WCOOP 2016: A day of new arrivals for the family Deeb

Four players win WCOOP titles but someone else entirely steals the headlines, without even playing a hand. That would be Ashley Deeb, wife of Shaun Deeb, who delivered the couple's second child while her husband was winning his fourth career WCOOP title. Zzwwzzwwzz keeps hold of top spot on the leader board while others move into the top ten. Three more events schedule for today, with nine new champions to be crowned over the weekend.



All the stories from the fifth day of WCOOP 2016

It's not often that events off the table trump those taking place on it, especially not during WCOOP, but yesterday was different.

Child birth is arguably the furthest things from the realm of experience of most poker players (Jen Shahade excepted), but it managed to steal the headlines yesterday.

shaun_deeb_wcoop_9sept16.jpgShaun Deeb at EPT Barcelona last month

Without getting into too much detail it was a great day for Shaun and the rest of the family Deeb yesterday. He collected his fourth WCOOP title while at almost the same time his wife Ashley was delivering their second child, Chance Deeb, a healthy 8lb 4oz boy. According to Deeb's Twitter update the whole thing was wrapped up within five minutes of labour, and 11 minutes at arriving at the hospital. Quick for us men twiddling our thumbs perhaps, but you wonder if even such brief spell feels longer when you're at the business end, so to speak.

Regardless, congratulations them on the new arrivals, one worth $22,185, the other priceless.

We should perhaps also start the clock at 18 years and counting before Chance Deeb, son of one of the most formidable online players in the game, considers entering the family business. Try to do your winning before September 2034 everyone. We've all been warned.

Elsewhere there were three others winners yesterday, including Brian "brian15" England, and two British players MonsieurRask and tua133, the latter moving into second spot on the Player of the Series leader board (more on that below).

To go back to brian15 for a second, it's a second WCOOP title for the American, who now lives in Costa Rica. As Kristin Bihr wrote in her recap, it took an excellent performance by England, who clawed his earlier advantage back from second placed Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepcion. It's a great read and you can find it here.

Box scores from Day 5

WCOOP-10: $1,050 Super Tuesday SE results
Entrants: 1,470
Prize Pool: $1,470,000
Places Paid: 161

1. MonsieurRask (United Kingdom) $225,754.16
2. OverTheTop43 (Austria) $165,476.43
3. uwintakeit (Canada) $121,293.81
4. William "hellzito" Arruda (Brazil) $88,908.09
5. Cristian "progre69" Sampaoli (Argentina) $65,169.36
6. zzwwzzwwzz (China) $47,768.97
7. Narcis "Narcisus90" Nedelcu (Romania) $35,014.66
8. iamivar (Sweden) $25,665.61
9. JIZOINT (United Kingdom) $18,812.91

WCOOP-12: $1,050 NL 5-Card Draw Championship results
Total Entries: 95 (70 entries, 25 re-entries)
Prize pool: $95,000
Places paid: 11

1. Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb (Mexico) $22,185.60
2. OLD TIME GIN (Canada) $16,841.05
3. thechips55 (Canada) $12,784.05
4. Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich (Poland) $9,704.38
5. ShipitFTW911 (Sweden) $7,366.60
6. scuel1975 (Argentina) $5,591.99

WCOOP-13 ($215 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (50%)]) results
Total entries: 4,100
Prize pool: $820,000 (Regular pool: $410,000; Bounty pool: $410,000)
Places paid: 512

1. tua133 (United Kingdom) $58,559.89 + $21,076.66 in bounties
2. simbir (Norway) $41,741.77 + $7,169.86 in bounties
3. ChiphunterTH (Germany) $29,754.97 + $3,335.92 in bounties
4. PalomoBuchón (United Kingdom) $21,210.32 + $2,439.83 in bounties
5. lcl1988 (China) $15,119.44 + $375 in bounties
6. Edison82 (Brazil) $10,777.62 + $4444.89 in bounties
7. Fold Machiii (United Kingdom) $7,682.62 + $7,026.41 in bounties
8. MistheMan (Canada) $5,476.41 + $1,387.50 in bounties
9. Kafrou (Cyprus) $3,903.41 + $915.62 in bounties

WCOOP-14 ($215 NL Hold'em [Big Antes]) results
Total entries: 2,684 (1,771 entries, 913 re-entries)
Prize pool: $536,800.00
Places paid: 332

1. Brian "brianm15" England (Costa Rica) $78,382.71
2. Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepcion (United Kingdom) $56,356.96
3. Romans "RovoDice" Voitovs (Latvia) $40,521.15
4. engantil (Germany) $29,135.08
5. Rafael "GM_VALTER" Moraes (Brazil) $20,948.35
6. AussieXXX (Australia) $15,062.07
7. Sir$aajola (Finland) $10,829.72
8. SLAYA69!! (Canada) $7,786.65
9. Nodar "zeruka" Nakaidze (Georgia) $5,598.66

You can qualify for the WCOOP on PokerStars for as little as a few cents. Start your campaign by opening a PokerStars account.

