WCOOP 2016: bob43155 binks Sunday Million SE Event #54 ($2,100 NL)

You can't stop a speeding train. Okay, maybe Superman or whatever comic book hero you can conjure up. But at the poker table, whenever you see someone steamrolling the competition and obliterating everyone in their path, you have two choices... get out of the way, or try to stop the impossible and risk getting flattened. Once it got heads-up in Event #54, OLDWOLF133 tried to stop a speeding train named bob43155. And it didn't work. After a quickie heads-up bout lasting just 19 hands, bob43155 the runaway train chugged all the way into the winner's circle. bob43155 became the newest WCOOP champion but taking down Event #54 for a $407K score.

2016 WCOOP Event #54 $2,100 NL Hold'em also doubled as the Sunday Million Special Edition this week. This event attracted 1,304 runners and they created a prize pool in excess of $2.6 million. Only the top 143 places paid out with at least the top five spots locking up a six-figure score. First place paid out $407,633.02.

Day 1 of this week's Sunday Million SE ended with only 179 players still alive. OLDWOLF133 led the way with 463K. apestyles finished fifth overall.

Action moved at a brisk pace at the onset of Day 2. With 18 to go on the final two tables, American online exile apestyles seized the lead with 3M. Alas, it was all downhill for apestyles, who'd fizzle out in 13th place. As the final dozen raced toward the final table, OLDWOLF133 and HITTHEPANDA were vying for the top spot.

Meanwhile, Jeremy 'EndlessJ' Menard bubbled off the final table in tenth place when EndlessJ's K♣Q♦ lost to bluesky30's K♠K♥.


Event #54 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: HyDuck (2,391,317)
Seat 2: bluesky30 (3,403,696)
Seat 3: HITTHEPANDA (3,719,750)
Seat 4: bob43155 (4,131,351)
Seat 5: kbp00 (1,589,424)
Seat 6: OLDWOLF133 (7,979,167)
Seat 7: wazawskiHH (857,921)
Seat 8: hannes_os333 (779,516)
Seat 9: BringTheDing (1,227,858)

The final table commenced during Level 37 with blinds at 30K/60K and a 7.5K ante. OLDWOLF133 was closing in on 8M as the big stack, while hannes_os333 was the shortest stack remaining with 858K.

South Korea's kbp00 made a final table earlier in the 2016 WCOOP, but was looking to finally win one. Ryan 'HITTHEPANDA' Franklin has almost $4 million in online earnings. He went deep in a couple of SCOOP events but had yet to ship a COOP.

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RHYTHM OF THE HEAT: BringTheDing eliminated in 9th place

Just before the level ended, we saw our first bustout when bob43155 opened to 121,670, BringTheDing bombed it all-in for 897,858, and bob43155 called. BringTheDing's A♣J♦ got ambushed by bob43155's A♠A♥. The board ran out K♠8♣3♣8♦2♥ and bob43155's Aces held up. For a ninth place, finish, Norway's BringTheDing took home $33,969.46.

SAN JACINTO: hannes_os333 eliminated in 8th place

Severely short-stacked hannes_os333 was the next to go. bob43155 opened to 142,800, short-stacked hannes_os333 called all-in for 70,345 and HITTHEPANDA called from the big blind. The board finished up J♣2♦6♦7♠Q♠. Both players checked the flop and turn, but on the river HITTHEPANDA check-folded a 142,500 bet from bob43155. At showdown...

bob43155: Q♥8♦
hannes_os333: A♦K♦

bob43155 won both the main pot and side pot with a pair of Queens. Austria's hannes_os333 did not improve big slick and was dunzo in eighth place, which paid out $46,343.11.

I HAVE THE TOUCH: HyDuck eliminated in 7th place

OLDWOLF133 started a raising war with a raise to 184,000, HyDuck shoved for 2,287,648, bob43155 called, but OLDWOLF133 folded. bob43155 led with A♥A♦ against HyDuck's A♠K♠. The board finished up 8♥6♥6♦K♣Q♥ and pocket Aces held up for bob43155. Latvia's HyDuck busted in seventh place, which paid out $63,223.91.


bob43155 opened to 163,200, HITTHEPANDA bombed it all-in for 1,576,481 with 2♣2♦, and bob43155 called with 8♥8♠. The board finished up K♥8♦5♠T♥9♣. bob43155 won the pot with a set of eights. HITTHEPANDA was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $86,254.12. With five to go bob43155 seized the lead and surpassed the 10M mark.


