WCOOP 2016: blkcrow swooped low and soared high to scoop Event #32 ($320 PLO H/L 8-Max)

You can't chop your way to a title, but victory is quick with a pair of scoops.

blkcrow started the final table near the middle of the stack and spent the first part of it watching iamivar in the lead. iamivar had a pretty dominating lead at certain moments, but blkcrow was able to swoop in heads up and scoop some big pots to take the title.

blkcrow won $43,661 for the WCOOP victory. It was the largest slice of the $259,800 prize pool that took 565 entries and 301 re-entries to make.

Only 103 of those players made the money, but only a select few were able to score five-digit paydays.

The final table


Seat 1: Onadownswing - 398,904
Seat 2: xaffer - 656,248
Seat 3: kiiski - 321,645
Seat 4: iamivar - 1,979,063
Seat 5: steve54555 - 868,522
Seat 6: DaCus3 - 1,250,049
Seat 7: blkcrow - 2,452,295
Seat 8: Zapahzamazki - 733,284

We had our first all-in on the first hand.

Our short stack, Onadownswing, got it all-in with A♣J♦T♥2♦ against iamivar's A♠5♥4♦2♠.

Both players then hit the same high and low with an ace-five straight on the 5♦Q♥4♣J♣3♥ board. Players split the pot and iamivar went all-in against another player.

There was an elimination that time.

iamivar raised to 120,000 from the small blind and steve54555 re-raised to 360,000. iamivar made it 1 million and steve54555 called all-in.

iamivar had the bigger stack and better hand with A♥A♦J♥2♠. steve54555 was drawing with A♠8♦5♣2♣, but only hit a pair fives on the 9♣5♥J♦7♠7♣ board. steve54555 won $4,628.02 for finishing 8th while iamivar took the lead with 2.6 million.

iamivar wasn't going to miss out on the next elimination either, but that three-way all-in only chipped up kiiski.

It started when iamivar opened to 100,000 from under the gun and Onadownswing re-raised all-in to 194,756. kiiski reshoved for 502,786 from the big blind and iamivar called.

iamivar: 7♦6♦5♥2♥
Onadownswing: A♥Q♣6♠2♥
kiiski: A♣K♣4♣3♥

The board ran A♠8♥K♦J♥7♠ and kiiski took down the pot with aces and kings for the high and 8-7-4-3-A for the low. kiiski more than doubled to 1.3 million while iamivar dropped to 3.5 million.

Onadownswing on the other hand was out of the game and got $6,377.31 for finishing 7th.

iamivar then took a big pot off of DaCus3 and chipped up to 4.1 million. DaCus3 was left with less than 400,000 and tried to double up a few times. DaCus3 split the first pot, got quartered on the second and was eliminated on the third.

DaCus3 moved all-in with A♦K♣Q♥5♠ and blkcrow called with A♠J♠8♦3♥. The 7♣A♣8♠2♦4♣ board gave both players a pair of aces, but blkcrow hit a second pair of eights for the high pot and 7-4-3-2-A for the low.

blkcrow chipped up to 3.1 million while DaCus3 got a $8,787.71 payday for finishing 6th.

blkrow was closing in iamivar's 3.5 million, but then iamivar scored another elimination the very next hand.

Zapahzamazki raised to 175,000 from the cutoff and iamivar called. The flop came 5♣7♠6♣ and iamivar bet enough to put Zapahzamazki all-in. The at-risk player called and showed A♦9♥8♠5♥ to iamivar's Q♦J♣4♠3♣.

Zapahzamazki had flopped a straight but iamivar hit a flush when the A♣ came on the river. iamivar also took the low with 6-5-4-3-A and chipped up to 3.8 million. Zapahzamazki on the other hand won $12,109.43 for finishing 5th.

xaffer was the short stack after that and was hanging on for dear life. xaffer moved all-in a few times, doubled up and then scored another big double off kiiski. xaffer and kiiski got it all-in preflop and xaffer showed A♠Q♦T♦6♠ to kiiski's A♦J♦3♣2♣. The board ran 7♣7♦5♦Q♠Q♣ and xaffer doubled with three queens. kiiski dropped, scored a double up, but was eliminated soon after.

kiiski raised to 280,000 from the button and and blkcrow raised to 880,000 from the big blind. kiiski called all-in and showed A♥9♥7♥3♦ to blkcrow's A♣Q♥4♠2♠. The Q♦4♣6♦7♠8♥ board gave blkcrow queens and fours up top and 7-6-4-2-A for the low.

kiiski won $16,686.56 for a 4th place finish, while blkcrow chipped up to 1.8 million.

iamivar had a dominating lead with 5.8 million, but things quickly evened out. First blkcrow doubled up xaffer, then iamivar did the same to blkcrow. After that there was a three-way all-in to balance things even more.

iamivar raised to 350,000 and blkcrow re-raised to 1.2 million. xaffer called all-in and iamivar called as well. The flop came T♣9♦4♠ and blkcrow moved all-in for 1.1 million. iamivar called and all three players tabled their hands.

xaffer: A♦A♠8♥2♠
blkcrow: K♠K♥6♣3♣
iamivar: J♦J♥5♠3♥

The T♣9♦4♠3♦T♦ board gave xaffer the main high pot and blkcrow took the side pot. iamivar dropped to 3.1 million, xaffer took the lead with 3.3 million and blkcrow became the short stack with 2.3 million.

But xaffer was the first to go. xaffer lost about 1.5 million in a few big pots and lost the other half by going all-in against iamivar.

xaffer had A♠A♣9♥5♠ and iamivar tabled K♥K♠T♠3♣. iamivar hit a set of kings on the river of a 9♦J♥7♦8♦K♣ board and there was no low hand.

xaffer won $22,993.75 for finishing 3rd while the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

xaffer - 3,046,732
iamivar - 5,613,268

iamivar's lead didn't last long.

blkcrow scooped a pot to double up and take the lead. Then blkcrow scooped another to win the tournament. iamivar raised to 240,000 and blkcrow re-raised to 697,000. iamivar called and then blkcrow bet 600,000 on the J♠6♥2♦ flop. iamivar moved all-in for 1.8 million and blkcrow called.

iamivar turned over 9♠5♣4♦2♠ and blkcrow showed A♠K♠6♣4♥. The turn brought a 3♠ and then a 6♠ came on the river to end the tournament.

iamivar got $31,684.94 for finishing 2nd while blkcrow took the title and $43,661.48.

WCOOP-32 ($320 PLO H/L 8-Max) results
Total entries: 565 entries, 301 re-entries
Prize pool: $259,800
Places paid: 103

1. blkcrow (Canada) $43,661.48
2. iamivar (Sweden) $31,684.94
3. xaffer (Russia) $22,993.75
4. kiiski (Finland) $15,686.56
5. Zapahzamazki (Russia) $12,109.43
6. DaCus3 (Germany) $8,787.81
7. Onadownswing (Australia) $6,377.31
8. steve54555 (Sweden) $4,628.02

That's it for event #32, but check out the WCOOP homepage for a schedule of the remaining events and satellites to each one.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in WCOOP