Current leader board standings

We're still in the early stages of WCOOP so we can't expect the leader board to tell us much after less than a week of play. But already the names at the top of the table are looking familiar.

Connor "blanconegro" Drinan, who topped the table on opening day, shows no signs of going anywhere. He reached the final table of Event #9, picking up 55 points to keep him third. Tua133, who as we wrote earlier won Event #13, jumps into second place, while zzwwzzwwzz of China keeps top spot.

But arguably it's the name in fourth place that looks most familiar. Shaun Deeb, who won the overall SCOOP leader board earlier this year, is into fourth place, an ominous sign for those with an eye on the riches that come with winning it (a package worth $40,000).

Here's how the top looks.

leader board - 9 September 2016.jpgWCOOP 2016 leader board - 9 September 2016

Don't forget you can check out the leader board in full, from first to 196th place, on the WCOOP homepage.

Coming up on Friday

Three more events start today, while three others will be won.

Starting today:

WCOOP-18: $320 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up], $200,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-19: $1,050 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo Championship, $125,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-20: $320 NL Hold'em [3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO (25%), Zoom], $400,000 Guaranteed

Concluding today:

WCOOP-15: $215 PL Omaha [1R1A]
Down to 21 there is $43,000 for the winner in this one, currently led by Tgonz of the Phillippines. That said Andrey "ThePateychuk" Pateychuk is in third place, with Ryan "gutshtallin" Welch and Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepcion, fresh from second place in Event #14 among the chasers. Play resumes at 10:00 ET, with the final table expected to commence around 40 minutes later.

WCOOP-17: $320 Stud Hi/Lo
With 19 players left chip leader Pauli elTopo holds a big lead over the field, about four times the average stack. You can see if that lead holds when play restarts at 16:00 ET, with the final table due to start at 18:12 ET (don't ask us how they predicted this but it's weirdly accurate).

WCOOP-20: $320 NL Hold'em [3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO (33%), Zoom]
Event #20 starts today and ends today. Find registration details, as well as a list of those registered to play, via the PokerStars tournament lobby. Play starts at 16:00 ET.

To be played over the weekend

We'll have the results of all of these events on Monday morning, but for now here's what there is to look forward to over the weekend on PokerStars.

WCOOP-21: $215 NL Hold'em, $400,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-22: $215 PL 5-Card Omaha H/L [6-Max], $100,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-23: $10,300 NLHE [High-Roller, Heads-Up], $300,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-24: $530 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (25%)], $750,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-25: $1,050 NL Omaha Hi/Lo Championship [6-Max], $150,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-26: $215 PL Omaha [6-Max, Progressive KO (25%)], $150,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-27: $215 NL Hold'em [Deep Payouts, Sunday Warm-Up SE], $1,000,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-28: $102,000 NL Hold'em [8-Max, Super High-Roller], $2,000,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-29: $700 NL Hold'em [Sunday Million SE], $1,500,000 Guaranteed
WCOOP-30: $109 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Sunday Cooldown SE], $250,000 Guaranteed

You can find details of each of these events on the WCOOP homepage as well as details on how to play and/or win your seat to every WCOOP Main Event.

A little extra

It's the weekend so that should come with a little extra to fill the gaps between events, and idle moments spent looking up whether "SolidPenis" has managed to cash in any WCOOP events on the WCOOP homepage (he hasn't yet, but the much more sensibly named "Solidthought" did finish 1,291st in Event #1, which was good for five points and 2,773rd place).

For that we have the #EPTNotLive podcast, the latest episode now available to listen to below. We'll let the team introduce things:

"After considering some of your (mostly awful) suggestions for a new name for the podcast, James and Joe launch into a review of 'Duel': the new web series featuring heads-up matches between the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Aaron Paul and John Boyega. The boys also speak to the winner of the biggest European Poker Tour Main Event in history, Sebastian Malec. The young Polish student talks about his journey from chess prodigy to poker fan to EPT champion. There's a preview of upcoming WCOOP events and Twitch streams, and Robin Neal from Canada competes for a Step C ticket and a T-shirt in a baseball-themed edition of 'Superfan vs Stapes'. #EPTNotLive

Click here to listen to the #EPTNotLive podcast

And finally...

Here the one about the $100K Super High Roller WCOOP event taking place this Sunday? And did you hear that Jason Mercier would be playing it on Twitch? And did you hear that alongside him provinding some commentary with be none other than Jason Somerville? Well it's all true.

As Lee Jones said yesterday, the two Jasons are set to melt the internet this Sunday, with a broadcast like no other before it. Want the details? Well, I'm not surprised. Check out Lee's post here for how and when to tune in.

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