SHOCK THE MONKEY: wazawskiHH eliminated in 5th place

Five-handed hit a huge lull and it seemed they were going to stay five-handed for several levels. Then it happened... the breakthrough hand. bob43155 opened to 244,800, wazawskiHH shoved for 914,934 and bob43155 called. wazawskiHH led with A♦5♠ against bob43155's A♥3♣. The board ran out K♣6♥8♣6♣A♣ and bob43155 rivered a four-flush. wazawskiHH couldn't fade the clubs on the river. For a fifth-place finish, wazawskiHH earned $117,673.22.

With four to go, bob43155 led with 15.4M, or twice as much as the other three players combined.

LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME: bluesky30 eliminated in 4th place

Three-handed didn't last long before someone rumbled. Short-stacked bluesky30 bombed it all-in for 1,314,135, bob43155 re-shoved for 16,300,904, and everyone else bailed. Heads-up.

bob43155: J♠J♥
bluesky30: 2♥2♠

The board finished up Q♣8♣4♥9♣A♠ and bob43155's pocket Jacks held up. Australia's bluesky30 was busto in fourth place, which paid out $160,537.00.


With three to go, they paused the action to discuss a deal. bob43155 led with 17.8M followed by OLDWOLF133's 5.4M and kbp00's 2.8M. They had to leave 2% on the table for the champ or $52,160. The numbers were floated... bob43155 with $333,160.45, OLDWOLF133 with $285,648.87, and kbp00 with $254,471.66. OLDWOLF133 and kbp00 quickly agreed. However, bob43155 asked if both opponents would give up $5K each. OLDWOLF133 quickly shot down the counteroffer, "Ahahah no way." When asked how much he'd give up, OLDWOLF133 responded, "Zero." bob43155 said he'd lose his edge if he chopped in this spot. bob43155 wanted a minimum of $340K, but the others refused. Without a deal in place, action resumed.

WALLFLOWER: kbp00 eliminated in 3rd place

OLDWOLF133 opened to 368,000, bob43155 shoved for 18,570,579, kbp00 called all-in for 3,431,111, and OLDWOLF133 folded. Heads-up. kbp00 looked good with A♥K♦ versus bob43155's T♦8♣. The board finished up 9♥6♥3♦Q♠T♣ and bob43155 rivered a ten to win the pot. South Korea's kbp00 earned $219,014.62 for a third-place finish.

HEADS-UP: bob43155 (Mexico) vs. OLDWOLF133 (U.K.)
Seat 4: bob43155 (22,589,690)
Seat 6: OLDWOLF133 (3,490,310)

With two to go, bob43155 appeared to be in control and very close to a victory. It'd be up to OLDWOLF133 to play the spoiler, but OLDWOLF133 had a huge gap to fill up trailing 22.6M to 3.5M.

KISS OF LIFE: OLDWOLF133 eliminated in 2nd place; bob43155 wins Sunday Million SE!

Heads-up only lasted 19 hands. bob43155 limped for 80,000, OLDWOLF133 shoved for 2,407,754 with J♠8♣, and bob4315 called with A♠9♥. The board ran out 9♦6♣4♥3♣T♥. bob4315 hit the flop with a pair of nines, which held up to win. OLDWOLF133 failed to come-from-behind to stave off elimination.

For a runner-up finish, OLDWOLF133 earned $298,793.34.

For winning Event #54, bob43155 took home a first-place prize worth $407,633.02.


WCOOP-54 ($2,100 NL Hold'em [Sunday Million SE]) results
Total entries: 1,304
Prize pool: $2,608,000
Places paid: 143

1. bob43155 (Mexico) $407,633.02
2. OLDWOLF133 (U.K.) $298,793.34
3. kbp00 (South Korea) $219,014.62
4. bluesky30 (Australia) $160,537.00
5. wazawskiHH (Canada) $117,673.22
6. Ryan 'HITTHEPANDA' Franklin (Canada) $86,254.12
7. HyDuck (Latvia) $63,223.91
8. hannes_os333 (Austria) $46,343.11
9. BringTheDing (Norway) $33,969.46

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Pauly McGuire is the author of Lost Vegas and a freelance contributor to PokerStars.

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