WCOOP bracelets get a new home

Well, how about this?

For years, WCOOP winners have been excited to get their bracelets after a big World Championship of Online Poker win. It's one of those things that sets the greats apart from the rest. It's a big deal in the world of online poker.

But what do you do with your bracelet once you have it? Some folks--and we applaud them--wear them around to live events. But when they aren't in use, they end up...where? In a drawer where no one can see them? In a safety deposit box where relatives will only find it after you have died and the probate is sorted? On the (NSFW) bedside table on the little kangaroo?

Well, now, if you win a WCOOP bracelet, you're going to have a place to put it.

WCOOP 2015 Bracelet case.jpg

That right there is the new custom WCOOP bracelet display case. Everybody who wins a bracelet this year will not only get the gold. They'll also get a nice place to keep it.

So, goodbye safety deposit box! Goodbye kangaroo on the bedside table! Hello table centerpiece! Hello mantelpiece! Hello really awesome hood ornament!

You still have at least eight chances to win a 2015 bracelet, including the one for the $10 million guaranteed Main Event.

Good luck!

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Brad Willis
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