much, but the 8♠ river made BenyamineX eights full of kings. BenyamineX doubled to 6,638 and doubled again a few hands later after moving in on the flop with a made a nine-high straight. Njåguar called with top pair and the nut flush draw, but couldn't catch up. BenyamineX locked up the win a few hands later. After betting the flop and turn on a A♥J♥J♦4♣ board, BenyamineX fired a third time when the 9♥ rivered. Njåguar called all in and turned up K♥T♥9♦7♣ for an ace-high flush, but it was no good against BenyamineX's jacks full with A♦Q♥J♠7♠.


uremyatm def. riverdave

This match lasted all of three hands. On Hand #3, riverdave min-raised to 100 and uremyatm called. All the money went in on the A♥5♥3♠ flop, riverdave making the final raise, a five-bet shove for 7,225.

uremyatm A♦2♥4♠9♥ (five-high straight, flush draw)
riverdave 3♦3♥5♣T♥ (set of threes)

Uremyatm had the lead with the wheel and riverdave needed to pair the board or find the case three. The 6♦ on the turn improved uremyatm to a six-high straight and the river blanked with the J♦, sending uremyatm to the final match. For his fourth-place finish, riverdave earned $15,374.80.

hateAll686 def. BenyamineX

HateAll686 had ground his stack up to 9,300 before hitting the nut flush draw on a Q♦T♦9♥ flop. HateAll686 check-called 270 from BenyamineX and hit his flush when the 3♦ turned. HateAll686 checked and BenyamineX checked behind. The river was the 6♦ and hateAll686 checked his flush again. This time, BenyamindX fired 459 and hateAll686 raised to 2,277. BenyamineX called, but could not beat hateAll686's A♦9♦6♥5♥. HateAll686 moved up to 12,037 on the hand and was up to 12,685 when he made aces and sixes with A♥J♠6♠2♥ on a A♠8♥6♥ flop. BenyamineX bet 960 with A♣K♣T♥4♦, hateAll686 raised and BenyamineX called all in. HateAll686's hand held up on the Q♣ turn and the 2♦ river and BenyamineX hit the rail in third place.


THE FINAL ROUND: uremyatm vs. hateAll686

HateAll686 struck first. After uremyatm four-bet to 1,350 preflop, hateAll686 check-raised uremyatm's 1,000 bet on the 7♠5♣4♠ flop to 5,700. Uremyatm gave up his hand and hateAll686 took the early lead. However, uremyatm struck back before the first level was out, getting three streets of value on a 8♣7♥2♠4♣K♣ board. Uremyatm hit running clubs to make a flush with K♥9♣6♣4♥ and moved back up to 6,100 in chips.

HateAll686 had clawed back to slightly better than even in chips with 7,778 to uremyatm's 7,222, when uremyatm retook the chip lead with back to back pots. In the first pot, fireworks went off on the river with the board reading 5♦2♦2♣Q♠3♦. Uremyatm checked, hateAll686 bet 224 and uremyatm raised to 647. HateAll686 three-bet to 1,868 and uremyatm came back over the top for 5,896. That bet was enough for hateAll686 to give up his hand and uremyatm raked in the 4,028-chip pot. Then, on the next deal, hateAll686 check-called uremyatm's flop and turn bets on the K♠Q♣4♦3♦ board. The river was the 6♠ and hateAll686 checked a third time. Uremyatm fired 1,899 and hateAll686 gave it up again as uremyatm moved up to 10,367 in chips.

Uremyatm was up to 11,497 when he opened for a 3x raise to 240 on the button. HateAll686 three-bet to 720 and uremyatm called. The flop came down 6♠5♠4♠ and hateAll686 bet 1,440. Uremyatm raised and hateAll686 called off his remaining 1,343.

hateAll686 J♥J♦6♥3♦ (pair of jacks, open-ended straight draw)
uremyatm Q♣8♠7♣7♦ (eight-high straight)

The 4♦ turn made hateAll686 jacks and fours, but the river fell the 8♦ and uremyatm locked up his first WCOOP win.

Congratulations to uremyatm on his first WCOOP bracelet! He banked $51,890.01 for the win, while runner-up hateAll686 earned $28,827.75.

Event #64: $700 Pot-Limit Omaha [Heads-Up]
Prize pool: $192,185
Places paid: 32

1. uremyatm (Denmark) $51,890.01
2. hateAll686 (Belarus $28,827.75
3. BenyamineX (Netherlands) $15,574.80
4. Dave "riverdave" Penly (United Kingdom) $15,374.80

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in WCOOP