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So, you're sitting there, and you're wondering how you can get into the $5,000 WCOOP Main Event. You don't have $5,000, and even if you did, that's still a hefty chunk of change to put down on one tournament. This is a responsible way to think. Go look in the mirror and tell yourself, "Good job on that being responsible thing."

But still...wouldn't it be cool to win the big WCOOP Main Event and tell all your friends, "And you know what? I didn't pay a red cent to get in!"

Well, that's something you now have a chance to do. Why? Well, PokerStars is once again running WCOOP VIP Bash Events that can get you into the Main for next to nothing.

Here's how you do it:

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Head on over to the tourneys located in the Online Events > WCOOP > StarsCoin Satellite tab. There you can get started for as little as 50 StarsCoin and end up with a $5,000 WCOOP Main Event seat. Even better, PokerStars is adding five seats to the final on September 24.

DateRoundStarsCoin Buy-in
DailyRound 150
DailyRound 2500
September 17 & 24Round 35,000
September 24Final - 5 seats added to the $5,000 WCOOP Main Event25,000

Need more info? Check out the PokerStars VIP Bash information page.

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